No Right Answer: Comedian Who Was Funny

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Comedian Who Was Funny

Comedians sometimes peak early in their careers, leaving nowhere to go but down. This week we decide which funnyperson started out highest...and fell the farthest.

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well jim carrey has a new movie coming out with Steve carrel soon.

I dont know, i rather like both guys as entertainers still and will go see their movies, but I dont really look for a lot in a movie. I go there to relax and enjoy and not really think whats wrong with this film. so I cant say I havent enjoyed any of their films.

... also for shame for forgetting jim carrey in 23.

I'm also kinda surprised neither one mentioned their previous works before film, with carrey's In Living Color and Sandler's Saturday Night Live fame.

I liked Bruce Almighty (the outakes were hilarious)
And at least I knew I Love you Phillip Morris existed, But a sequel to Reign of Fire? Please!

I don't think Adam Sandler was supposed to be a normal person in Punch Drunk Love. The whole point was that he was socially awkward and WEIRD. I must say though, that's the only Adam Sandler movie I've ever seen that I liked

For anybody who didn't like either of those choices, might I suggest Robin Williams as an alternate. On one hand he seems to have mostly transitioned to drama, but personally I have a hard time distinguishing between dramatic roles that don't quite work and comedy bits that aren't funny in his work lately.

Kyle, how can you NOT mention Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind during Carry drama bit! Yeah I'm in more with Sandler despite I love Little Nicky (that film prove Jim Carrey can act in a non comedy role).

You both got it wrong for once....the winner (loser) is actually steve martin. what an unfunny piece of shit

First of all, someone really should have mentioned Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Secondly, yeah. Carrey was definitely the right choice. And thirdly, I also would accepted Robin Williams.

The whole point of Punch Drunk Love was to show what an Adam Sandler character (loud and violent) would be like in real life. It would be a person with major issues.

Also, shame on you geeks for not mentioning Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. A movie where Jim Carry plays a shy guy, and does so brilliantly.

I have to give it to Adam Sandler. Seriously, Jack and Jill was soooo sad. Not only was it terrible to see Adam Sandler be so terrible...but Al Pacino, too? The last thing I saw with Jim Carrey was I Love You, Philip Morris, which he was pretty damn funny in.


Jim Carry wins this one because, for me at least, I liked That's My Boy.
But I'd choose an obvious one out side of these two options.
Eddie Murphy.
You even used him to compare your choices to, to make them seem even worse, he's that bad.

@Jameseh riveting stuff man, tell it like it is.

I feel Eddie Murpy eclipses both of these.

Also Reign over me was awesome!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

How the HELL

do you not mention that movie when talking about Jim Carey. Adam Sandler didn't have anything even remotely close to that as far as recent and even acceptable to watch.


Yeah, can't agree at all here, which is fine, but man, Adam Sandler was never funny to me.

@Ferisar it's almost as if they applied no thought to this whatsoever and just slapped together some crap they did in a single take and uploaded it because it was the day they need to upload something.

I actually liked bruce almighty.

I would give it to Carrey. His comedy career seems pretty much dead now, but it has more enjoyable movies. Also, he has some pretty interesting drama with Eternal Sunshine, Truman Show and Phillip Morris.

The closest thing Sandler has is Reign Over Me, which is honestly unwatchable. Actually, I am beginning to think he was never funny and we were fooled into him by the SNL marketing.

I like the concept of Jim Carry, and Adam Sandler movies better than most new comedies, where the punchline in every joke is a curseword (Exsample: 'Zack and Miri makes a porn', and 'Ted' (to some extend))..

Steve Carell on the other hand.. Beside 'The Office', that man has not made a single funny movie ever..

Well Adam Sandler was never funny.....ever. Jim Carrey has been in funny movies. Steve Carrell is good as a side kick to other comedians.

Well, it's true that people care less about Jim than Adam, but at least Jim's serious movies give profit.
Adam Sandler shitting out movies like Jack and Jill just to make money for himself and people around him isn't a good thing, cause it's a lazy cashgrab with no effort to make a funny or just a good movie. Plus, Sandler tends to be plain racist and homophobic in his movies, while building an aura of him being awesome misguided dude with huge dick.

Steve Martin would beat all these hands down.....well, old Steve Martin moveis. ;-)

Sandler was never that funny. And Carrey went off the deep end with anti-vax insanity... so Carrey wins!

@Ferisar it's almost as if they applied no thought to this whatsoever and just slapped together some crap they did in a single take and uploaded it because it was the day they need to upload something.

You seem upset. Are you upset? I'm not all about this being upset line of thinking, guy.
I'm also willing to say that they blanked on it and that it's hardly relevant to the topic they were discussing. Justmad they didn't bring it up in the serious bit section.

You hush up! I liked Yes Man and Bruce Almighty, and Mr. Popper's Penguins was fine for a kids movie (not Disney/Pixar, but not something you feel bad about seeing).

I think Eddie Murphy is the best one for this. He went from "great star in the 80's, very edgy, very funny" to the paradox of spoofing himself while simultaneously being toned down.

I was instinctively going to say "Adam Sandler" as the worst comedian, but then realized that's not the question. Sandler was never funny in the first place, so he had nowhere to fall to.

I guess my answer is Jerry Seinfeld, if the height of the fall is the criteria. From "Seinfeld" to "Bee Movie"... yeah.

@Ferisar I was a little but I sort of vented on their facebook page, I see potential, but worse, I see potential squandered, it's a good set up, good ideas, the guys seem likeable, possibly do with showing their faces a bit less in my opinion but thats the least of my concerns,

Why can't anyone else see how good this show could be? D:

Victoria Jackson... or do we mean people who are still trying to be funny and aren't just tragic parodies of themselves.

I have to say that I may not care so much about Jim Carrey movies anymore, but Adam Sandler's movies are the ones that make me go, "AHHH! WHY? WHYYY?! WON'T SOMEONE MAKE HIM STOP, ALREADY?!"

And it's not because I thought his movies were so awesome ten or fifteen years ago. Yeah, I admit it, I got a chuckle or three out of Happy Gilmour, but even then his schtick was making some unwarranted assumptions about just how "along for the ride" I was with his plots and characters.

How the...what the....whyyyyyy

Ace ventura, the mask, dumb and dumber....these were the comedies that defined the 90's.

Truman show and Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind are some of the best movies I have ever seen.

Adam Sandler can't even compare.

Maybe in 10 years we can compare Jim Carey's reign to that of Ben Stiller and see who managed best to stay on top of the comedy game the longest and/or diversified well. But not Adam Sandler with his 2 good comedies...and 20 stupid ones

Here's the thing...
Jim Carrey gets PAID millions to be in a movie.
Adam Sandler has to PAY millions to be in a movie.

Jim's worst movies STILL bring in more money than Adams best movies. IMO.

Adam Sandler is not, was not, nor shall he ever be funny

Exhibit A: Jack and Jill.

That is all.

I'd say any of the Wayans brothers over Carey, Sandlers and even Murphy!

Zoolander and Wedding Singer are really the only two Adam Sandler Movies that I liked. And while those were pretty awesome, I feel like Jim Carrey had much farther to fall. Also, I liked the cable guy.

Edit: Ok, I now realize that Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler are not the same person. That being said I probably couldn't tell them apart if I saw them side by side.

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