Top 5 Friday: Top 5 First Person Shooters

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Top 5 First Person Shooters

This week, Matt discusses the five first person shooters that define the genre.

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You can's say games that define a genre and put BF3 on the list. It hasn't really defined anything. It wasn't the first to use destruction blablabla...

This is just 5 games he likes, there's no real credit to it at all.

Um... Where is Lisa Foyles?

She's here!She's here! Though she isn't doing top 5 anymore on that channel...
That is The Game Station network's main channel,she's working for them,she can't come back unless she closes her contract and signs one up with Smosh (Media?)

Perfect Dark > Goldeneye

TimeSplitters 3 > This whole damn gen of FPS

Can't say I approve of Generic Military Shoot 'em Up 3 being anywhere on that list. If we are talking games that defined the FPS genre today, I can think of dozens of other titles. System Shock 2, Marathon 2, Dark Forces 2, Portal, Halo: CE, Metroid Prime, and Unreal Tournament are fantastic games, and that's only off the top of my head.

Is the Escapist really going to pick this up as a video series? I can't see it competing with other, better Top 10's.

Mmm. Mostly modern military stuff. Personally I say original DOOM, Serious Sam, Unreal all the way.

But you misused the word "Literally". This... This is unforgiveable.



My personal list would be:

The Unreal series (Unreal, Unreal Tournament, etc)
Serious Sam series
Golden Eye 64
Doom series
Battlefield 1942/2

Perfect Dark > Goldeneye

Agreed. Any top 5 list that doesn't include Perfect Dark can eat me.

Also, TF2 is deserving of a spot imo.

This episode was bad but could be improved.
The presenter could have been replaced by a robot with little difference. Put more of yourself in it tell a few jokes (the goldeneye bit at the end was good so you can do it) add a bit of personality: When you're competing for views with Yahtzee you have to do a little more than a simple list. Take a look at JonTron for inspiration he has top 10 lists but you don't watch to see what comes first you watch because you want to see more of him. I know it can take time to get into your stride and I want this series to be something I look forward to every week, not just something to remind me of a partnership with Smosh.

Battlefield 3 was by far not the best FPS of all time, I would think Bad Company 2, or some of the older ones as Battlefield 3 really dint ad anything into the battlefield series so not really a favorite.

I played Goldeneye for the first time 4 years ago.

While I was playing it my thoughts were

"I can see why this would be great at the time"
"this seems like a primitive version of Timesplitters"
and finally
"I want to play Timesplitters right now"

The only reason I'd ever choose Goldeneye over that is either to remind myself that it doesn't live up to the hype or for the sake of novelty vs. knowing all the maps in Timesplitters.

Oh and I rage quit Half Life 2 from a combination of Ravenholm and what look liked a very long stretch of crabs.

I still maintain that Bioshock kills it. Hell you can even use telekinesis as a makeshift gravity gun if you want.

Perfect Dark > Goldeneye

TimeSplitters 3 > This whole damn gen of FPS

Timesplitters 3 > Goldeneye

I don't know if it's better than Bioshock. I mean it's kind of an apples oranges comparison. One of them is an arcadey first person shooter that doesn't take itself too seriously, and the other has no multiplayer and a semi-serious story that dwelves into the theory of a real life author and it also has some horror elements to it.

To put it simply, there is nothing in Timesplitters that would fit with this music

I would have swapped out Far Cry 3 for Starseige Tribes. It was the progenitor of all online only FPS games with classes and vehicles. I am also aware that Redline came out before hand with vehicles but SS Tribes was far more epic.

Sadly this wasn't informative, interesting or entertaining. My over-riding thought at the end was " what?". The show needs either a better presenter or the current one needs to improve significantly - it's not enough to just stand in front of a camera and say "I like these games because reasons."

A top-5 rundown of the most over-saturated genre in current gaming - what was the point? The topic/subject of the top-# needs to be much more original than that; way too boring and generic as it is. Pick a better subject and then either put some proper research into it or make it much more personal to the presenter; one or both of these things to properly back up the decisions for each entrant's inclusion and make it actually engaging.

Finally (this is a cheap shot but needs to be said), I am literally fed up of people misusing that word..

Edit: comment needs to be made of the usual standard of material on the Escapist, which I'm very happy with. I religiously check this site daily in order to catch the latest uploads - so many thanks to the staff for stealing so much of my time!

What I hadn't noticed initially was that these guys do existing content off in the youtubes. That explains why they're talking as if we were supposed to know who they are. As others have said: an introduction would've been nice. Sadly so far this series shrivels when compared to the old regulars' swinging cods. Perhaps it can do a (Thank God For) Jim, listen to the prevailing feedback and improve? Either that or it'll just get dropped as Susan mentioned in last week's thread.

Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3 barely added to the genre (even being as good as they are), and they should be replaced with Doom and Team Fortress. Also Half Life one had much more impact on the genre, even if it's not as good as its sequel, and same goes for Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3.

