No Wasted Motion

No Wasted Motion

A good Christmas doesn't always need to star Santa and his crew.

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I think James just came up with the next video idea, someone lying about being sick then coming to work anyway just to watch everyone else.

Ironically, everyone else is sick but came to work anyway.

Then the monkeys attack....

Ah, the art of making conversation exciting! Fun episode, though. Glad we got a surprise Andy to provide delightfully exuberant levity and lift to an upsetting character.

The best part was Andy's dialogue. All that talking and not a word wasted, truly Efficient.

I never waste motion when I'm alone and nobody's watching

" Its a Christmas video with no tinsel, reindeers, trees, snow, angels, santa, elves, presents or anything else that's become a commercial symbol of the holiday. That, as far as I'm concerned, makes this one of the most genuine and authentic Christmas videos ever created."
Very true. The best Christmas story ever, A Christmas Carol, has none of that stuff. Its about generosity and social responsibility.

Nice music for the video by the way!

And well done Kathleen for what is now one of my favourite LRR videos!

loving parodies of Charlie Brown

So, THAT's what that was about! A Charlie Brown parody.


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