The Wishlist: Logitech G930

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Logitech G930

Because Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound is for people that don't like games.

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I have one of these. It's awesmoe, although I haven't found a good use for the G keys on it yet (seriously, on the headset? The ones on my G19 keyboard and G-somethingoranother MMO mouse weren't enough?).

Why don't you have these episode in a cue like the other series?

OT: What did that shirt say?

I have had a G35 for ages now and love it. Quality, sound, and features are excellent. The software can be a little wilful sometimes, but generally works well.

Unfortunately the "cushy padding" does wear through after extensive use, and Logitech does not provide/sell replacement pads. Since the G930 has identical ear pads, I am guessing it suffers from the same problem. Just something to keep in mind.

I have these, and the only problem I have is that they can randomly do some weird shit. A few times I've been playing/watching something with the headphones charging and they'll start up a feedback loop that takes maybe ten minutes and a lot of pressing of the power button to go away.

But still, they're really solid headphones. From my limited time working with audio with them they have a good balance, too, my last pair rocked the bass but had no midrange and these are pretty consistent.

EDIT: And since the padding goes over your ears they're super comfortable.

I have a pair of these and I love them. I can listen to podcasts anywhere in my house, they're super comfortable for hours even with my glasses, and the battery life is great. I've moved since I got them and my speakers are still packed, now I just use the headset all the time. Completely worth the price tag.

Damn, way cheaper than my Turtle Beach PX5, although the PX5 will also work with PS3/360. The Logitech G930 can charge via USB though, which is a better solution than having to use rechargeable batteries all the time like I do. The PX5 has cushy cloth covers too.

I had a pair of these, but i had so many problems with the software and got next to no help from the Logitech team, ended up just sending them back. If you wanted this headset there is a wire version that has a lot fewer reported problems

Oh hey, The Escapist is continuing to produce infomercials.

It's kind of annoying to have a 30 second advert playing when the video only lasts 2 minutes, but other than that it was quite fun.

As usual I will say that those seeking truly decent sound quality (and not wishy-washy "gaming" quality) should go for a set of stereo headphones manufactured by a renowned headphone company, e.g. Audio Tecnica AD700's or Sennheiser HD558's (there are others as well) and use an independent microphone like Zalman ZM-Mic1 or Logitech USB Desktop Mic

Don't get me wrong, the G930 is a proven contender. But it can't even come close to the audio quality of the above headphones.

It would be nice to have more then one product for these.
It seem's pointless to watch a whole video, along with an ad to see just one product I have so far always known about in the first place.

A bit of feedback for the presenter ... try improve the delivery of the jokes, it sounded like you were reading columns from a stock exchange ticker.

oh my boyfriend came into the room as said it has been 2 days since you have showered or seen daylight and I am getting worried about you and in Tokyo the index has risen by 3% the ghdj 55 units and the dasd by 4 % the fds has had a loss off 434 units clearing the loss lead factor percentage at 34 units.


... otherwise not too bad, but light on technical information perhaps toss in some comments about how it compares to its market or rather than do a show on a single piece you may be better off comparing a few similar items and helping your viewers make a informed choice rather than a commercial for one item.

nooooooooooope. Have Triton Warheads. Basically this but for the Xbox 360 and way sexier. It's true though, once you have 7.1 surround you view even the sounds of the real world with disdain...

Oh hey, The Escapist is continuing to produce infomercials.

I guess your right, it is an advertisement, but it doesn't mean that it is not informative. I have the headset and she forget to mention that it is the best headset for more bang, buck thing. Merely cause it competes with fancy expensive brands, eg: turtle beach, that make their products expensive due to 'branding'. But at least this episode was much more useful than the zombie tarot deck...
(Yes I realize my first two statements both make a double negative, go easy on me I just woke up.)

