LoadingReadyRun: RapidFire 3, Episode 1

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RapidFire 3, Episode 1

LoadingReadyRun assaults your senses in this barrage of hilarity.

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Kathleen, worst angel ever, again.

Glad to see Rapidfire back, missed all the characters. Awesome episode!

God yes I've been waiting so long for more Rapidfire THANK YOU OH MY GOD ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS MIXED WITH CHOCOLATE

We've been waiting for this for years. THANKYOU LRR!

That French coup bit made me crack up so hard, I had to rewatch the video to know what happened in the following minute. To be honest, though, I loved pretty much every bit.


How wonderful of you to give me another reason to love you guys



OMG it's like Christmas!
and cake.

Well hey, I'm always up for slaying a dragon... as long as they deserve it.

I thought only Plains Indians counted coup.

So glad to see Rapidfire again. I am hoping that we will hear from Andrew Shepard at some point. It's doesn't really feel like Rapidfire without him.

Haha, this was pretty hilarious. Well done LRR!

1) Missie is awesome.
2) Kathleen also awesome, but a real ass when an angel.

All hail the mighty RapidFire.
May you bless us with your humorous presence.

Finally more RapidFire, and the wonderfully amusing sketch writing returns!

So glad to see rapidfire back, its sooo good. There is a good mix of old and new characters as well which is cool.

My god, RapidFire is back?! I am so very happy with this.

For those that haven't seen RapidFire before or just want to see it again, I feel I should post them.

I would've been quicker in posting these, but I ending up watching some of them again =P


It's like coming home. Only to find that your home has been repainted in bright teal. Different, but exciting!

VERY nice detective back-and-forth. Seriously great. All the little one-offs were amazing inserts, too.

Aaaahhh! My senses! They hurt!

Rapidfire! Woo!
Rodriguez even has his own desk now! How his logic skills have grown...

Hm, Hot Clops, you say? Yes...

Rapid Fire Episode means it's time for a rapid fire response:

Kathleen as angel (1): In her defense, she did give you a spoon.

Dave's Discount Dialysis: Warning: not responsible for missing kidneys.

The cult of Twangtaletct: You'd think he'd be a god of gloves with fifteen arms and no feet...

Popsicle Sticks: Yes, I would like to buy some "Popsicle sticks." Do you have the kind that make me hear yellow?

Kathleen as angel (2): [joke censored due to graphic sexual content]

Suicide Pills: Placibo: it does everything!

Zoning Bylaw Protest: Ponies need love too. Lot's of love. I remember this one story when [remainder of joke censored due to graphic sexual content]

Coup and counter-coup: Come on guys, it's coup, then counter coup, then invasion by the US to "protect civilian populations and instill a democratic government" in the oil fields. Stick to the manual.

Kathleen as Angel (3): Her sex life has much improved as well. We're honestly quite surprised you needed to be locked up for her to leave you.

Murder by Association: See James Turner as Turner James and Graham Stark as Cracker "The Giant Beard" Anthony in the hit new 1984 crime drama "James and the Giant"

Find my Friends who are Currently on Fire: A current bug makes it impossible to call 911 if your app believes you or anyone in the immediate vicinity is "currently on fire."

Bumping up her Grades: Remember the golden rule: cash bribes only.

Kathleen as Angel (4): What an ungrateful bastard...

A Post-Credits Coup: It's going to take some time. Might I recommend a ski holiday in the meantime?

Christmas come early, Rapidfire is back! Hooray! And I'm slightly disappointed that HotClops isn't a real thing.

"Hot Clops" This is relevant to my interests. Also my avatar.

"Erotic pony fan-fiction" is basically the new "Homo-erotic Devil may cry fan-fiction". You decide which one is more terrifying.

10/10 will watch again. Loved the sand autopsy.

Damn, I'm always watching the wrong pornos too.

...Hot Clops...

I wonder how long it'll take for someone to make that site now that this is released.

The beard during the "Cult" segment made me think it was Morgan for a few minutes there.

So many hilarious references!

I really wish there was a series of the adventures of the serf and the angel Gabriell.

Amazingly funny! Love the placebo joke, keep um comin :)

Looking forward to this.

Did not disappoint.


Eeeee! Rapidfire!!!

What's this? Kane and Crowthorne? Excuse me while I go squeak uncontrollably from sheer delight.

Oh I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Love the return of old characters, and I'm looking forward to see who are the newer recurring characters/sketches.

Also, I'm siding with the angel.

What is this?
*Sees Title*
Mother of God.....

Fuck Yes.

^^ really great guys.

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