Escapist News Wrap: Notch, Psychonauts 2, and Violence in Videogames

Notch, Psychonauts 2, and Violence in Videogames

This week, we take a look at a site that tries to predict your next favorite game, learn that Notch is backing away from funding Psychonauts 2, and a new rumor about the Xbox 720.

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I swear, some where in the last decade or so, everyone in the game industry's brains fell out 'cause a lot of the shit that's happened doesn't even make sense from a business perspective.

It was pretty clear that Notch wasn't following up on his Psychonauts offer, still a downer though.

Well done Notch...

I swear if that Xbox stuff goes down... the streets will run red with rings.

Glad to see the News Wrap is back! I was worried it was canned.

Too bad the rest of the news isn't as good...

It's been a while good to have the news wrap back.

The WiiU is looking better and better.

Glad to see the News Wrap back!

I saw that you're wearing a lapel mic, but there seemed to be much more reverb than usual; at times it hindered being able to hear you well.

I loved the expression on your face when you made the Windows 8 comment. :)


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