Trailers: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - World Premier Trailer

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - World Premier Trailer

Everyone's favorite assassin takes to the seas again in Black Flag, the lack of Henry Rollins may be disappointing.

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It seems they're really trying to push some kind of dual-weilding feature, given that we see him both dual-weild pistols and swords.

Other then that I saw some hint of underwater segments, because we all love those right, and just hype for the Assassin. So all in all kind of "Meh" still.

Black Flag? It's called Black Flag?
Gimme a minute.

Assassins Creed + Black Flag =

If the Edward in this trailer has the same personality as the one in the game then I think he would match my AC playstyle nicely. Though I was thinking about not getting this game until it went down in price, I might get it if it's a launch title for the nextbox.

"He knows his way around every crack and crevice of this island..." cue naked ladies.

In any case, pirates would be a welcome theme - we've had enough zombies for a while.

Who's going in the animus this time? Since Desmond is dead.

Didn't we just have an assassin's creed? I guess Ubisoft is going to churn out one creed after another until everyone is so sick of them they blame pirates for poor sales and then go back to trying to peddle their next IP they plan to rape to death.

the whole Blackbeard saying about how much of a bad-ass this new guy is seems really odd to me, seems like they are trying too hard to make Edward seem cool. he's a pirate and a assassin, that's awesome already, you don't need Blackbeard saying "compared to him, i'm a weakling!".

but this dose seem really cool and interesting, might pick this one up (haven't played brotherhood to AC3)

Ah, so that's how you pick up ladies. Guess i need to find myself a hidden blade now..
Also, i wonder what excuse they gonna make up to relive yet another past life.

This is either going to be great, or suck harder than a hoover Vacuum.

How did he fire those pistols twice? I didn't see a reload or a swap.

Anti-American Eagle:
How did he fire those pistols twice? I didn't see a reload or a swap.

He has four pistols on him in total. Two holstered on his chest, two behind his back.
When he get's onto the ship, he immediately fires the two pistols that were holstered behind his back. The transition is fast, but as he turns around, he draws the two pistols holstered on his chest and fires them as he extends his arms to each side.


...remember when this game was about assassins?


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