Just Being Neighborly

You guys are gonna have to do a month of British specials.

Of course that would probably depend on you watching a lot of British TV, but still, I'm curious about how you'd take characters like Brian from Spaced or the cast of Royston Vasey.

Quick edit; FIRST! *runs*

No, urkles antics caused so much property damage that it would make the Mythbusters blush. He over-exaggerated answers to simple solutions "Jetpack vs Jock" in a rope climbing contest. -_- He had the attraction of a slightly psychotic woman.

Urkle, though dorky and wacky, was a 90's view of how NOT to solve problems.

AND, AND! Urkle was in a parody of Mortal Kombat. BEAT THAT Kramer! :P

no mention of the ultimate wacky neighbor Ernest P Whorol?


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