Trailers: BioShock Infinite - Lamb of Columbia Trailer

BioShock Infinite - Lamb of Columbia Trailer

It looks like the fate of Columbia will be in your hands. No need to feel overwhelmed.

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Wow, to me this looks like a big change from the first Bioshock.

I know, I know... it's set in a floating city.
And everything is different.

I'm talking about in the terms of genre.
The first Bioshock was more horror/action.
The second Bioshock was... umm... no comment.
And now this looks like an action game... I mean it looks like a good action game to me.

I ain't saying this is bad...
but for a person who loved the first Bioshock this change might be a little weird to me.

But whatever I guess, I'll see the reviews first and then decide.
Im just uncertain of some parts of the game. :/

The story is certainly intriguing. I didn't enjoy the play-style of the first game, so I'll give this a miss.
I will however eagerly await a spoiler plot synopsis on Wikipedia.

I'm a bad person, I already pre-ordered this. Sorry Jim Sterling :)

It does look awesome though, and fact is I would have got it on release anyway, except if all the first reviews were terrible, so I just hope I don't regret it.

God this game needs to come sooner. I got my premium edition already ordered and paid for but I want the game nooowwwwww.


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