90: Backing the Winning Horse

"Sure, millions of people bought the Xbox and the GameCube and no doubt spent a good deal of time playing the many games available on each. But a significant portion of these players spent just as much time on the internet, decrying the fact their system wasn't the most popular. The injustice! It's in our nature to want our personal choices validated by popular culture; to be afraid of picking wrong and somehow being on the losing side of a popularity contest."

Kyle Orland reports from the front lines of the war of the mind - the psychological front of the current console war.

Backing the Winning Horse

And now we're getting into memetics a little, which, like everything else, is tremendously interesting. The study of memes, the sociological equivalent of biology's genes, is one that is gaining importance and clout in fields like marketing and political science.

As for Europe's PS3 launch, just as a quick follow-up for those that missed it, it seems to be doing well but it's too early to call.


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