The Escapist Presents: 2012 Indie Speed Run Awards

2012 Indie Speed Run Awards

Check out the Indie Speed Run website to play some awesome, totally free indie games, and read more about Yahtzee's pick in this week's Extra Punctuation!

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Awards ceremonies are always awesome. Nice use of Miracle Of Sound, there.

Vikings dint have horns, Nott and dagr! Now im sad ;(

All the other well done stuff aside, if Caesar's Day Off hadn't gotten a mention of some sort, I was going to have to write a strongly worded letter. And affix it to a lion mailed to your offices. That one absolutely made my day when I found it, and the days of everyone else I showed it to.

I hope that some of these developers decide to make a full version cause after I played some of them, I wished for more.
Also congrats to the winners! They totally diserved it :)

Incredibly impressive... I feel unproductive now.

Now I know which games to play. Since the catchem says face the music, music base winner shall be the one I play.

How the hell can The Escapist take something that involves Yahtzee, and turn it into something so incredibly dull?


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