Reel Physics: Assassins Creed III - Leap of Faith

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Oh man I would love to see them making a DLC or a cheat code at making all the hays at 26 feets just to be realistic!

God damn I was laughing my ass off by the end of the outtakes :) Thank you so much for the show, guys! You're getting better with each episode!

So I was thinking about the cat last week, and followed up that thought with "They should come back with something in their hands..."

Scene changes almost immediately after... pizza.

still want to see the mythbusters do this. you guys are great and everything but i really want to buster dropped from 175 ft. onto a hay cart that just flies apart when he hits it.

Although if you're willing to take on other game stuff, how fast does sonic the hedgehog run and could a lifeform live going that speed, and how springy would those springs have to be to not kill the hedgehog on impact and in fact push him with equal force the opposite direction and how long somebody really hold onto a rocket going to outer space likke the one in sonic adventure 2?

I do enjoy the end credit outtakes you guys do but now I'm confused as to how to pronounce Ubisoft // I'm also now wondering what other game related activities you two could look into // Could Mario break bricks with his fist and jump three times his own height? The possibilities are endless


Is Colby ok he seemed in a mood this video like a F the world type mood during the episode(not the bloopers)Jetlag? maybe its just me though.

OT: Using AC3 seemed to be being nice you should have used some of the buildings from AC2 some of those are waaaaay taller.

All your calculations reminds of mathcad(:=, Fat = when solving, using undercasing for everything, etc..), is the tool you are using?

Every time I watch these videos, it makes me appreciate physics class even more. You guys are awesome!

Here is one that you can do that is not only a bit more reasonable than some suggestions, but SHOULD be possible and is technically under consideration by the US military. It also comes with information, so you don't have to make as many guesses!

The UNSC Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Pod

Dropped from orbit or atmosphere, the UNSC Orbital Drop Pod is the preferred method of entry onto the battlefield for the USNC's elite ODST soldiers. The pods allow for the rapid deployment of UNSC personnel anywhere, anytime. Seating one person and their equipment, the pod drops one ODST battle-ready at any designated target on the battlefield. ODSTs supposedly are able to emerge battle ready from a pod, though the pods are not 100% reliable and can fail with some frequency, killing the occupant (known as "Digging your own grave" among ODSTs).

The way Halo showcases such a technology makes it seem like it actually plausible to do, even if it would be expensive and not practical for our purely Earth-based militarys. The pods are large enough and heat-resistant coatings, shock absorption systems, parachutes and airbrakes/thrusters for control. But is what is suggests - that you can drop a soldier out of orbit and hit the ground battle-ready possible?

Hi Guys, First off I have to say I really like the series. As an engineer, I do find myself absent-mindedly running numbers on my favourite movies as well. (By the way, Tony's 2nd chestpiece from Iron Man can generate enough power - 12GW - to run the US Navy's entire aircraft carrier fleet twice over, but I digress...)

The point I wanted to make is that survivable g-forces are strongly tied to the duration of the force. In the 1950s, US Air Force surgeon John Stapp strapped himself to a rocket sled and exposed himself to g-forces as high as 46gs, with 26gs experienced for 1.1 seconds, all while seated and facing forward. He lived to the grand old age of 90, although he did suffer vision problems as he kept his eyes open during the tests and probably partially detached his retinas.

Based on your numbers, the deceleration is only for a split second so although he wouldn't have a spring in his step, Connor should almost certainly be able to run from the scene as he's hitting the hay flat on his back and therefore reducing the pressure of impact, and I expect an assassin to be more robust than an Air Force surgeon.

lol, no wonder you guys need a week to make a video. you are laughing all the time :p

anyway, interesting one. knew that a high jump like this on a little bit of hay is impossible to survive. and there are scenes were you see clearly that he would have missed the jump but by ghost hand gets shifted to the middle of the hay.

Better idea: instead of making a 26 foot high stack, put a six foot hay stack on a 100 foot high cart. Problem solved!

And yes, I liked the foray into video game territory. Not sure what other stunts there are in videogames that could be sorta plausible, but sorta not. How many pedestrians could Niko Bellic plausibly knock down with his car before the car comes to a complete stop from the resistance (or damage)? Nah, too dark.

I know, did anyone ever figure out how fast Sonic can go, and whether it is possible to perform a loop-da-loop if you run fast enough?

Hooray for random pizza!

You guys should stick with doing random stuff during the shooting, I almost died laughing when Colby picked up the cat last time. Too bad the cat didn't make it to the final cut, but at least we now have pizza!

So this Leap of Faith is totally fake and hay?

OT: Why would it be poop hay? can't it be just hay? Would it work better if it were bundled up packets of hay? or a combination? Or if the percentage of poop was higher? I suppose it would make things more mushy? What if it was just all poop?
So many questions? So little answers!

This one I like. Wish they did more games.

As much as I love the series, I always found this a bit suspect.

Remember the flowers? I bet they'd be more useless in fall resistance than the hay would. I always imagine Ezio falling into the cart... and subsequently exploding to death due to the force. It's insane the heights he can supposedly "survive".

You know, the first Assassin's Creed almost acknowledges that it doesn't work. When you do the first leap of faith, another guy does it with you and breaks a lot of his bones.

I really like this show, but please do use meters in all of your lenght values^^

At Red Bull Air Race the maximum g allowed is 12, so it would be possible to survive it unharmed with less hay (if trained) ....
can somebody do the equation (I know I can't^^)

And how much g must an astronaut stand so he is allowed to fly?

What if he jumped into the hay from an average sized building? Would he pick up any injuries from that?

hey reel physics. I'm curious if the swim down scene from finding nemo is plausible or not. I'm curious if it's possible for that many fish to do that. (what I'm asking is if it's mathematicly possible)
Scene in question

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