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Reductio ad Absurdum

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Is it me or is Erin getting exponentially cuter? Also Srodinger's pussy? Really? -_-

Panel 5 was priceless!!

And thank Big Bang Theory for making the last panel understandable.

This is simultaneously the worst joke and best pun ever.

I... really liked the... poses?

Still trying to wrap my head around "quantum vagina", sorry.

"Schrodinger's pussy" I can't breathe.

That was amazing.
I've been missing these...

My first response would be
If you are familiar with Schrodinger's C-A-T then you should also be familiar with Occam's razor which would indicate you were right the first time

Erin's facial expressions in the bottom row of panels are fucking classic.

Well that joke was glorious.

For once a CM made me smile...Well played.

There's a box I'd like to open >)

This is genius at work.

The writing of this little joke is fantastic, but the art simply brings another dimension to it. Especially the last panel with her words going into the ear. Fantastic use of a speech bubble.

The somewhat previous strip with Dishonored was also a strip where the art was incredibly important. And in that one it might also be the punchline. I totally love it. 10/10

This was awesome. I read this while sitting in class and I had to fight down my loud laugh.

I absolutely LOVE Erin's expression in the fifth panel. It makes the realization so genuine, thus making the joke more hilarious. I think I might have to make that expression my new avatar (if I ever change my avatar).

The pun hurt,
but it hurt so good.

Schroedinger's pussy *sniggers* well played guys.

Loved this comic, the art rocked, the joke was great and I particularly love that kind of subject[Schrodinger specifically though I am known to like the other part :P]

He wasn't the only one who slammed his head on his keyboard. Erin is slowly becoming a troll

Thats the kind of punchline people lose teeth over.

The relationship between the reader and the journalist, I feel, is simultaneously a very simple and a very complex one... Kinda like Evolution in Pokemon.

probably could have gone with: Questioning Duality for the metaphorical, but still wouldn't have given your punchline away.

basically these complaints only ever come about when the result does not coincide with the reads ideas, and generally are not connected to actual experiences.

I have removed my words from this site.


This... oh dear lord, it is the best picture of Erin ever drawn!

I would say taht this strip was just purrfect.

I actually giggle-snorted

One day perhaps this comic strip will be funny.

Critical Miss is certainly apt when it comes to humour. The joke was good when Sheldon's girlfriend stated it. The use of it here was clumsy and demonstrates a lack of comedic talent.

Better not ever print a compilation of them. Order of the stick this is not.

I cannot stop laughing
pure gold

My first response would be
If you are familiar with Schrodinger's C-A-T then you should also be familiar with Occam's razor which would indicate you were right the first time

Hmmm, Schrodinger's pussy & Occam's razer...
I feel like there's a really bad pun to be made here... somewhere...

Oh well! I'm off to go shave :)

This definitely got a good laugh out of me. everything just fit together so well.

That final panel... dear lord, that final panel.

Not often do I laugh out loud when reading webcomics.

the expression she makes in the last three panels, i hope to whatever deity is true that she never loses it.

Erin's smile in the panel after she says 'I have a Quantum Vagina!' cracks me up.

I'd Quantum Leap that!


wait... not sure if that makes sense...

Writing and art working together perfectly in this strip. The facial expressions were amazing with Panel 5 and Panel 7 being my favourites; those eyes, the despair on his face, the smiling muppet look Erin has and then that last panel's speech bubble.

And then you have the writing (including sideswipes) building up to the clever pun.

Simply put, I love this comic, thank you.

[was going to post the Futurama Schrodinger clip here (from the episode where Fry is a policeman) but Fox have ruined everything exercised their right to stop people looking at their things.]

I really like the zany tone of this comic. More of these, please.

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