#1 Doom - Responsible for the popularity of the genre (FPS used to be called "Doom Clones" back in the 90s)
#2 Quake - First big multiplayer community.
#3 Half Life - Realism and Storytelling.
#4 Team Fortress - Class based shooters where each class has a specific role.
#5 Battlefield 1942 - Huge maps and Vehicles.

Special mention goes to my favorite of all time Deus Ex, which didn't get into this list because it's more of an RPG than a shooter.

I can't believe he said BF3 multiplayer was "extremely fast paced". It's one of the slowest MP shooters around in the market, mostly about positioning and tactics than twitch reflexes (which don't matter anyway thanks of the godawful hit registration and suppression).

OK, I gave it another chance after last week, and it's even more boring.

This guy has the most boring monotonous delivery I've heard in a very long time. Also what was he doing with his hands, they were all over the place :) The content was no better than last week either.

As for the list, putting HL2 at number 1 is fine, not sure if I'd agree with any of the others though.

I know it's been said before in this thread, but come back Lisa Foiles, all is forgiven!

far cry3, really? the game was fun and all but it really dropped off in quality after the first half, by then you have all the upgrades and have done all the interesting mission, the only thing you don't have at that point is the wingsuit, and i didn't really like that.

captcha: hello sweetie, river what are you doing here?

A top 5 FPS video,whatever will they think of next.Figuratively

Have to agree with everyone talking about how bad this video was. I haven't seen the other ones so maybe this one is just particularly bad, but come on. You've got a description that says the five fps games that define the genre and this is the list you come up with and how you present it? Talking about defining a genre, to me anyway, says influential games. Or at least recent games which define current trends. But since they jump from Quake to Battlefield 3 They're either trying to do both at once or neither and it just doesn't work. And even the games that probably should be there are poorly discussed.

Quake: It has a dark atmosphere and you can gib enemies with grenade launchers? Seriously? That's why it deserves a mention? It isn't worth mentioning that it was the first true 3D fps using polygons and textures to do it's graphics while finally allowing the camera to look in all directions?

Battlefield 3: Ignoring the comments about graphics for a second, he at least gets to talking about the destructible environments, and while they're not new to the series at all, they are at least a valid reason to mention the game since they open up new gameplay possibilities. I wouldn't put the game on a top 5 list myself, but if you've got to have a modern military shooter on here then at least it's got something different going on to justify it being there.

Far Cry 3: It's big and immersive? If we're going to talk about influential, genre defining games, why not dial it back to games like Far Cry which created this style of FPS?

Counter-Strike: yeah, I'd probably put it on the list since it basically invented the more realistic military style FPS, and the reasons for it being there are mostly good, but again, it begs the question of whether the episode is trying to live up to the description or is just some half assed list of his favourite FPS titles. Also, no mention of it originally being a Half-Life mod that exploded into the most played online game? Early esports leagues that popped up around it? I also wouldn't call older versions of CS the most balanced FPS out there since there's a tremendous slippery slope you encounter if one team loses more than one or two rounds in a row and gets far less money. CS:GO at least somewhat fixed this with the round rewards for winning and losing teams being sufficiently close together to keep the losing team from being crippled the next round.

Half-Life 2: Yes, it should absolutely be there, but why does he spend half the time talking about the source engine and other games made using it with only a passing mention of the gravity gun and absolutely no mention of how it was used to manipulate the physics engine both in puzzle solving and as a weapon. And why is there no mention of the dozens of FPS titles that tried to copy HL and HL2's single player styles of story telling, physics manipulation, and in the case of the Doom 3 expansion, outright adding a gravity gun. These were seminal titles which had a massive impact on the directions a lot of games went after them, not just Valve games also built on the source engine.

All in all, is it a bad list? I guess not, though it's a bit schizophrenic and can't seem to decide if it's an influential list or a favourites list. But the explanations for picking these titles are terrible. Important points are glossed over in favour of the sort of half assed, poorly explained praise I expect to see on an internet message board. The original Half-Life had one of the best single player campaigns ever? Please elaborate. Oh wait, that's all you're going to say about it? This level of discussion is pathetic and not worth a weekly web series. If you can't offer some detailed insight into why you pick these titles then you waste your time making these videos and everyone elses watching them.

Hopefully they actually read these comments so they can at least try and learn from them. If not, I look forward to them being dropped from the Escapist because right now they're wasting bandwidth.

No Cod?

Any Cod beats CS any day. Cod2 or Cod4 deserved to be there.

Not to mentioned Goldeneye.

I knew I shouldn't have watched this. Somehow it's even worse than last week. Also while I don't really agree with those being the best fps games ever the choices isn't my problem, it's the justifications. Mostly it's just parroting marketing speech (destructible terrain, awesome "graphics", big terrains) and has no insight into what makes those things valuable to those games' experience.

Next week I will try harder to avoid this vacuous drivel.

how about top 5 military FPS's (spunk-gargle-wee-wee)?

Every time someone religiously tries to memefy some of Yahtzee's worst and most pointless attempts at humor, which probably took him about 5 seconds to come up with while he was taking a shit, I feel like stabbing a puppy. Granted, you may be 9 years old (at least I hope you are), but it still makes me mad. Stop this right now, and save a puppy.