Was looking at these once but I went for the Corsair Vengeance 2000 wireless headset instead.
It has some nice big 50mm drivers vs the G930's 40mm drivers. This gives it better response for the low to mid frequency ranges. The mic gets auto muted when you swing the boom up which is a very nice feature and better than a button in my opinion.

OT: What did that shirt say?

It looks to be this one:

I've had a G930 for a couple years and I wouldn't recommend it at all.

There's a bunch of issues that Logitech have no interest in fixing. Any videos that run in Flash will screw up the sound balance, and it's literally unusable in some games (Dead Island, for example)due to loud, harsh crackling and popping.

Buy something else.

Been using the G930 I would make ONE warning about this headset. Make sure you have the headset adjusted perfectly because I'm on my second one now as the first one after about two years of use fell apart on me. The left ear cup broke off from the unit and the microphone due to adjusting also snapped where the soft plastic and hard plastic meet.

It is a good headset compared to other wireless headsets on the market simply due to the fact that while under use you don't hear the signal being transmitted. I used the corsair 2k vengeance and I could hear the signal tone as I played and it drove me nuts.

My advice is to of course wait for a sale and then get it cause they have gone for 50% off before but I'd say anywhere around 30% off and can get a good headset.

EDIT: Also G930 had much better silencing due to using a leather compared to the cloth of the corsair headset. It isn't noise cancelling though. So don't get think that this will silence all noise outside of the game.

Until quite recently I've had a G35 which I was really happy with. Unfortunately the cord got stuck around my chair and as I tried to stand up (unaware of the problem), it got yanked off of my head an the left earpiece broke off. I tried to fix it but ultimately had to give up.

After that I decided to try the G930, hoping to avoid the cord problems in the future. So far, I am very much content with my purchase, it pretty much offers all of the features of my G35 but it lets me wander around most of the house with my music still playing. It's expensive but if you have the funds, the G930 is totally worth it in my opinion. Then again, all of my PC accessoires are from Logitech so I might be a tad biased.

I gotta get some sound system for my new computer, maybe I'll get this.

sorry, but no.

go get yourself:

and plug it into

and you have the best consumer audio on your block
the sheer clarity and accuracy of both devices will let you hear things you never heard before
thank me later.

and if you have money to burn, get these:

the best headphones on the planet.

One thing you should know before grabbing this thing is, the ear cushions are leather which makes the headset very unconformable. Go for headset that use cloth instead its way better doing longer time of playing.

Personally my favorites are the sennheiser G4ME but there are probably plenty more good headsets out there

The Lugz:
sorry, but no.

go get yourself:

and plug it into

and you have the best consumer audio on your block
the sheer clarity and accuracy of both devices will let you hear things you never heard before
thank me later.

and if you have money to burn, get these:

the best headphones on the planet.

Not everyone has ALL TEH MONIEZ EVAH

The headphones seen in this episode of the wishlist are a good option for people who have a limited supply of money and actually need to worry about being able to afford stuff like food, water and a house. If you are looking for an even more budget friendly option then the Logitech G330 provides rather decent sound quality at a price that will not cost you your food for the week!

I had one of these. The microphone felt loose, and the whole headset came apart as I was wearing it. A lot of other users on the website I bought it on complained about the same kind of issues, the construction quality is not that good.
The sound is quite good though, and although the software is kinda crap, it gets the job done mostly.

I only care about one thing: will it last more than 8 months before one of the ears goes out?

I've never bought earbuds, headphones, headsets, etc that lasted over 8 months; and I've bought LOTS.

For people that want to look at some actual good options for headphones for gaming, check out Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide. Lots of headphones compared as well as surround devices to go with them. Much more informative than this video, which covers just a single product with little in the way of objectivity.

I have the G930's for a while and I absolutely love them. Well worth the money spent for me. I've never had a single issue with them.


