No Right Answer: Best Tom Hanks Movie Ever

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Best Tom Hanks Movie Ever

Little known fact: Dan has a personal grudge against Tom Hanks. Since it's good to know thy enemy, let's debate the finest examples of Tom's work.

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Turner and Hooch.

No love for Big? SHAMEFUL!!!

But seriously, I definitely agree with Forrest Gump. Probably one of the best movies in history, not just the best Tom Hanks movie.

I have to say Saving Private Ryan, but I don't watch many movies.

I must say these final lines just keep getting better and better as do the final reactions haha keep up the good work I always wonder when you guys will run out of things to do shows on

You guys misspelled Saving Private Ryan vs Toy Story 3 :P
And Chris, how could you forget the Bacconator?

OT: Forrest Gump and Apollo 13 are like Indiana Jones and the Arc of the Covenant:
He was just passing through history, But this... IS history.

and he is Woody (Toy Story)

What, no "Mazes and Monsters"?!? ^_^

Despite my personal opinions of Forrest Gump being overrated, Chris did have a better argument overall. Still, I would have gone with Saving Private Ryan.
And yet, no matter the situation, we are the winners, because we get to experience Tom Hanks in all of these movies.

Whenever Dan and Chris go at it, I can't help but think of Jerry and George having the exact same debate on some non-existent episode of Seinfeld.

"Superimposed CG into this thing that really happened, but in Apollo 13 they

send Tom Hanks to the moon.

That was how the sentence was going to end right?
Anyway Forest Gump is responsible for the suicide of millions of joggers so that can't be Tom Hanks best film. The answer is Toy Story because its the one you can forget Tom Hanks is actually in

Green Mile, hands down. How did this not get picked?

After seeing which movies you picked to debate, I shut the video off.

You fail for not placing Big in there.

For me and my friends, it usually comes down to Big vs. The 'Burbs. ...Of the non-animated Hanks movies, at least.

Toy Story vs. Toy Story 3. That's the Tom Hanks debate I want to see.

C'mon, his best movie is "SPLASH" by far. How many movies have YOU seen where Tom Hanks has sex with a fish?

Agreed, Forrest Gump all the way Chris.
After this I don't think there's any point in debating it further.

Also a quick question.
Are you guys considering starting up another podcast somewhere else?
I just miss my fortnightly fix...

Those lines are memorable because people used them to make fun of other people. I'm not sure if that's a point in the movie's favor...

But almost all tom hank's movies are good. How can you choose just one? HOW!?!

How did you guys not pick Road to Perdition? That's a sick Gangster film hell Tom was "Gangsta" himself and shot a whole lot of people. He even got to kill Jude Law, who wouldn't want to see that? :D

No love for Big? SHAMEFUL!!!

But seriously, I definitely agree with Forrest Gump. Probably one of the best movies in history, not just the best Tom Hanks movie.

Yeah, no "Big" means you lose the debate automatically.

Proverbial Jon:
Green Mile, hands down. How did this not get picked?



"I live in Washington, I can have two dads"

Priceless XD

Proverbial Jon:
Green Mile, hands down. How did this not get picked?

Same reason Saving Private Ryan, Cast Away, Road to Perdition, and so on didn't get picked. It's just so damn hard to choose.

Didn't even bother to watch once I saw the splash. I rate Forrest Gump as one of his worst movies. It is truly a terrible film. Never quite understood how it became so popular, especially given how awful every single "message" of that movie is.

I'd have gone with Catch me if you Can, but I just hate Hanks and have hardly seen anything with him in it.

Wow, this one was a stretch. You limited it to only the dramas Hanks did in the '90's, and ignored his '80's comedies? He's hilarious! Big, Bachelor Party, Turner & Hooch, all funny, all Hanks. And did you leave out Toy Story because Hanks only did Woody's voice?
But you're right about Bubba Gump Shrimp; that place is the tits.

The reason Cast Away was not picked was simply because Helen Hunt was in the movie. Even if it was only for 2 scenes. WILSON! WILSON!!!!

What about Charlie Wilson's War?
Its not as iconic, I know, but it is a great movie and is about the beginning of the war all Americans forgot, you often forget how the Taliban were made and how they were able to get hold of an entire country.
The only problem with that movie is that it says America supplied Ahamad Shah Masood when in fact he Mullah Omar's type of people were supplied more.
If you want to talk about the war on terror, if you want to talk about intervening in other countries' conflicts, you need to know the history first and you need to watch this movie first.

His best movie was clearly Terminal by far.

There are just too many alternate choices in this debate.

But, if you stick to just the ones in this video, here's an alternate view of one of them:

Joe Versus The Volcano. End of thread.

Gump vs Castaway would probably have been a better match-up, and I haven't even seen the latter. I just know that Apollo 13 wasn't nearly as good as Gump.

Remember in The Truman Show when Jim Carey has figured it all out and is making is trying to escape, it shows all the people watching the TV show rooting him on? Like - and for some reason this is the only one I can remember off the top of my head - the guy in the bathtub clinging to his shower curtain as Jim's on a sailboat and The Director throws a storm at him to stop him? That's how you feel the entire way through Gump. Once the character works his way into your heart you WANT to know more about his life, you want to hear the next story he's going to tell. Apollo 13 was just a movie about an accident in space.

Ugh... Couldn't even finish this video, the arguments were so poorly formed. Do you people have any sense of professionalism at all? It's like you pick a random topic, film two minutes talking about it without even thinking through your points, and edit it with pictures with dialogue that doesn't even resemble witty. You have this really unique opportunity, please stop taking a dump all over it.

I'm a little saddened that Dan and Chris both seem serious about their choices, since I found Forrest Gump and Apollo 13 to be oscarbation at its most obvious and otherwise not particularly compelling, but I appreciate the argument nonetheless.

Still, I really hope all involved have at least seen Bachelor Party. Funny Hanks on way too much cocaine is best Hanks.

Catch Me if You Can in the best movie he's been in, but I suppose it's not 'his movie' is it.

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