Grouchy Imp:
Yeah, like every 'top five' list everywhere this show is entire subjective and heavily based on personal taste. Little point and no value in these kind of things. Unimpressed by both this and the last episode, so count me out as far as this new 'contribution' is concerned.

When talking about how good a game is, of course it's going to be subjective. I might have had a sort of blood burst when he mentioned Battlefield 3 and Far Cry 3, but it wasn't because I thought he was wrong, I just disagree really strongly about how good those games are.

Also, you can still learn from other people's subjective thoughts, they can bring up good points and give you a new look on things.

No Goldeneye, no HALO, and no CoD4?


Battlefield 3: 'The Single-player wasn't that good - 4th best FPS'. Ok, wait a second. You judged Far Cry 3, Half-Life 2 and Quake (to an extent) by their single-player, yet you exclusively judged BF3 by it's multi-player. A game should always be judged by it's single-player (if it's a multi-player only title then that's an obvious exception). A game will always be more fun with friends, but that doesn't make the base game any better, and in BF3's case, the base game is so abysmally awful that it wasn't only one of the worst games of 2011, but one of the worst FPS's from a major publisher. Sure, I love the multi-player, it's pretty awesome, but you can't judge a whole game, especially a game with an advertised single-player and a fucking online pass, by it's multi-player. The difference between a crappy game and a great game is subjective to personal taste, but judging an entire £40 game on multi-player alone isn't a matter of opinion. If you think the multi-player balances out the single-player, then fine, but BF3's multi-player isn't that good to outweigh the shitty single-player. Games like Halo, Modern Warfare, Serious Sam, Painkiller, Doom, System Shock, and the excellent BioShock have had more impact on the genre than BF3 ever will, despite also being infinitely better. I hope you're not getting paid for this.

Meh... I still prefer the Top 5 style of Lisa Foiles, Ginx and Zoomin Games this one didn't really keep me interested. Where was TF2 BTW?


how about top 5 military FPS's (spunk-gargle-wee-wee)?

Every time someone religiously tries to memefy some of Yahtzee's worst and most pointless attempts at humor, which probably took him about 5 seconds to come up with while he was taking a shit, I feel like stabbing a puppy. Granted, you may be 9 years old (at least I hope you are), but it still makes me mad. Stop this right now, and save a puppy.

Do I hear a spunkgargleweewee fan?

I'll just leave this sentence here- which I'll come back later when I'm not so tired to give Goldeneye the defense it deserves.

Yeah, good list. Personally I'd replace Quake with UT 2004 and CS with Ravenshield.
I'm also one of those people who was not amazed by Golden Eye. it was fun but nothing special to me.

Bring back Lisa!

Nothing personal but I'm going to have to parrot most of the people here...this isn't very good :(

The Negative:
A top five feature needs one of two things:

1. A Someone. Someone I know he knows what he's talking about. Someone I know I can respect their opinion. Maybe I should know who this "Sohinki" guy is but I have absolutely no reason to respect this opinion over the millions of other generic top five best things ever lists out there. What makes you worth listening to over xxGAYLO6969xx on the forums?

2. An interesting list. This is why Lisa worked so well...she wasn't a "somebody" but her lists were interesting. Some of the lists fell flat on their face but I didn't stop watching the video half-way through. The "Top five FPS" games is about as generic as you could get...

The Positive:
The guy had a good speaking voice! So...there's that.

This is a thing that could have a lot of potential. Jim Sterling's videos were absolutely BLASTED the first few times but he took the criticism and turned his show into something that many now call their favorite feature here. This show doesn't seem like it will go anywhere unless you make some drastic changes but it's not impossible.

"This week, Matt discusses the five first person shooters that define the genre."


Not even close.
(Well, maybe a little, I can except Half-Life and/or Counter Strike, I've never played the latter, but even I know the impact it had.)

This is a top 5 list of Matt's favorite FPS games, not a list of a man who sat down, did some research and then created a plausible list of actual influential FPS titles that defined a genre.

I don't have a problem with this video or this Matt person, I do however have a problem with how SmoshGames advertised this episode.

Me? I actually played and loved;

5 Halo
4 Witchaven
3 Doom 2
2 Duke Nukem 3D
1 Castle Wolfenstein 3D

2) Unreal Tournament 2004/99
3) Half Life 2
4) Counter Strike
5) Battlefield 1942

Of course touting a game as being "realistic" does not sell it to me.

By your standard I could put Daikatana or SIN on this because they were games that me and my dad played together and those were times I enjoyed more then alot of games that should come before those two. Were they at all influential to the direction of FPS's no but they were times I enjoyed, see the problem?

Daikatana falls into the same basic category as Plan 9 From Outer Space and The Room. It's not good per se, but it's definitely fun, just not in the way the authors intended.

EDIT: Also, Daikatana was pretty influential in that it put Looking Glass out of business and ruined John Romero's reputation.

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