Jimquisition: Touch Waggle Touch Waggle Swipe

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Touch Waggle Touch Waggle Swipe

Over half a decade of frustration is about to be unleashed with glorious fury.

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Great episode as usual, Jim!

Also, from this point on, I shall be wearing red gloves like you are to enhance my gaming experience! :D

I was gonna make a topic on this. First thread in years. And now you go and steal my chance to, saying what I meant to say better than I could have. Damn you.

But I kind of like turning the keys in games....

Very good points Jim. I think game developers are trying to pretend that we've already reached full holographic simulation because you have touch and motion controls, but we don't. Instead of being immersive they end up jarring you out of the immersion.

The key rant was one of the greatest things I have heard in a long time. Seriously, why is that kind of things in games now? Also when its like "mash x to open the door." You can't fail; its just an annoyance. So listen to Jim and stop doing it, developers.

Indeed, this has been something nagging me for years with games. I just hope Wii U games don't screw it up. Using the pad for a menu would be nice, so long as the action stops (or continues if it makes sense), or some other smart way, like the virtual buttons.

Fun episode coming into the holiday season Jim. I used to not mind motion controls but at some point in this long generation I wanted to see them be incorporated to enhance our experience and that rarely happens (as you have pointed out obviously).

I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling that the new zelda in 2014 is going to do the WiiU pad like batman AC. Zelda is the one game I wish wasn't molested by motion controls because I don't need waggle motions to get sucked into zelda, no one needs that to further enhance a great experience already.

J-Jim, are you OK? I mean, you really seem a lot more flustered than usual. I hope to God for you that you're good. I mean, good episode, but jeez.

Have a nice day as soon as you can, you glorious man


Still remember that rant from Podtoid. Cracked me up then. Still cracks me up now.

I will say that I thought the "slash the Wiimote to do a quick knife attack" worked pretty well in Resident Evil 4. The desperation of being in close quarters with something seemed an appropriate match for the sudden, flailing exertion.

But, by and large, yeah... Stick to one or the other, guys. This is my biggest fear with the WiiU, that despite the greater emphasis on third-party development everyone will seek to make use of the "gimmicky" side of the new console in shallow ways that haven't taken gameplay into account. At least for the first year. (Which is another good reason not to buy in the first year...)

I'd accuse Jim of stating the obvious, but apparently, statements like "make games fun" aren't obvious to some people. And these people are game developers. People who make games for a living. Wat?

Developers, please try to control yourselves.

The "Shake the remote and he jumps a little higher" skit was even funnier the second time.


Still remember that rant from Podtoid. Cracked me up then. Still cracks me up now.

I knew I'd heard it somewhere before!

I definitely agree, and it sucks that on the whole, most devs would agree, too. The problem is there's usually some sort of pressure coming up from Corporate that's pushing for motion control in genres and games that don't need it because the purse-holders are only concerned about the final product being impressive.

They keep forgetting that what impresses people is a product that works. Throwing asinine shit at the player because D'HEY, TOUCHSCREEN FUNZ, HOY-HOY isn't just annoying, it's insulting. It's assuming the player's just going to sit there and take it, or that the game in question is so third-rate it's not deserving of a dignified treatment.

First-year releases are usually huge stumbling blocks. I doubt that Arkham City's Armored Edition's devs are just filling up the checklist with things the game needs to do for the sake of exploiting the gamepad's each and every function - but if they aren't doing it consciously, there's always a risk that the final product will end up doing precisely that.

And yeah, there is quite a bit of indulgent messing-around going on with console devs. The iPhone starts to eat up a part of your market share with its touchscreen-based games and apps? QUICK, STAPLE A TOUCHSCREEN ON MY WII OR ELSE IT WON'T PRINT MONEY NO MORE!

That's the kind of knee-jerk and blatant profit deal attempt that really bothers me. I'm still interested in the Wii U, but I'll wait for the first dozen or so game reviews for it to hit the presses.

I liked how Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance used the 3DS. The bottom screen always had a map and it was only used for special attacks that don't happen all that often. The impute required for these attacks was also minimal. Most of them I just used my thumb. Also the special attacks are worth it. They do enough damage t make it worth imputing commands on the bottom screen.

This video was SO TRUE

A game I think used motion control really well was No more Heroes, you pointed down to do low attacks and pointed up to do high attacks, it was actually easier and faster then switching between two buttons. Granted it was a simple system but simple systems tend to work best with motion controls.

The best form of motion control is here and has been for a long time. Its called a mouse.

Jim... please... keep it short. You're repeating yourself for no reason. It's stretching the videos to unreasonable lengths for no other reason than to hear you saying the same damn thing over and over. This video should've clocked by minute 7 (if your fucking generous). The fact that it was nearly 10 minutes long makes it almost pointless.

Put it in a microwave and stand back.

It sounds like the WiiU and Vita devs should rediscover the strategy genre; that could leave a lot of room for swiping & waggling that slows down a FPS.
Or they can make a game where you run a game dev studio and you have to shake and smack every moron who comes up with a way to needlessly shoehorn tech into the game.

