Skulls of the Shogun Review: Big & Undead in Japan

Skulls of the Shogun Review: Big & Undead in Japan

In feudal Japan, death is no excuse for failure.

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You did what you did to me, now it's history I see.

Sounds a lot like Disgaea to be honest, though if I understand it correctly it doesn't seem to involve the leveling mechanics. Half the point of Disgaea being that no matter how ridiculous the odds, you can rapidly become more ridiculously powerful in response... in an ever escalating cycle, until you eventually wind up seeing how bad you can overkill what should conceptually be an unwinnable battle. :)

I don't do a lot with my 360 anymore sadly, so not sure if I'll ever be trying it.

The PC version of this is only available for Windows 8 if I understand correctly?

Yup, no Steam release, no Desura, Gamers Gate, GOG or any other distribution platform, straight from the Windows 8 app store or bust if you're a PC gamer. So I'll probably be regretfully missing out on this one.

the game is pretty fun, tho admittedly I was caught by surprise by how tough it became real quick

gonna keep going with it (grr you shall not defeat me!), and the local co-op is a definite draw for me :)

It's an amusing time sink on my windows phone.
Runs smoothly and plays well. I like it.


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