Media Sandwich: Media Sandwich Episode 28

Media Sandwich Episode 28

The Curtain Call: After a full year, it's time to take a bow and wrap things up. That means 2012 needs to be given its due, and no one other than MovieBob himself could be the one to properly do it.

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Aw man, no more Media Sandwich? That sucks donkey balls.

The description makes this sound like it's the final Media Sandwich. That sucks.

I'll be happy as long as you guys are still active on this site.

I really wanna listen to that recording that Kyle mentions at the end.

(about 2/3 through)
Hey, Delaware also doesn't have a sales tax. Woo!

I do enjoy hearing Moviebob talk about the industry.

Last episode? Awwww... it was fun while it lasted. And it was a nice send-off. I shall make an honorary peanut-butter sandwich for lunch.
I was going to make that sandwich anyway, but it's the thought that counts...

No more Media Sandwich?!

Always hate to see content being pulled, but honestly this left my podcast rotation months ago. Hope y'all take the time investment with this and put into new content. Or sleep.

Oh no my Sandwichs!
I'm going to have a sandwich for dinner in dedication.
You guys were my favorite podcast around and I'll miss you dearly.

Aw man, I don't get this from the Escapist, it just shows up in my iPhone feed, so I was totally unprepared for this being your last episode. Well, atleast you got past 25. And you did end on a good one.

Gone before the "let's go get a sandwich" t-shirt sales took off...

The question is, did you three see the Starship Troopers anime? Oh golly, that's an experience to be sure.


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