Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 26

Media Sandwich Episode 26

Brown-Baggin' It: On today's celebratory episode, Chris and Kyle share a moment of excitement for making it as far as their previous podcast, which is also nearly their one-year anniversary as a podcast on The Escapist.

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What's gross about taking an uncooked hot dog into work for lunch?

Ooo, gundam talk.

I can't entirely agree with gundam 00 being the good one. It has some cool stuff, and some theoretically cool story things. It's just really stupid often. Also the token princess is excessively useless, even interfering with things sometimes. I could go on, I would like to. It's alright, not great. Has some cool things, has alot of stupid things that it takes seriously. At least G gundam's stupid things are kinda meant to be stupid.

I think I prefer Wing. But G gundam is endless fun.


or of course...there's the statue of liberty laser....that I can't find a good image for. But it's glorious.

You should try and get Kevin Pereira on your podcast. I can't try and get him because I am not on Facebook.

Chris, I will fight you in a round of Budokai 3 if I ever meet you in person. (I personally think that fighter is the greatest fighter ever.)

Are you still talking with the Death Battle guys?


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