The Big Picture: The Big Picture of Boston

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there is also the boston opera house. It is always good to see what shows they're performing. And really there are a lot of big events held in boston especailly during the spring and summer time, I would do a quick check of upcoming boston events

I like it that Bob just lets the accent fly in this.

I remember my visit to Boston, went to the actual 'Cheers' bar. The outside is just like it is on the show. The inside, not so much. Apparently there is a second 'Cheers' that seems to be more restaurant oriented, and all the dishes are named after characters from the show.

It's pretty cool to see my hometown get it's own episode.

I'm always surprised when I see a picture of Bob. For some reason his voice just gives me a very different image of what he ought to look like. Even when I see him in the video, it almost feels like I'm watching him dubbing over footage of someone else. No idea why.

Is it bad that it took me to the end of the video to realize those were in fact red socks on his shirt?

I'm so upset over not living in Chestnut Hill anymore right now.

I only really experienced the (hilarious) Green Line when I was there. Transferring from the Green line to the red line at Park Street during the holidays was a freaking nightmare.

fenway paaak, love it

I can just imagine if I did a video like this about Pittsburgh, it would turn into the Cleveland tourism video. Also, does the bullet train run up to Boston or does it stop at New York?

Yeah, I was pretty much like "Hey, I remember seeing that in TED" during the entire video.

Movie Bob, this was very nice and Boston seems to be a very nice place.

For your next episode, or some episode in the future; you should address the Young Justice cancelation! Or you should address cartoon superhero stuff in general!

I visited Boston in 2004. Bad idea as it was during the big dig thing and the whole place looked like one big work site. Hope to visit there again one day. There is a historical feel to the place i love, being from London with tons of history everywhere. So, yeah, Boston is on my want to visit list. Not for PAX though......those places can be boring. You look, and within an hour or so you have seen everything. Me, dont care about actors or cosplay. Maybe pick up some movies or whatever but overal, take in the sites of Boston.

They have that Clam Chowder, they love that. :-)

Man, if I hadn't just gone to Boston last summer, I would be dying for a chance to do so now. Hell, even factoring that in, I wanna go back really bad now!

... The Giants are better...

This was fun though. I don't think I'm going to find myself in Boston any time soon (at least not until Fallout 4 comes out), but it was still interesting.

Despite living is Massachusetts, the beginning of this video had a lot of things I've never seen before. I guess I've just never really been in the silver line area. Also I used to think everyone called public transportation the T.

Great interesting and informative episode, Bob. If I ever manage to make it out to Boston I'm sure I now know more than I did somewhat over seven minutes ago.

Oh yeah, one thing, I'm from London so when I saw the map of the public transport system and watched Bob explain how complex and confusing it can be, I was like "Bitch please!"

Hutzpah Chicken:
I can just imagine if I did a video like this about Pittsburgh, it would turn into the Cleveland tourism video. Also, does the bullet train run up to Boston or does it stop at New York?

It's not a real bullet train, but the Acela does run between New York and Boston. Like 3 hours on the express I think?

Edit: The problem is that most of the track/equipment it runs on/with is ridic old. Like it has a top speed of 150mph, but often it can't break 60mph because of the shitty infrastructure. If we ever got real high-speed rail, it could be much faster (and cheaper,) but the govt funding serious infrastructure buildout is a pipe dream at this point. /endrant

Tbh you'd be much better served taking a Chinatown bus if you're looking to get to Boston from the city. It doesn't take that much longer, and it's a good fifth of the price.

It felt like Bob did a major homage to Tim & Eric with how he presented this. Which is absolutely fine, I laughed quite a bit. I say it could have used even moar accent, it went to "broadcaster" in the Boston episode.

Bob I like you and I thought this video was pretty good but damn it dude you need a decent mic for live action cameos.

I think the mic was overloaded by the awesome accent.

I can see why Bob uses his broadcasting voice for his vids, but I do like it when he takes the accent out for a spin.

They have that Clam Chowder, they love that. :-)

SF does chowder better: chowder isn't chowder without a sourdough bread bowl. :D

Penguins! I fucking love penguins! To Boston!

I like TourBob. If this whole having a career thing doesn't work out you can easily become a tour guide.

Weird taking a tour of the place you grew up in.

Seriously, take the T if you are going. Seems complicated at first but it's the easiest and fastest way to get around.

Well Bob, over half of London's subway system is actually above ground and they call that the "underground."

Ah PAX. Yet another convention I could never go to. Still, cool run down of your home town Bob!

All that time in front of a green screen and not one Wayne's World reference to being whisked away to magical "Delaware", which I understand, is as far away from Boston as could possibly be, but still...

Oh well, a man can dream.

This was actually a very nice episode. I can't say I've had any interest to travel to Boston (No disrespect, I just haven't had any reasons yet), but should I ever travel to Boston, it sounds like a video I'd revisit just to have a good idea of what to do there (The park sounds nice. The images you chose were quite lovely).

Plus, hitting up a movie theater would be nice, maybe the IMAX would be cool to check out.

No complaints, a very nice video, Bob.

Complicated? Please...


And thats only the town centre

The Big Picture of Boston

MovieBob takes you to the streets of Boston in this special PAX East episode.

Watch Video

T-T I wanna go to Boston now, and I can't a ford to.

damn you Bob ....

Complicated? Please...


And thats only the town centre

Actually, i just got back from London for vacation and the tube was super simple to use. plus there were guys working there who could tell you where to go if you get lost. Boston's transport looks even simpler.


Great video Bob, I bet you were eager for PAX Boston so you could unleash that awesome accent.

Pppfff, You call that a Leif Eriksson statue a Leif Eriksson statue

Btw, loving the accent there Bob

That's the Reykjavik Leif statue isn't it? :)

The church shaped like a basalt crystal he's standing in front of is also quite a sight. :)

That accent, its glorious.

Boston is one of the few American cities i'm interested in visiting so i liked this. Can't wait to climb on those buildings!

Forget PAX, I'm going to Boston for all the other awesome stuff!

And, I don't know about anyone else, but I think Bob's gotten thinner since saw him in live-action last. He seems to tweet at the gym a lot, so I guess it's really paying off. Maybe I should start doing that whole "gym" thing.

Wait, did you just call a city in the USA "really old"? I think the rest of the world just had a collective laughing fit...

I don't think my accent is that bad, and english isn't even my first language. Seriously, he doesn't sound 'merican.

That being said, it was a nice episode! The only convention I've been able to go was Gamescom in Germany, but I was there only a day and you just can't see everything in just one day.

Also the Boston Common is the best place for parking as there is a huge parking garage under it. I was going to go to PAX as I live just south of Boston but the tickets were sold out the day they came out.

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