Feed Dump: Stuffed Snake

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"I... we're related?" Excellent delivery there, that final line really caught me off guard.

I completely lost it at the "hurricane" murder re-enactment.

Oh, i figured it out. People who were smart as kids were smart enough not to drink and later when they started to drink in moderation they "increased drinking". and those who would drink themself to coma grew up and therefore "Drink less" now.
Phew, and i was worried im retarded.

P.S. Kathleen ftw! noone can beat her spirit!

Aw we could've had another Girl Dump, curse you Graham. :p

J/K, great job as always. That last bit reminded of CH Graham for a second there.

Thanks guys.

Now I have to pick cous cous out of my keyboard.. ...and monitor.

Teach me to eat while watching feed dump.

The over consumption of marijuana can hamper the completion of even the most simplest of tasks; ie pronouncing certain words.

I lost it at "Co-caine and co-caine accessories".

Best episode in quite a while :D

OH MY GOD!!! Best episode of all December! Graham's a prinny?! No wonder I want him!

Both Graham's delivery and facial expressions of "We're related?!" were just perfect.

Also the meth-butt stuff reminded me of this image


And finally, the UK is getting some recognition for our idiocy XD

All in all, excellent episode guys. Well, even more so than usual anyway.

Looking at previous episodes I've noticed that Kathleen, Kate and Tally have pretty dark and homicidal tendencies...

I wonder if Graham is worried that one day he'll be asked to help them hide the body?..

Wait who am I kidding, they'll make it look like an accident.

Oh, look, some lady decided to up the ante on smuggling drugs in private areas:


Kate "Can't believe I'm related too you."
Graham "I. . . we're related?!"


Is it wrong that I want to become part of the Stark family


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