Escapist News Wrap: New Pokemon and Giant Squids

New Pokemon and Giant Squids

This week, we take a look at NVIDIA's new handheld gaming platform, learn how boring simulated space travel can be, and get jealous about how a Swedish school gets to play Minecraft. For homework!

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I just want to pipe up that ddos attacks are a legal form of protest in Germany as of a court order. Of course that was in the early millennium. I dont know if that changed.

Man I just want to give Greg a hug, he's like a giant teddy bear!

Pokemon game (of the same quality as the traditional ones on the handhelds) on the Wii-U, make it happen!

Most of the art assets in the last couple Pokemon games were 3D already. It not that much of a stretch to change the view angle. I can't wait to see more of it.

You telling me you didn't have number muncher and Oregon Trail while you were growing up?

That's a seriously cool way to use Minecraft in the classroom!

That's a seriously cool way to use Minecraft in the classroom!

I wonder if they can use modded MC version
Or is it considered "cheating"
I was also wondering about ownership, but then I remembered that there is limited, but free version of MC on homepage.

What happened to this series? I liked the weekly wrap


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