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"Then there are the ambitious newcomers. After reading Pavlina's articles on the independent game business, Gianfranco Berardi woke up. 'I didn't have to work for some large company to work in the videogame industry! I could form my own company! Last March, I officially formed my own LLC [limited liability corporation], and I am currently working on finishing my first commercial game when I am not working my day job. Steve Pavlina's writing let me know I was gravely underestimating what I could do with my life.'"

Allen Varney explores the dynamic work of the game industry's most charismatic independent producer.

The Indie Guru

I enjoyed the article and finding out about Steve Pavlina's site.

As for your endeavour to Malaysia, this Malaysian reader wishes you well and frankly speaking, it's not the desert that people make it out to be. Networking is easy here once you're here and the community as a whole is a small group altogether. And for the person who said that there may be problems in communication, there's more imported sitcoms than there are local sitcoms in the local language. :p

If you do half as well running your new company as you do writing articles I expect to see you winning awards within five years.

Good luck out there !

Wow, you know I came across his site a few weeks ago. I was reading abouts blogs and sites trying to understand how I can launch a profitable website. I came across his post on "How To Monetize Your Blog" and I've been learning more about the web through the information by using that particular post as a starting point. I had no idea he was involved with games in any way.

Hi there, I'm a Pavlina fan too although I like what you said about some of his cheesier comments. He's not immune to cliches, apparently.

I totally wish you success with your Malaysian adventure - as a self-employed person for the majority of my career I'd say go for it. And I like your big vision.

If that fails you could certainly get paid to write. Good article.

If that fails you could certainly get paid to write. Good article.

"Who says he doesn't already?" his editor asks.

A bold move: The "Indie Guru" of my article, Steve Pavlina, recently released the copyrights to most of his work. (StevePavlina.com blog entry, December 15, 2010.)


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