Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 with Lisa Foiles Returns

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Top 5 with Lisa Foiles Returns

Next Tuesday Top 5 with Lisa Foiles returns.

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Glad to see her back. Her show was genuine and fun to watch, along with the fact that she's not pretending to get the gaming culture, she's actually of it.

With those other clowns making top-whatever lists on this site, I've seen a lot of people clamoring for Lisa Foiles lately. So good timing, I guess.

Only a 2 second cameo, for the true star of the show, Blendy?


Just kidding, good to see this is coming back. =D



I really enjoyed the show and was sad when it stopped showing up. So cool to see she's coming back.

Curses... Foiled again!
Will we never escape?

Lisa Foiles makes me happy in my pants area.

I knew complaining about it vanishing would eventually work out!

Well, probably not, but at least: YOU'RE BACK, BABY!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!! :D :D :D

was never a big fan but i did watch them.

Welcome back.

If anything I'll get nostalgia trips while watching so its only a good thing Lisa's back!

Yay! Tight T-shirts- ahem, i mean,

Yay! Lisa Foiles is back!

This is great news.

I would also like to add a sincere YAY!

My favorite was still her Top 5 weirdest box-art episode. The screaming knight especially.

Captcha: How Are You

I am fine Captcha.

Epic! Welcome back!

Wow, really? Fair enough, it's a fun show.

So we had the girl who waited, then the girl who died twice, and now the girl who made lists of 5... standards for companions are changing...

YAY!!!! I'm so ***************************** happy right now. (Yeah, censorship was needed)

Top 5 shows need personality in them and Lisa has that without even making an effort. This just made my day.

Hmm...I hate to be the one to throw the wet blanket on everything, but I get the feeling that a lot of of her Youtube views didn't come from the jokes or the actual content of her videos. At least, judging by some of the top comments.

Anyway, welcome back Lisa. At least viewers on the Escapist will be more interested in the what you're talking about...well, at least I hope so :P

I'm excited! Welcome back Foiles!

Wahey, glad to see you back, Ms. Foiles! Definitely looking forward to more lists, but especially more wacky bookending segments.

Glad to see her back. Her show was genuine and fun to watch, along with the fact that she's not pretending to get the gaming culture, she's actually of it.

My exact thoughts. I was sad when these went away, and I'm really glad to see them back. She's so fun and energetic in her videos, you can tell she loves the content, and the lists are good to boot.

This should have been at the end of the video:

I'm looking forward to it.

As someone who actually watched for the lists and enjoyed them, all I have to say is SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Welcome back, Lisa. I tried to enjoy the show without you but it didn't feel right. Would be like 'Zero Punctuation' without Yathzee or 'Escape to the Movies' without MovieBob.

Once more, welcome back.

We need moar YAY in this thread!


OT: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! While I enjoy No Right Answer, I admit I enjoyed the Top 5 with Lisa a bit more.

So she survived the battle with Blendy after all? That or clawed her way out of Hades, God of War style. Wonder if the first Top 5 she does will be 'best moments of cheating death'?

I'm Steve Dark, and I approve this message.

Welcome back, Lisa! Liked your series on TGS, and it's good you haven't forgotten about us here.

Im really happy for this. Lisa comes accross as a really funny gal, and talented.
She actually had some acting training and it shows..., smtgh that makes a difference between her and the myriad of lame you-tubers that "try to be funny" when talking about games.

Positive: Return of good content. Even more positive: Removal of a set of absurd boring assholes who wouldn't know how to entertain if they did a five year course on entertainment at entertainment university, taught by Edward Entertainment, the grand professor and 9 times nobel prize winner of entertainology.

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! welcome back ^^


"Hey Listen!"
Here's hoping videogames NEVER run out of things in fives.

Glad to see you back, Lisa.

captcha: do more sit-ups

Sir, yes sir!

Curses... Foiled again!
Will we never escape?

I see what you did there. And it hurts.

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