Jimquisition: Previewed, Preordered, Prescrewed

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Previewed, Preordered, Prescrewed

Preorder culture expects gamers to trust developers more than ever, but how does that work when they inspire so little faith?

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Looks like these things aren't gonna change anytime soon.

Bungie's new game 'Destiny' has only just been properly announced, has had no gameplay revealed and we hardly know anything about it. But on Bungie's website it takes you to the Amazon page where you can pre-order the game for $59.99 (with no release date) and you can even buy 'Destiny' hoodies, shirts and merchandise. Some of this merchandise even costs up to $150.

Now THAT'S ridiculous pre-release hype.

I'm not ashamed to say I pre-ordered Dishonored (because I knew exactly what I would be getting and development time was shorter than the average lifespan of a Saint Bernard) but I'm not doing it again.

I like how pirates will bundle all the exclusive pre-order bonuses from ALL the stores into the download.And yeah, I don't trust Gearbox anymore, which is sad.

The problem is that the proportion of game buyers that could be called "discerning customers" is a tiny, relatively insignificant section of the people that buy games.

Some people only learn about upcoming games from advertisements and pre-order incentives from GameStop.

I completely agree with this one, but the sad thing is that there will be so many who don't. Who for some bizarre reason think you can't "really be a fan" unless you take everything they say/promise as Gospel. Or if you do point out that they are doing anything wrong you will be told that you are "Just trying to be cynical/edgy."

I am not sure why gaming seems to be exempt from so many basic consumer rights and advertising laws to be honest. Or why people seem to think that it's okay to be like that.

Actually, if a game has a ton of pre-order stuff... I usually skip it completely. And I don't mind paying a lot for collectors editions that include everything.
As for season passes - never bought. This is ridiculous. Also, again - season pass usually warns against buying the game.

@yellowhead Destiny is most likely shit. Like a cross-breed between MAG and Halo Reach.

That video should be shown in cinemas, instead of the ORDER NOW CRYSIS 3 clips.

I still have my trust in anything from Runic Games and Retro Studios, but aside that fact, I agree eminently with Jim's statements.

Sorry, I'm gonna still preorder stuff.

Though most of the stuff I preorder is niche games that if I don't get now, I'll have to buy from a scalper for double in a week.

Plus, the games I've preordered are from Japan, theres already videos of the final product but in moonspeak.

I'm glad my local gaming store don't charge for pre-orders, so there's really no drawback to pre-ordering a game you're excited for. I don't live in America, though, and I don't know how usual that is...

Pretty much the only companies that I can trust now for preorders are Atlus and Bethesda. Which is funny, because I know when I get a Bethesda product, I know it's going to be buggy.

I can't imagine pre ordering DLC, although I have done a few Preorders when I thought I would get a cool bonus (new weapon, level, ect.) However as time went buy I noticed that they just started selling the "exclusive pre order DLC" later, which I can buy while still retaining a profit if I buy used. I remember Hitman: absolution saying that its sniper challenge was for pre orders of the game only, then it came out as a bonus again for the HD collection, I think I'll just wait till they just put it for sale on the PSN.

I ALWAYS check multiple online reviews about a game I'm interested in before I go out and drop the cash on it. I've been burned too many times on a game that looked solid and proved to be utter shit.

Pretty much the only companies that I can trust now for preorders are Atlus and Bethesda. Which is funny, because I know when I get a Bethesda product, I know it's going to be buggy.

True, but at least bethesda bugs are usually just funny.. like that one in New Vegas with that dog at the starts eyes

I've been playing video games for some 33-34 years now (yes, I'm an old-schooler). However, these days I find my gaming time spent more playing adventure or strategy board-games (First edition Descent: Journeys in the Dark (I own all the expansions, and it's out-of-print, now), Arkham Horror, Munchkin Quest, Eclipse, Rex, etc.) and pen-and-paper RPGs with friends. More fun, less bullshit. However, to be fair, many of the negative aspects of the gaming industry that Jim stands at his podium to sermonize over seem to be isolated to the AAA market-space of video games. Once you exit from that realm, things are much, much brighter. Pretty much, the Triple-A segment needs either a serious enema, or it needs to be out to pasture and shot for it's own sake to put it out of our misery.