The Lugz:


Not everyone has ALL TEH MONIEZ EVAH

The headphones seen in this episode of the wishlist are a good option for people who have a limited supply of money and actually need to worry about being able to afford stuff like food, water and a house. If you are looking for an even more budget friendly option then the Logitech G330 provides rather decent sound quality at a price that will not cost you your food for the week!

pricing changes daily, so it's basically pointless but i'll google that for you:

cheapest i could find from a store ( ie, not ebay because.. auction.. der? )

so my original suggestion is actually cheaper!

the hd800's are for audiophiles, as i said only suitable for people that have cash to burn

a sound-card is recommended for anyone with a headset, headsets are not speakers and require
cleaner sound because you're less than a centimetre from the speaker at times and you'll hear
electrical interference from the motherboard that will murder resonance

if you want some soundcard buying advice, avoid creative/soundblaster
they have massive driver issues and you don't get
'real' sound it's mixed and that ruins the clarity

I've got turtlebeach x12s right now and they're alright. I'm sure they're gonna crap out eventually so perhaps i'll look into getting these.

Talk about video advertisements. The acting/reading off a piece of paper is really, really bad (borderline cringe-inducing).

I cannot see this benefiting anyone, apart from the people who got paid to make it.

Hey, maybe the Escapist can partner up with QVC?

Ugh, I hate this headset. I could never get it to stop trying to crush my head. I just ended up switching to a regular (but decent quality) pair of headphones and a lav mic.

This is about what the creators of the show like and feel that they can recommend to you. It's entertainment, not a hard review, test and comparison of the latest and greatest hardware.
Give them a chance to get on their feet.

Gaming peripherals are mostly pretty bad anyway.
I have a decade old Logitech mouse that works perfectly, but I wanted a sleeker mouse so I bought a G9x and the leaf springs have bent three times each already in less than a year. Fixing it is relatively simple, but assembling it is a pain in the ass.
As for headsets, I've gone through ten of them, easy. I had money to burn so I got that Creative WoW headset a while back and returned it after a week. It was horrible and easily the most expensive of them all, more than my mouse, keyboard and speakers combined.

These things are made to break, so unless you get yourself a professional headset you shouldn't spend a lot of money on expensive "gamer" headsets, keyboards, mice or other peripherals. Either get cheap stuff or the quality merch which costs a lot, but should have an acceptable warranty or guarantee.

Sennheisers are usually worth the cost, but the gaming ones are as prone to breaking as most brands.

The best pair of headphones* I had were and are the Sennheiser HD205s. The sound was crisp and pristine, and they were loud.

I watched this video from a G930, however. Why? Well, despite my username in most games (HipsterMorgana), I'm not a Hipster and can sacrifice a tiny bit of ergonomic design and sound quality (3hz range. Volume took some getting used to; G930's more suited for gaming versus music), for the ability to get up, and walk around my room without tripping over any wires. The microphone's better than anything else I've seen in a headset, it's got alot of nice features (the light, the boom-raise-mute), and more importantly, I can wear them for 24 hours straight without any discomfort, plus, you don't need everything to be super loud anyway.

So, just because a product is popular, by all means, doesn't mean it's mediocre. I know Sennheiser makes good products, yeah, they do. They're, and this is important here, for audio production though, not gaming. Also. Wireless. These things could sound like a 10 dollar pair of Koss' from Wal-Mart and I would still use them. It's a huge freedom to be able to get up and make food without being all 'lol, brb gotta do life shit' in voice chat. Also, can't beat 80 bucks on Amazon. I believe they're on sale often, and they run the same software as other logitech products, so it's nice and clean on your OS.

Sorry if that's ranty. I have to counter the above elitism bashing the product I love with my own elitism defending it.

EDIT: Also, they're durable. They've fallen off my chair when I'm not using them about once a week for the 6 months I've owned them. Nothing's loose, nothing cracked, the design looks sturdy, very few weak spots, etc. I mean, I won't take them to work and jam to some macho 80's tunes in these, but I probably wouldn't do that to either of my Sennheisers anyway.

Wishlist: nVidia Titan. That is all.

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