Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 with Lisa Foiles Returns

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Hmm...I hate to be the one to throw the wet blanket on everything, but I get the feeling that a lot of of her Youtube views didn't come from the jokes or the actual content of her videos. At least, judging by some of the top comments.

Anyway, welcome back Lisa. At least viewers on the Escapist will be more interested in the what you're talking about...well, at least I hope so :P

You take YouTube comments seriously?

Welcome back Lisa, we missed you!

Well, despite Unskippable, Yahtzee and Escape all being on different days, the stockpile of Tuesday releases is starting to make it my favorite weekday on The Escapist. :)

Welcome back, Lisa.

Welcome back Lisa, we missed you :D


Holy shit Blendy is back, hide yo foodstuffs and fingertips, blendy is back blarghghfh;ladahdjashaidg1111!!!1111oneoneone

You take YouTube comments seriously?

I take them as an indication as to the reason people are watching the video, an indication of how people felt about the video. How did you miss my point so badly?

Took long enough.

Awesome news!!! I missed Lisa, and I always vouched for her return. yaaaaay!

Lisa's back I'M so happy just look at my happy face.................

Yay! Welcome back to the Escapist, Lisa.

It's about to get happy in my earholes again.


Even though it's only been like 2 years I'm still feeling some serious nostalgia right now.

I was wondering when her return video would surface. They announced at PAX East that she'd be coming back but didn't say exactly when. Always a fun watch, whether you agree or disagree.


I was really getting fond of Top Five and then it just disappeared. Long live Lisa Foiles!

Welcome back! I loved your lists on here, and I always enjoy your reviews on TGS!

Nice! I'll have to go through the back-catalog now. Didn't she have a running plotline towards the end? It's been so long it's hard to remember, but I thought that was the case.

April? But that's not now! Better freeze myself so the next week passes super quick.

Welcome back Lisa, I got one hell of a nostalgia trip from the clips.

OHHH! I've been longing for this for quite some time now. I just never could get into the new TOP 5 show.

Always enjoy Lisa Foiles. Saw her appear in a role on Leverage (an amazing TV series) and she was fantastical. I await the triumphant return.

My response. Welcome back Ms. Foiles!

Just my luck, the first time I watched this show was the last episode that got uploaded (the robots one).
Happy to see you back! ^-^

Glad to hear it. Her personality and energy make her fun to watch.

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! welcome back ^^


And here i was just going to proceed with jumping up and down on my sofa in glee!

Today is a good day

Glad to see her finally back!

The notably bland and heartless Smosh Games Top 5 had me remembering how much I wanted Lisa back!
In summary: YAY!

I just looked back over the titles of her past videos to see If I actually remembered right about her lists being different from other lists out there.

Eh, yeah they were good. I always liked her delivery and format so yay.

Oh my gosh, just when I said you were never coming back in a thread a week ago HERE YOU ARE. Welcome back Lisa, can't wait to see your videos again.

Yay! I've missed these!

OMG, Lisa Foiles Returns !!! :D ... take 5 hearts ;) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Good to see ya back!

I've seen a lot of top (put some number here) videos, but most don't have the level of showmanship you put into them.

:D Can't wait to see more!

So... maybe it's because I lived under a rock or something, but didn't Lisa leave in the first place because of a scuffle between the Escapist? A la Extra Credits?

I mean, I'm really glad she's back (I've been visiting her site now and then but it seems that it was her buddies that updated and not her directly) but... you know.

Or maybe I've missed something completely and could someone fill me in if so?

All of my Yay for you, Ms.Lisa.

ermahgerd Letha! Mah favrit terp ferve

I never noticed this but holy crap is she attractive. Dat red hair.

Anyway, I always enjoyed her top 5 videos on an entertainment basis and glad to see it's back.


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