ADDENDUM: Indirectly, what I'm saying is the same thing I always say (and will continue to say until people finally get it): just stop buying it. Companies only ever hear and understand two sounds, the creak of your wallet opening and the slap of your wallet closing. All other sounds are considered noise to be ignored. As long as the gaming community continues to reward the bad practices of publishers and developers with a showering of money as soon as they announce the next shiny-graphics calculator engine disguised as a game, they will continue with those bad practices and push the edge of how much they can get away with. Vote with your dollars and just stop buying it. If the industry must collapse to flush out the crap, then so be it, but, at some point, a line must be drawn.

I also remember hearing on the Escapist(I'm sorry, I can't remember who said it) that most(if not all) of the things they give you for preordering will just be up for sale later.

And if you ask if that will happen, everyone will try to say that it won't.

It really is best to wait until something is reviewed before you get it.
Also, it is bull that the consumers are the ones who have their loyalty in question when the people selling the games are saying crap like that.

Thank God for you Jim.

I've made some preorders, most of them have been niche rpg's and fighting games. Stuff that doesn't have long shelf life and after it's gone it becomes almost impossible to find. I don't think there's any studio I trust anymore since Relic Games belongs to Sega now and I don't trust those guys as far as I can throw them.

Ah, if only the vid was higher quality... I'd love a nice screencap with the purple dildo smashing the Aliens CM box

I think 11bit studios just dropped their deal at a bad time. While I'm not a fan or even a player of their games(I will say I tried Anomaly: Warzone Earth just to see what their games were like though) I think their tactic is a little more sound. They just want 7.50 and from my understanding, they just want it from hardcore 11bit fans, if they exist. It's hard to even lump them together with Gearbox since they had a demo and press while 11bit is only showing a cutscene.

To this day though, the only game I pre-ordered, that I remember, was Mass Effect 3. That was mainly because everyone else was doing it, I got 1&2 off of Steam on a discount and loved them, and I wanted some of the pre-order stuff. Nothing else has really grabbed me to that point.

I pre order games I'm 90% sure I'll like, like GTA V but games like Borderlaands 2 are primes examples of why I won't be buying any season passes.

I'm playing and enjoying Far cry 3 but its fucking annoying to have to exit out of the online pass screen every time I want to play. But that's ubisoft for ya.

I've never preordered I barely even buy at launch anymore do to how common place DLC and game of the year editions have become, making it so that if you want everything you need to wait a year or pay around a hundred dollars.

If publishers are going to keep the pre-order market I think that easing up on the press embargoes is a step in the right direction. If your product is worth it the critics will give a good boost to the hype, if not that's their problem. Just don't make me think you got something to hide.

If there's one upside to being poor it's that I only buy games that I KNOW I'm going to like after hearing their reviews from multiple trusted sites (like this one).

I missed out on A:CM (thank God...for Jim), but I've been burned too many times before. Jim's got it right (as usual): "Shut Up and EARN My Money!" should be our watchwords. Gracious, does anyone remember those halcyon days where a developer would simply offer you an extra multiplayer map "just 'cuz"?

I'm sick and tired of the industry treating me like a bloody lepper just because I'm not willing to shower them with money before they've earned it, or to 'unlock' on-disc DLC, or for any other stupid reason beyond the price of admission.

I think Jim's instincts about the prospect of another industry crash are dead on. It's all but inevitable with these practices.

The games I've preordered are Fallout 3, Duke Nukem Forever, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Mass Effect 3, and Hitman Absolution. Only Duke Nukem forever was a let down - I liked it, but it wasn't worth full price.

With the exclusion of Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 3, which were physical copies that I preordered moths in advance, the rest were Steam preorders. The good thing about Steam preorders, is that you can get all the benefits of the preorder even if you buy it one hour before release. I bought Deus Ex Human Revolution and Hitman Absolution after seeing reviews of them. I couldn't do the same with Duke Nukem Forever because it was released in Europe first.

What I've learned from all this is that it's best to avoid physical preorders and only get them if I'm sure that I'll get my money's worth, and that it's best to wait for the last minute with a digital preorder - the deal will still be there until the last minute.

The last game I preordered was Fire Emblem: Awakening. Intelligent Systems has a good track record, I've seen many, many good things about it from the Japanese release, and I got 2 things out of it: an art book, which was kind of cool, although I wish it had more of the characters in it, and, due to a shipping issue, a copy of it a week before it was supposed to be released. The game was not disappointing, either, and the demo was pretty much completely accurate, apart from some small enemy placement changes for some reason.

