Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 25

Media Sandwich Episode 25

The Perfect Storm: On today's big 25th episode extravaganza, Chris and Kyle welcome back an old friend from their days as Armchair Thinkers, the hilarious and hilariously underrated Storm Dain of Destructoid fame.

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At one hour and seven minutes (01:07) I heard a Skype sound and checked my Skype.
O' how silly I feel.

Again, another great one and it's great to hear Kyle again. (I was still secretly hoping for an episode of Kyle rambling to himself for an hour.)
Storm, your anecdote were appreciated, loved 'em.

I think Java needs to update to keep up with malware creators. You don't see it, but almost all websites use it. If there's a vulnerability that lets someone install a keylogger using Java, then Java needs to be patched to fix it.

Chris abstains, courteously.

Also, huskies are pretty sweet.

Well, what a coincidence: I've been watching most of Storm's reviews/Adventures on Youtube over the past week! He's quite a character, from his jokes to his love of Princess Peach.

DUDE! I want Muppet babbies! That show was awesome when I was a kid! I remember when they came out with baby looney tunes, I was really hoping they would do the same type of show. But no. So yeah..... MOAR MUPPETBABIES!!!

Storm, I only know threw the Mintos video. At the time everyone was saying, cheek this out. Its better then the commercials. It was, other then a couple of things, it could of worked on tv. I don't get why stuff was better back then before YouTube.

I will comment on more when I get a chance to listen to all of it. Just heard parts of it at work, and then it looped back to old episodes. Kind of got lost listening to them. Odds are I will be re-listening them till I am back to the current one. On the Pax episode again. "You'd killed my paw" still cracks me up. Thinking back to that, makes dealing with customers so much better.

Still don't get why Media Sandwich is of a better quality then No Right Answer.Even at its best, I am not wanting to re watch No Right Answer. Media Sandwich on the other hand, I am still re listening to them.

I too, cringe every time I walk into a target and notice I'm wearing a red shirt.

At least it's better than when I was in high school and felt like every employee was watching to see if I was shoplifting.


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