87: "EA is a Startup"

"EA for me is very much of a start-up type of experience, because the first couple of years that I worked in EA we didn't have more than 40 people working in the entire company, so we all knew each other very well; we worked very closely together. The [idea of a 100-hour work week] easily started in that time period, so I saw more of my co-workers than any other human being, wife and children included. So they were very close experiences. ... There were no producers there; we had no methodology for doing things, we had no money either, and so it was very much a 'if we don't get this done we may not survive' kind of an existence for several years while I was there."

Joe Ybarra, co-founder of EA, speaks to Russ Pitts on his longevity in games.

"EA is a Startup"

Huh? Who's perpetuating this 100hr/week nonsense?


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