I more or less agree with Jim's statements, though. I usually only preorder games that have already come out in other parts of the world, i.e. JRPGs from Japan, so that I have some ability to see whether or not they're actually going to be good before I put my money down. The main issue with games like Aliens is that, with preorders, we have no way to see their quality before we order them, and this dishonest business approach has to stop.

I'm still probably going to preorder the next Pokémon games. I've gotten Pokémon games on the first day since Diamond was released, and I've never been disappointed.

Ah, if only the vid was higher quality... I'd love a nice screencap with the purple dildo smashing the Aliens CM box

I had to watch the start of the video again just to make sure I had seen what I thought I'd seen.

No SpaceBalls joke?!.. With that image?!!..

I didn't get A:CM since I'm not a fan of the genrey-thing, but Impire...oi. It's not a bait and switch like A:CM was, but this game is a more obvious Beta than Towns was...and Towns just forgot to MENTION it was in Beta initially on its steam greenlight writeup...Impire is SUPPOSED to be a released game here! Some people have played and beaten it no troubles, but others...just look at their official forums.

'The Hype Train' is one of the biggest cancers in gaming right now.

As awful as Colonial Marines is, this shit has been happening for years and years now. Look at the MMO genre.

Nearly every single Post-WoW game has effectively been bait & switch in some way.


Age of Conan: Promises of DX11 on the game box which weren't met until well after release, scenes of hundreds of characters all battling it out that would have crashed the server in reality. Elaborate questing and content, and cut scenes that all disappeared once you actually left Tortage (which conveniently was also the area used in their open beta)

Warhammer Online: saw Paul Barnett dozens of 'sneak peak' and developer diary videos that had all the hallmarks of a use car salesman. Upon release of the game, nearly all of the stuff he'd been yammering on about had either been removed from the game or never existed in the first place.

Star Wars The Old Republic: And then came the fucking whale. Pre-release screenshots showing high resolution textures that mysteriously disappeared once in game. Thousands (likely hundreds of thousands) spent on trailers featuring no game footage and created a reality that would never even remotely exist in game.

So what's the difference between the big MMO over hyped failures and the triple A bombs of other genres?


The fact that publishers and even developers have been so brazen as to brag about the success of games like Brink, Duke Nukem and (I won't be surprised) Colonial Marines represents a tragic corruption of the word 'success'.

But here's the thing, considering so many developers and publisher are trumping F2P as the 'next big model', it's going to be hilarious when they try to release the same piece of shit game, without the benefit of a box price and scratch their heads when it bombs terribly.

Like, can you even imagine if Colonial Marines had been released under some kind of F2P model? They wouldn't have even made back the money the spent creating the bullshit 'concept demo'. Whatever the fuck that is.

Also kudos to Jim for mentioning TB's video on this. TB copped a ton of flak for that vid, but I reckon he was spot on in articulating some points which most of us already knew to be true, but may have been ignoring.

Judgeing by your entrance, I thought you were going to break that alien in half.

I understand why they might put special content in preorders, but I feel it makes people who can't preorder feel like they might be missing out on alot.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers, Jim.

Now to watch the actual video...

HAHA, this video is surrounded by an ad for A:CM! Oh they have so gotten their money's worth from THAT ad! LOL

yeah the pre-order shit can be a bit crazy like each retail shop has a different bit of pre-order DLC(ie: gears of war 3)

OK First off at the end there I really half expected Jim to break out some bagpipes or something and give the alien a proper Spock funeral (Althought I doubt Jim just happens to know how to play bagpipes or even own any)

To be be more OT I have to wonder if any of the other developers are watching this situation or are even concerned by it? I'd think that a massive wave of anti-preorder feelings might get their attention. Think they might do anything diffrent in it's wake?

Mass Effect 3 is what got me out of preordering games, this just confirms it for more people.

I honestly hope people take this to heart and don't preorder games based on previews or brand recogn....


So much for that idea.

I'm glad here in the UK we get games a little later, if I do preorder I can be sure to cancel it if the user base says its shit (because garme jurnalism cannot be trusted). I don't preorder games very often, last game I did preorder was Ni No Kuni and even then it was 3 weeks before release and I was already impressed with what I had seen with all the previews and features.

I did preorder Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 and that is what swore me off preordering for the most part but it was because they were terrible games anyway.

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