Trailers: Slender: The Arrival - Teaser Trailer

Slender: The Arrival - Teaser Trailer

This game really should come with a change of pants.

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Turns out... the hills don't have eyes!

Ahh, this gave me goosebumps. Looking forward to it.

So picking this up when it comes out. By the way, has anyone played the original game? Is it any good?

Hell, he brought his family.

Well from what I can tell, it's not just Slendy you have to dodge now. This time you have to contend with a town full of proxies. We don't know if the Rake will show up, but given the two have turned up together at least once to my knowledge, it wouldn't surprise me if it turned up at some point in the game.

If this turns out to be anything worth playing (for an indie game) then I hope Yahtzee will be all over it. He loves the survival/horror genre, and anything that can get an actually chilling emotional reaction from him is sure to get kudos.

So picking this up when it comes out. By the way, has anyone played the original game? Is it any good?

It's very minimal - you just find eight pages and try not to get caught by the slenderman. But it's free and I think everyone should download it and try it at least once. The psychological horror aspect of it works incredibly well, and it just happens to be the kind of thing that scares me the most in games.

Slap a Blue Isle Studios logo on the loading splash screen of the original "Slender", then release it as a full-price retail product... Yeah, your trailer was lovely, but wasn't representative of finished gameplay!

Sod it - it worked for Sega/Gearbox/TimeGate/Doris the retarded Labradoodle

Hmmm... I was never really into survival horror, but I might give this one a try when it comes out. The original seemed intriguing but very barebone in the gameplay aspect, adding proxies and possibly the Rake would make things MUCH more interesting. The only thing I am a little worried about is the length of the levels. Frankly speaking, if there are multiple enemies and puzzles besides Slendy, then things could easily get very annoying if you lose a lot of time by dying just at the end of a map.

Oh, and there is another thing I am hoping for: Logs. Either audio logs or just simple written ones, possibly from the original Marble Hornets. It would be a prefect compromise between fanservice and still preserving the creepy atmosphere. :P


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