This just seems relevant.

You seemed very calm this week, or at least you're calmer than I am on this shit.

Yes, I'm an older gamer and as such, motion controls are at best like re-learning to walk. Not using a d-pad or joystick and buttons is very counter intuitive to someone from the Atari days. But hey, I learn, I deal. Then you spot the tacked on shit. I mean, as annoying as the DS Zelda games were, it was the whole game. One of the DS Catslevainia games had you draw glyphs at odd times, but no more annoyingly than on a short time limit at the end of a boss fight, or it gets back up to keep fighting. They were too finicky to be traced with my finger so I had to balance keeping the stylus in my hand with fighting a boss in such a way I could reposition myself to drawing with it very quickly.

Then they're the fricking gyro. Imagine my surprise playing MGS3 on 3DS laying on my side on the couch only to have Snake keep falling off branches or bridges unless I sat up and kept the system level. Ocarina of Time at lest let us turn the feature off. I can't imagine trying to play that thing with my aim twitching every time my wrists move, especially for a portable system which would only draw odd looks in public.

I know Nintendo won't be happy until it invents the holodeck, but forcing various levels of make believe does more to take me out of things than further immerse me.

Anyone else seeing this?

One thing I want to add about the WiiU possibly doing it right.

For ZombiU, it forces the player to look away from the t.v. screen to access the inventory. In my mind, this is an amazing way to add tension perfectly in a survival game.

My only hope is that, as it has been stated already, people actually think about how to put in tech controls.

Dear Jim,

"Movies in 3D", that is all.


A little more? well, alright then. 3D has been little more than a gimmick for movies for decades, and only now are people trying to incorporate it as a core medium instead of a "tech demo" (partially related to "improved technology", but that's really no excuse). People suck at finding uses for things that are cool on paper, except what they've already seen in the tech demos. So, until someone does (successfully, lest we bring up the Virtual Boy again), all we're going to see is what someone has already done.

I suspect touch and motion controls will suffer the same embarrassing lack of innovation for the same embarrassing amount of time.

DS Pokemon games are fine. You can use the touch pad to do actions in Battle.
or you can use updownleftright with A instead or B.

Even then, outside of battle, it just has extra buttons.

The Voltorb mini game in Gold and Silver Hearts and Minds was better with the touch pad, as it was a 'pen and paper' game.

I kind of liked phantom hourglass but never mind that.

Personally I think that the best way to use touch screen controls is to make up for a lack of buttons the ds did this a lot also its nice for menus.

talking about the ds I always felt its dual screen design was ingenius allowing you to easily access your inventory or map.

a bigger issue for me is when a game wants me to move using a touch screen by using that annoying fake d-pad or analog stick it simply does not work it's the reason why most i-pad games are shit taping and dragging to move are also annoying although it worked fine in both the ds Zelda games for some reason.

This was my big problem with the DS from its release. Some of my fasvourite games barely used the touch screen, and a lot of games were hampered by it.

The Wii got more annoying, in my opinion. The 3DS doesn't seem to be as bad.

First time i agree 100% with Jim. You have Kinetc or Move and that touch screen stuff. No developer knows how to make games for these things. They just add random pointless stuff. Like with the wii, all these minor pointless things need wiggles and shakes.....whats wrong with pressing a button? If a button press does it better why fuck about with movements that take longer than a button press? This is whats annoying me about the kinetc, the shoe horning of pointless stuff to prove the control system. Thing is these control systems are limiting in of themselves, a joypad is way more precise.

Right well thats the last Jq I'm watching for a while. when you spend 2 minutes complaining that you dont have enough time to make a video thats 2 minutes you could have put in the video.

Which is a shame because the points you make are valid and I normally agree with it a shame about the bullshit and the presentation.

Best review of Fable: the Journey I've seen.

When ever you have to block the screen completely to make an in game action happen it's bad design. Even though the tech is over five years old, devs still don't know what to do with it, mostly because it's not intuitive to gaming. If it doesn't enhance game play it should be used. The most simple way to have a gaming experience has always been the controller. It never takes me out of the game by having me to some motion that I might not remember as opposed to push X to rewind time.

I find myself quite irritated in many games for doing this. LAIR, anyone?

This is actually not a new problem. Using games to impress gamers with their technical prowess, rather than just making a fucking game, is something that has been happening in the industry for some 30+ years (I can claim that because I've been playing video games for 33+ years and seen it happen over that time). Not all games did it, but a number did. It may seem worse because, in my opinion, game devs have just become intellectually inbred over the last 15-20 years. It's part of the reason I've been getting bored of video gaming these days (well, the mainstream, triple-A ones, at any rate).

Mark B:
Right well thats the last Jq I'm watching for a while. when you spend 2 minutes complaining that you dont have enough time to make a video thats 2 minutes you could have put in the video.

But ... it wasn't a complaint? It was a set up to a joke with a hammer?

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