Big Deal on the Internet: Cyber Monday 2012

Big Deal on the Internet: Cyber Monday 2012

Big Deal on the Internet Special Edition: Cyber Monday

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Why must I only get paid during the middle of the month. I have no money left after bills and some of those deals make me want to spend what little money I have left! >.<

Take another look at Steam.

Witcher 2, for instance, is now down to 7.50.. cheaper than Green Man.

Actually, I'm curious why Steam doesn't get the full treatment like Origin, etc.

So "Cyber Monday" is actually becoming a thing now?

Steam Fall Sale and other actual sales have been going on for a while now since Friday.

No need for this "cyber" silliness.

"Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) - $30 plus $1.97 shipping at Walmart. Next best is $53 at Walmart."

Um, what? Methinks there's a typo here. Unless Walmart is undercutting themselves.

i definitely recommend getting fallout new vegas ultimate edition, that is worth it no matter what the price.

Spec Ops for a fiver?
Hmmm, seriously tempted by that one.

big deals column is really missing out and also behind the times, putting steam (purveyor of hugeass savings) as a footnote on the bottom of the list, while other places get entire sections to post their games at higher prices

for instance, take saints row 3

you could have gotten the "almost every dlc included" full package edition at 12.49

the sale is over now but really it's a shame that we're looking at the other retailers first

also, best buy had dream drop distance for 3ds at 15 dollars, but that was only during black friday

gotta make a deals section instead of just dumping articles at convenience of publication


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