Escapist News Wrap: Wrapping Up the Top Stories of 2012

Wrapping Up the Top Stories of 2012

This week, we wrap up the best new stories of 2012.

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Wait. Code Hero teaches programing techniques in game form? Hopefully it'll deliver what it promises.

A good wrap-up I feel. Laughed at the comment about the rolling in COD money comment. Also I think the programmers for Code hero would have felt pretty meta.

Groan... how hard is it to say the word nuclear? It's not "nukular", like George "I rape the English language daily" W. Bush made popular.

Groan... how hard is it to say the word nuclear? It's not "nukular", like George "I rape the English language daily" W. Bush made popular.

Groan, how hard is it to write a snarky post complaining about some inane error in a video? It must be hell of a lot harder than to write and host a show without making one tiny slip up in pronunciation ...

You know, I'm still amazed that people can muster up enough hate for George W. Bush to make snarky comments against him despite having been out of office for almost 5 years and off-radar that whole time. I'm pretty sure people were mispronouncing words long before he came around and I'm damn sure most who complain about mispronunciations are guilty themselves of saying a word completely wrong.
Beyond that, great news video to wrap up a strange year.

I haven't been following Kickstarter projects, other than the ones that like to fail, but I can't see how this will work out well in the long run. It's a grand idea, and I love it, but unless a development team has a lot of self-motivation and/or can motivate each other, you'll just get abandoned projects or ones that take a lot longer than the backers believe it should take. I want to believe that many of the people behind Kickstarter projects work as much as the big-leagues, but to promise any type of game, no matter the size or money, is a huge deal. And people are expecting these games to come out in a year or less?

If we all had a little more patience, Kickstarter might work for indie games/ideas. If we don't find it well...I just can't see the future in it.

My god, derails into old US politics already? O.o

The thing with Kickstarter is, can't the developer just randomly decide he can't be arsed with this whole "game design" thing anymore and drops the entire project? That's the kind of vibe i'm getting from Code Hero. Could be wrong on that account but the point still stands.

Oh and you had to remind us of *that* LoL stream. He reacted to it superbly well though, he didn't decide to curl up and die in a corner somewhere and made jokes about it if I remember correctly. Wonder if he still streams though. If he does how many masturbation jokes does the stream chat make per hour?

I completely forgot how many times EA made themselves look like absolute idiots this year. Good times. Now the real question is what will the DS3 ad campaign be? Your grandma hates Dead Space 3?

you bastards! why do you had to include shake weight clips when talking about masturbation?
now i spilled my cocktail through my nose, laughing. and it burns slighly...

anyways, the years news wrap could be longer despite being two times longer than the standard weekly wrap.
but still, the wraps are getting more and more tasty.

The title leading up to this video is a bit misleading no? "The Rise and Fall of Kickstarter"? As far as I know, Kickstarter is still going on pretty strong and there is a substantial amount of trust in the program. Code Hero is the only one I have heard gone slightly awry.

Code Hero backers wasted their money.
If you really want to learn game programming. Go buy this book: and a cheap copy of Game Maker.

By the time you finish the book and know a lot of GML, you've cover most of the basics of object oriented programming and start learning with ease any other language. I went from GML to LUA and C#/XNA.


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