Impire Review - Hellish in Every Way

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and the idea that dk can have "living" creatures with likes and dislikes, eating, sleeping, arguing this "spiritual" successor has no critter ai at all. your dungeon is a collection of lifeless rooms that are premade, with no real reason to build more than one of most things, no reason to try and lay out your dungeon efficiently so your minions can heap glorious praise on your style, no reason to have multiple lairs to try and keep the bile demons away from the knights, no reason to have multiple hatcheries because your minions are incredibly lazy and need a good slap on occasion before tossed into the mega chicken pit.

none of the soul charm and life of dk, buy dk1 and or two 10x the game this is, even with patches too much it does wrong and not enough it does right.

and traps mot only work in dungeon keeper they are almost a must to get past most maps, play the game that makes use of all your skills to win, and that would be dungeon keeper.

still waiting for someone to make a real spiritual sucessor to dk, or hell just fricking remake dungeon keeper, how hard can it be?

They already did, it was called "Evil Genius". Despite a couple minor annoyances, it's probably the third best thing Peter Molyneux has ever made (after The Movies and Theme Hospital).

I'm a little annoyed that the preview didn't even hint at possible problems. I purchased after release based on The Escapists preview. Mistake.

I played for a few sessions. While the tone is fun, and the missions are neat, evil genius it is not. Its a weird mashup of styles that doesn't really work and simply leads to annoyance.

However, guys, kerbal space program

you need to be playing this. Same price, im hopelessly addicted.

Keeper, your dungeon is buggy. Order your minions to release some patches.

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