Escapist Podcast: 073: Surviving Christmas and Our Favorite Apocalypse

073: Surviving Christmas and Our Favorite Apocalypse

This week, The Escapist crew still in the office after the Holidays discuss their holiday vacations, their favorite Christmas presents, and what kind of apocalypse they'd prefer.

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Woo hoo!

Thanks for being on time during the Holiday Week!
Very very surprised Escapists!
Thought you all would sit this week out like the rest of them, so thanks once again!

It is always weird to me to hear about the escapist weather because I get the exact same weather.

Is it weird that I knew Greg Tito's baby first word was "Daddy" and was said at the Escapist Office and that a blow up dinosaur toy from a server farm was involved?

Another week without Susan, and another week talking about the strangest sexual topics.

Wait....Simpsons references and no Steve Butts?

Thanks for the show guys. Hope you still get some more time to yourselves.

<_> Also, hope Susan goes easy on ya.....

you never said what the "low low price of..." of the watch was.

Greg: the terms "landing gear", and "hanger" mean something different then what you think.
Paul: fool me once....
clear sailing for a year, or so. I wonder what happens in a year.

so now you are giving hints on drug trafficking, and now none of you will ever get another rental car again.

the child's favorite gift was a box?

favorite game mechanic: I think that my favorite would have to be the ability to consistently upgrade my character, but not to min/max aspect, but more like "this is my character, and these are the choices I have made for it"

Yay, another MANcast.
No holds barred, innuendos.
You guys are terrible and god I love it.

:D :D :D
just :D

Ha! So I love listening to the podcat while I'm playing Minecraft, and when I got to the part where Schuyler was talking about digging at y=11 to avoid most of the lava lakes... I was digging in my mine at y=11.

Also, re: listener question about Starcraft. If your friend is interested in the game itself but deterred because of the skill difference between you two, it might be worth playing a few 1v1 teaching games. It's really prevalent in the go community (and, I'd imagine chess too) and how I got my sister into that game. SC has similar strategic design elements (standard opening, gambits, etc) so it might work for y'all.

Basically the idea is play against each other, and don't hold back or "dumb down" your play, but narrate what you're doing, why you're doing it, and offer suggestions on things your friend can do to counter things you do. It might not work as well because SC is real time and unlike go/chess, part of the game relies on not being able to see your enemy's stuff at all times, but it might work. Once he gets the basics of standard openings and what counters what, maybe try some 2v2s online, coaching him in the same way. Not "build this, then build that" but more like "you could do A if you want to accomplish X goal, or do B to accomplish Y goal." A lot of the initial difficulty of grasping games like go/chess/SC is just not knowing what options are available to you and which situations call for which approaches.

I would love to buy one of these "Keyboard Cat", the deluxe version more specifically.
Playing SC2 with a cat meowing the entire time would be awesome even if it's just for the APM spam.
*meow meow meow meow meow*

Alpha Centauri had an expansion?!


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