You've Got a Friend In Me

You've Got a Friend In Me

Get ready for your childhood to be debated.

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Yes the intro to Up had me crying like a child. And I was on an airplane when I saw it so I definitely got looks.

And the unfortunate thing about Up is that the bar was set so high by the intro there was no way the rest of the movie could compare.

I thought the rest was really morally dubious with the characters invading this guy's home and eventually killing him and seizing it for themselves (rather than finding a compromise).

I agree with Wall-E and Toy Story, although I do wonder if toy story is due to the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia, while Wall-E was just plain awesome.

For sheer enjoyability I'm always going to be in love with Monster's Inc.

"Hey, how about you buddy; snowcone? Oh no don't worry, it's lemon!"

Am I the only who feels that the campfire scene in UP is just as powerful as the opening montage? Why is that overlooked so much?


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