The Big Picture: Worst Movies of 2012

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Worst Movies of 2012

See which movies MovieBob branded as the worst films of 2012.

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Who the hell keeps giving M. Night work!?

I had a feeling The Amazing Spiderman would be right up there.
I don't know how many other people would put it as their number 2 worst of the year, but still, it's Movie-Bob's list.

Yo, Bob, ASM did a better job at making the Peter Parker character than the comics. If you hadn't noticed, they absotastically can't write that character for shit. Hell, Static Shock is a ten times better Peter Parker than Peter Parker. Also, ASM is a great movie and better than Dark Knight Rises.

About Jarvet: Symbolism. Jarvert is supposed to represent Val Jean's past, something inescapable and unforgettable.

I really liked Les Miserables, though that's mostly because of the story and the songs/music. The movie itself is enjoyable to watch, though the two things that really kill it for me are the extended close-ups of people's faces while their singing and nothing else is happening and Russell Crowe. Everything else is fine by my standards. As for the other movies, they're all pretty well-deserving for this list.

With all due respect to bob, the reason focus switches to Marius and Cosette in the third act, is BECAUSE they're boring. They represent a privileged youth left by Jean Vel Jean, the mean who went through hell to give them something. The ending, while happy with JVJ and Fontine in heaven, isn't actually happy. Then only surviving characters are the spoiled rich kids, and the thieves. Because they're the only ones ever left after a revolution. They're the only constants in the world. My apologies for spelling or grammar mistakes.

Directed by Shabamalama? Shame I was almost looking forward to see Jaden Smith back on the big screen :(
Amazing SpiderMan 2: Hair Jell hiding-my-face-turns-me-into-a-Labeef-sounding McDouche-erson vs an anemic Steel.

10. Ugh, WHY do people ask for films from that era? Action movies only got BETTER when we got back to using good actors in action movies instead of lunkheads

9. God this was a bad idea.

8. No need to comment

7. Only expect more of these to be made

6. Thank god Hardy earned some cred back with Dark Knight Rises

5. Glenn Beck!? What the HELL was he thinking?

4. Ouch

3. This pretty much proves that Hooper did NOT get a Best Director Oscar because of his ability

2. So. Much. HATE. Man did they fuck this up, especially with the ending where Peter basically spat in George Stacy's face.

1. Like I said before, it almost sounded like you were talking about Ninja Theory's GODAWFUL DmC game that shows the worst excesses and pretenses of writing.

I never sawz ASM because I believed how stupid it would be. This video more or less confirms my fears.

Haven't seen Les Mis yet because it's not out in the UK yet but I don't think it deserves a number three spot from other people I've heard talk about it. I mean, it wouldn't get on a top ten best but it wouldn't go on the worst either... though Russell Crowe's singing is so horrible that I am inclined to agree with you on the fact that it'd go somewhere on a "Top Ten Miscasts in Cinema" list.

And please stop harping on about The Amazing Spiderman. Same as above, it wouldn't go on my top ten best but it wouldn't go on the worst either, especially not at number two. If you want to talk about The Amazing Spiderman, talk about Issue #700 and the whole... everything surrounding that mess. I'm honestly interested to hear your opinion on that because it's so weird, even by comic book standards.

Only film on this list I've seen is battleship so I cant comment on the others, but for me I actualy enjoyed it.

Oh dont get me wrong theres a huge difference between enjoying it and it being a good movie and I'm not condoning more films like it but I went to see it with a handful of friends on one of those "why the heck not" nights, went in with horrendously low expectations and it actually surpassed them, moving from horrendous into just bad territory

Was fun to watch with with friends in the same way most bad films are, snakes on a plane, starship troopers etc etc etc

While I'm at it, here's one for Branded as well

Yawn, you don't like amazing spiderman Bob that's fine but stop acting like everyone in the geek press does as your a very, very lone voice in hating it (and no, pointing out that a pretentious douchebag WHO TYPES IN ALL CAPS doesn't like it either is not all geek press).

I haven't seen any of those movies. Probably for the best.

If I were making this list, Dark Knight Rises would have landed in the top 3 somewhere. I haven't seen the new Les Mis though, so I'll take your word for it Bob.

Kumagawa Misogi:
Yawn, you don't like amazing spiderman Bob that's fine but stop acting like everyone in the geek press does as your a very, very lone voice in hating it (and no, pointing out that a pretentious douchebag WHO TYPES IN ALL CAPS doesn't like it either is not all geek press).

I don't wanna ruin your fun or anything, but this was HIS top 10 worst. He can put whatever he wants.

And for what it's worth, I think he's right. That movie was a mess and I felt like I was being assaulted with weaponized "stupid" as the film went on.

I have to be honest...I kinda liked The Lorax. I didn't love it, it's not on my top films of the year or anything, but I thought it was okay. And as for Le Mis, I haven't seen it yet, though I still want to.

However, I'm well aware that this is your list of your worst films of the year, and realize that it's entirely subjective. Shame all the people who have/will bash you for putting Spiderman on this list don't realize that.

...Is Jamie Foxx really playing Electro?

Kinda funny how most of the films on this list I forgot even existed, I guess that shows how bad they were.


Glen Beck and Vince Vaughn reality TV show. I would look it up but my sanity demands I do not. Lord save us all, if we ever stumble across it by accident.

Also, that Will Smith movie. It could be bad, but there is a chance at it being mediocre.

Never been a fan of victor Hugo's work in general. Find him too melodramatic. Even hunchback annoys me.

Kumagawa Misogi:
Yawn, you don't like amazing spiderman Bob that's fine but stop acting like everyone in the geek press does as your a very, very lone voice in hating it (and no, pointing out that a pretentious douchebag WHO TYPES IN ALL CAPS doesn't like it either is not all geek press).

