Trailers: The Secret World - Play Forever Trailer

The Secret World - Play Forever Trailer

Looks like The Secret World is becoming less and less of a secret.

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I was really excited for the change until I realized no retailer in my country has the game, I'm still going to need a credit card to play it, so I'm back to square one. One of these days I'm going to have a serious talk with my bank about going digital.
Still, great news for the game, more players means more content, because the community is a huge part in this game. The adventures, the roleplay, the cooperation, it's almost as if it's not all about grinding in Orgrimmar.

Sweet, some of the stores in my area still have copies at just $20; totally worth it. I hate subscription fees so this seems like a much better way for them to raid my wallet; especially since the bulk of the content is available after buying the game (future content will be pay-for-DLC).

Maybe now Funcom can get back to work on the Longest Journey series; been hanging after Dreamfall for years now.

I welcome Free-to-play models. I'm sure subscriptions alienate players. Especially since MMOs with any RPG elements are competing with WoW.
I favour no subscriptions because you can then enjoy the game at the pace you want to. You are not pressurised to get the most out of your monthly subscription money.
It also lowers the barrier of entry for people without bank-cards that can be used on the internet or people without bank cards. This means Timmy can play the Secret World at the age of 12 (if that is wise) and mummy and daddy don't have to worry about managing sub-fees. They only have to worry about Timmy being tempted to steal mummy or daddy's bank card to get shallow vanity.


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