Miracle of Sound: The Spy Who Survived (Skyfall)

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nice job gavin, you captured the feel of a bond song (no pun intended)

I have to say, the instrumentals were fantastic. I could really feel the Bond essence in them and you did a fantastic job with them.

It feels like, however, that your voice doesn't quite fit with the song. Don't get me wrong; you have a fantastic singing voice. It just doesn't seem to fit with the song. It's really hard for me to describe so take what I say with a grain of salt but, for a song about a spy, your voice doesn't seem to be "smooth" for the role.

Yeah, I suck at this. Sorry.

Haven't seen Skyfall yet but my wife suggested I listen to Adele's theme after I heard this.

I think I prefer this one... :)

Very nice work there! You captured the feel of a bond song excellently; the musical style, the lyrics, everything. Speaking of the lyrics, you did an excellent job of capturing the story arc of Craig's Bond. Seriously awesome song. Can't wait to buy it. WHY MUST I HAVE NO SPENDING MONEY LEFT. Seriously, literally have 13p to my name.
Once again, Gav, fantastic work. :D

damn, wouldn't have been awesome if that was the intro song for skyfall lol

Great song, as always. I like that you can here main Bond theme so it seems like a real Bond intro song. IMHO, the only problem is voice. I think it should be a little lower, somewhere between you own in Sweet L.A. and Louis Armstrong. Your voice is great but creates a little different atmosphere from the one that music creates.

Hey Gav, I had delayed posting on this song until I had watched the movie (which I found absolutely enthralling). I had to buy yoru song. It's now part of the growing Miracle of Sound niche in my computer.

You'rs song is so bond it blows tons of previous official themes out of the water. I've gone back and listened to some of the classic ones and the more recent ones. "The Spy who Survived" really does stand above many of those themes, and I'd put it next to Goldfinger, Tomorrow Never Dies, Licence to Kill and even Skyfall as one of the best themes. It's beautiful. You should let the vocal layering off more often (though I do like the sound of it). Your voice really shines this way.

Yeah, I'm such a Gav junkie by now.

Kinda disappointed the video wasn't the Escapist Staff posing in swimsuits. ;)

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