87: Peter Molyneux

"I do get into an awful lot of trouble for doing this. It's just that I get so passionate and excited when I'm explaining a game to anyone, be they a journalist or someone I just met down the pub. The root of this is probably that I genuinely want to create the best game ever, but such a statement requires an explanation about how this will be possible.
"Ihave tried to 'restrain' myself in recent interviews, but found it really hard to answer a simple question like 'Why are you doing Fable 2?' without launching into a detailed explanation. When I meet with the team, usually I say, 'Let's make Fable 2 the greatest game ever.' At least I'm consistent! Fable 2 in my opinion - here we go again - will live up to expectations."

Peter Molyneux

Shame, really - seems like Peter Molyneux's PR team have finally trained him to say nothing interesting.

Ah well, the first half of the interview was still good.


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