I thought Film Crit Hulk was reletively positive about Amazing Spider-Man.

I agree though, that the week Bob's hate for ASM spilled over into The Big Picture was kinda weird in the context of largely positive to luke-warm reviews and him talking about "much of the criticism" when little of that criticism has been on display comes off as denial rather than consideration.

I still like his stuff, though.

Though thankfully most of your reviews tend to signify otherwise, that closing comment of yours makes it a little hard to believe you go into movies with an open mind.

Has anyone actually seen Branded? I'm gonna take your word for it that it's bad, the premise sound like exactly the kind of pretentious, anti-capitalist wank that's nowhere near as intelligent or original as it thinks it is.

Damn... I was thinking Bob would have hated Ther Expendable 2 enough to warrent a top five...

Doesnt really mean shit to me though, still enjoyed the movie.

Also what the hell does M. Night Shamalot do to keep getting to direct movies?

Eh, I haven't seen most of these movies (except for some of The Watch, and I might like to see the Lorax to gauge it for myself)

Though my biggest problem with The Amazing Spider-man is that they had to cancel the awesome Spectacular Spider-man cartoon just to make it. Thanks a fucking lot Marvel/Disney/Sony. -_-

As for your #1 pick, I think the concept sounds interesting... but it could have been done better. Maybe as a mix of They Live and Supersize Me. Maybe.

will smith, his kid and m night shamalamadingdong making another movie? i think the mayans were off by a year....

I've been looking forward to les mis so I hope that it is better than Movie Bob thinks it is.

I call most AA rated games crap, dose not mean they are not average. Tho sometimes I wonder why I do it, its for shock value or that I suck. LOL

M. Night Will Smith have done good films before so it might be good,The Last Air Bender was off mostly due to casting and times compression.

Worst Movies of 2012

See which movies MovieBob branded as the worst films of 2012.

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Heh, I see what you did there. That was the only movie I was 100% sure would be featured in this list.

lol, After Earth? More like "Welcome to After EARF!!!"

To the responses:

10 - I didn't want to see this, but I ended up watching it due to a family member not being warned ahead of time before going to the video store. Lots of old action heroes standing in plain sight shooting bad guys. Real yawn-inducing.

9 - No argument.

8 - The American Pie series lost its novelty after the first movie. Alas, there will always be an audience for these kinds of movies, as there are plenty of horny teenage males and nostalgic adults who were once horny teenage males.

7 - I'd like to think that the failure of Battleship and the success of The Avengers means we'll see less movies made in the style of the former and more in the style of the latter. But I'm old and I know better... because Michael Bay still exists.

6 - Saw it, didn't care about it. Moving on.

5 - See Number 6... but GLEN BECK? Is Vaughn TRYING to kill his career? Because unless it's Vaughn beating up Beck every episode, that is what is going to happen.

4 - Talk about a movie that didn't understand its source material.

3 - Now, I haven't seen this, but based on word of mouth and the reactions I've read, calling it one of the worst of the year is a bit much, Bob. And I don't want to GET you. I want you right where you are... heh, heh.

2 - Shock, it's on the list. I'm just surprised it was only Number 2.

* I did finally watch it. And honestly, not that bad, Bob. Not great, either. But it didn't deserve the repeated vitriol you reaped on it. As I've commented in the past, I really hope you don't go off on another movie the same way you did with ASM, because it'll be enough for me to stop being a fan. Which is a shame, because I like your style most of the time.

1 - I'll take your word on this one.

I actually think SpiderMan was pretty good.
The only thing I really hated in it was how they made Lizard.
Electro is a really unkown villain for me thou...

Vault Citizen:
I've been looking forward to les mis so I hope that it is better than Movie Bob thinks it is.

If you like the musical, you'll probably like the movie. That said, and while I certainly enjoyed the movie, I just don't think there's much purpose to it. If you're already a fan of the musical, all the movie will make you do is think of how much better the live production is. If you're not already a fan of the musical, the movie isn't good enough at presenting the same material to get you to want to see the live production. It's kind of stuck in a sort of no man's land.

Anyway, as to the movie itself, I can understand not liking the story but, well, that's the story. They didn't really change anything from the musical so I'm not sure I really feel the criticism of the movie feeling disjointed in the third act is a completely valid one when referenced in such a way that you're pinning the problem on the movie alone. I didn't find the direction and staging that distracting but it's a very common complaint so I would imagine it was just something I in particular wasn't too thrown by. Crowe is defintely the weak link singing wise as, while not a bad singer in his own right, he just doesn't have the power that the role demands. Compare him to the actors who generally play the role in the live production and he comes up staggeringly short. Kudos to the casting, however, in using perhaps the most known actor who's played Valjean in the movie as the priest. Was a nice nod to the fans and brought a smile to my face.

Glad to start off the new year with a healthy dose of bile
Thanks Bob

Les Miserables at third place feels a little like "Hey! Look at my loud and controversial opinion!". I haven't seen it, and I don't think I'm going to since it doesn't look like my kind of movie, but I have a hard time imagining one of the top Best Picture contenders really being an overall worse movie than the latest American Pie, regardless of how much you think people are over hyping it.

I feel that's a problem I have with criticism on the Internet in general. Too many times I get the feeling critics exaggerate how bad something is simply because it either gives them more attention or makes for a much more interesting review. Using hyperbole gets the point across and I'm not gonna lie, there is more entertainment value in seeing something being ripped to shreds rather than receiving a simple "not all that great", but I think it damages the credibility of the critic in the long run.

I'm not gonna tell anyone what to think, and if you really found Les Miserables worse than both The Expendables 2 and Alex Cross, then it would be wrong to conform to what other people think. Just don't be careless with how you hand out ratings as harsh as "third worst movie of the year".

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