No Right Answer: Best Pixar Movie Ever

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You have inspired me to watch Wall-E again this afternoon. Good job. Also a very funny episode.

I think "Toy Story 3" takes it for me. But "The Incredibles", "Up", and "Monsters Inc" all tie for a close second. I can't stress enough how awesome all of these movies are.

Up and Toy Story 3. Or Wall-E. I can't really decide.

To paraphrase Kill Bill, "If you're gonna compare a [Pixar movie], you compare it to every other [movie] ever made... that wasn't made by [Pixar Studios]"

Up is the best Pixar movie. While Wall-E was relevant to American/Western European consumer culture, and Toy Story is relevant to the leaving behind of childhood, up defines honor. You can show Up to Klingons.

The difference between honor and glory is the crux of the movie. The first explorer was lambasted for lack of proof of his discovery-his going back a never returning in order to stand by his word is honor, his attempts to destroy the protagonists and claim the proof for himself is pursuit of glory. The old man pursuing the house in the far off land by any means necessary including the abandonment of the kid was honor, while his late wife's releasing him of that duty is hers. The kid starts out the movie seeking glory (the merit badge he can display) and learns honor (doing the right thing for its own sake) throughout the course of the film.

For me it's Wall-E, I'm not sure about second place though. Incredibles, Toy Story, Monster Inc. I can't decide. I didn't like Up very much though. The beginning is great but after that, not so great, for a Pixar Movie that is.

So the actual debate is between "fill in the blank" and Cars 2. "Fill in the blank" wins. If you eliminate Cars 2 you're just left with a tie no matter what you pick.

I was afraid that this was going to be a 30 minute video at about the 3 minute mark and unfortunately it wasn't

I too am disappointed by this. We clearly need a half hour special for a topic like this!

I'd have to go with Wall-E for the main reason that I sat down to watch it expecting to hate it utterly and getting to the end and loving it.
Brave and The Incredibles come a close second.

The first 10 minutes of Up alone could qualify as 'best ever' in my opinion. Didn't The Incredibles come out in the same general time-frame as Fantastic Four? I bring that up because I recall more people than Bob saying it was a better Fantastic Four than Fantastic Four (and I agree even though there are not space-faring World Eaters)

I think Up is the better movie, if only for the whole metaphor the house brings.

Toy Story 3 is not far behind, and is so relevant to so many people.

I loved the first arc of Wall-E, but then the movie becomes way too preachy for me.

EDIT: Forgot to mention Ratatouille, which is also amazing. Same for The Incredibles.

Really funny episode, guys. I laughed at all the Simpsons "technical difficulty" signs; I was 1/2 expecting one of The Critic's variations on "We'll be right back" in there! The constant switching topics reminded me of the "Worst Video Game Movie Ever" episode. For me, I love The Incredibles because it's a celebration of comic book super-heroes and my college mascot were the Spartans, so watching that end scene with Dash's track Meet at his school, the "Home of the Spartans", was a huge crowd pleaser at college. But how could you guys not have Monsters, Inc.? John Goodman's one of the leads!


Luxo Jr.! or Geri's Game.

"You demanded it, we delivered it!"
Well, not really.

Think Wreck it Ralph is the best, haven't seen it, but so much super positive buzz.... :P

45 minutes of Charlie Chaplin with Robots??!?! How is that not the best?

"You demanded it, we delivered it!"
Well, not really.

Think Wreck it Ralph is the best, haven't seen it, but so much super positive buzz.... :P

Wreck it Ralph is not Pixar though.

"You demanded it, we delivered it!"
Well, not really.

Think Wreck it Ralph is the best, haven't seen it, but so much super positive buzz.... :P

Wreck it Ralph isn't from Pixar.

this debate was done correctly.

I love Finding Nemo and The Incredibles are my top two. Ratatouille instilled in me a love of cooking. i like A Bugs Life as much as i like Samurai Seven (for obvious reasons). Toy Story i think is the best and most complete trilogy ever produced (even the Star wars original 3). Monster Inc. Has john Goodman and is therefore good. Cars is the best thing connected to NASCAR racing (even if only tangentially) ever produced (screw Taladega Nights[and Will Farell for that matter]). WALL-E is awesomesauce, UP is wonderful, Brave is fun.

And we haven't even talked about all the shorts and the pure talent and greatness that they are.
One Man Band and Boundin' 4 EVER.

This is the greatest episode in the history of this series. Kudos to you both, sirs.

Although I would have to throw my hat in and say Toy Story is my favorite. The original still makes me smile all these years later, the sequel still holds up, and toy story 3, do i really need to say more? it was an emotional, funny, charming movie, somehow more so then the two amazing movies that came before it. You don't have to cry at the end, but if you don't feel somewhat emotional, your made of stone.

But that's just me. Toy story will always hold a special place in my heart as you can tell from my post. But all pixar movies that I've seen with the exception of cars, I thoroughly enjoyed. You can't say that about all animated movies- that they can be enjoyed not just as a child, but on into adulthood as well.

I would totally join a escpaist tekkit server in a heartbeat. We totally need one! Who needed sunlight anyway.

Why does everyone say Wall-E and UP? both of these movies start off incredible but then drop way off. Best overall is Toy Story, funniest is Monsters Inc, Best animation is Wall-E, and best story is Ratatouille.

My favorite is Toy Story 2, with Incredibles and Nemo coming in close second.

And, unlike most people here, apparently, I found Wall-E to be most underwhelming...

Cars was awful. I haven't even bothered with Cars 2.

I'd say the Toy Story trilogy is the best Pixar film. WALL-E would have been it, but it really dropped the ball when they introduced the humans and basically changed the entire tone of the film.

Anyone who doesn't pick The Incredibles either hasn't seen it or needs to watch it again.

It's the details! Pay attention to the hair animation and sound effects!

You know that scene at the start where Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl have that argument? Elastigirl found a tiny piece of rubble on Mr. Incredible and threw it to the ground. If you listen very carefully they added a sound effect (like a little 'tsk') of that tiny piece of rubble hitting the floor.

Look at the hair animation, especially Mirage's when they are at the dinner table...every little movement she makes her hair moves realistically too!

The details and sheer awesomeness of The Incredibles makes it the best Pixar movie bar none!


Brave was one of those movies made after the merge with Disney. So if we're taking those into consideration, then I say the greatest Pixar movie is Tangled! #biased

Not mentioning A Bug's Life at all. Shame on you two.



Wall-E vs Toy Story? Are you kidding me. I haven't even watched the debate yet but felt the need to rage in the comments after seeing that title screen. The Incredibles wins this debate, hands down. Second place to Up, but it's not even close.

HAHA, silly goose. ALL Pixar movies won.

You really should have watch it all.

The Incredibles; It's basically Watchmen for kids.

Fatality: Friendship.

I can't think of a single Pixar movie that I didn't like or wouldn't want to see again. So yeah... Hard to decide really.

Pixar is pretty much the Nintendo of movies.

Sure, they can be formulaic and some of them don't quite hit the mark, but you know when you pay for your ticket that you're getting a classic experience. (Cars 2 excepted. Why, Pixar? Why?)

Who won? I don't know. I don't even care. Pixar is amazing.

I was bracing to just go in to this saying "Yeah, Wall-E was good and so was Toy Story but Up and Finding Nemo were better" and then what do I get? Up and Finding Nemo. Probably should have known that this would be a tough decision. Also reminds me that I haven't watched The Incredibles in years. Would definitely be something to look at since I'm one of those people who now cares about superheroes because of The Avengers.

My parents hated Wall-E.
We...have an understanding


Wall-E vs Toy Story? Are you kidding me. I haven't even watched the debate yet but felt the need to rage in the comments after seeing that title screen. The Incredibles wins this debate, hands down. Second place to Up, but it's not even close.

Haha, oh man will you look foolish to just about everyone, including yourself if/when you actually watch the thing.

To be fair, I almost turned it off at that point just to comment. I saw it had a 7 minute run-time, and I wasn't going to sit there and let them ignore The Incredibles.

and yes, The Incredibles is not only the best Pixar movie, but also the best movie period. The movies that might be marginally better than TI are also movies that can't be enjoyed by the whole family. Everyone can take something away from watching that movie, and it's not because it was written with weak, mainstream appeal.

Ratatouille, Up or the Incredibles. I honestly found Wall-E to be a bit overrated. It was good but definitely not their best.

How about the worst Pixar movie?

I'm stuck between bugs life and Brave.
Yea, still good movies. But not the best or even on par with they others.

And we can all agree. Pixar, in ten minutes, made a better love story with UP then all three (four?) Twilight movies and books.

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