Saints Row IV Preview - Aliens, Virtual Reality, and Dubstep

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It angers me that this UTTER TRIPE is in any way related to Saints Row 2.
Even on it's own merit, I cannot understand why some people actually enjoy The Third... and this is an expansion to that, to be eventually sold to you for full retail price, and I'll bet that nothing interesting, new, creative, challenging or fun in any way has been added to the already grey, grey, pixelated, grey, badly textured, poorly written, boring, childish, unfunny, glitchy, cut-down insult to the franchise that I find very difficult to address as Saints Row: The Third.
I just... UUUUUGH!!! >:(
The worst part is, if you complain about this crap you get 10 people come back at you... 7 of them will claim TT sold well so it must be perfect, the other 3 will say 'SR3 BES GAME I PLAYED SINCE EVER'.

Hmmm, I'm really unreasonable when it comes to Saints Row... I must be a fanboy! :O ...God, I miss the Lionhead forums.

In creating the next game in Volition's Saints Row series, the developers wanted to give fans more of what they loved about Saints Row: The Third without making it over-the-top just for the sake of it.

Wait a second... isn't that kind of a contradiction? Last time I checked, "over-the-top just for the sake of it" was a pretty good summary of all the reasons people loved SR3.

Guess I'll just have to adjust my definitions, in pretty much the same way as I've come to discover that Assassins' Creed III was about pretty much everything except assassinating people.

Props to the trailer though - they certainly didn't let little things like humility get between them and a good dick punch.


Could not agree more.

I...damn it. I said I was done with the series after the craptacular shitmountain that was everything about SR3, but this new trailer+no guilt about funding an evil anti-consumer corporation like THQ make this look very tempting. Just don't do that DLC bullshit from last time.

I really liked the Third, but I am conflicted about this trailer...

By no means I would like SR franchize to go back to its SR1-SR2 roots - this would mean competing with brands like GTA, Mafia and Sleeping Dogs, and competing on THEIR field. And Volition is not the powerhouse to do that - they would get squished, out of business. The term "cult classic" may appeal to hips...ahem... fans, but it does not put food on the developers' tables.

The zany angle is a good marketing strategy - its a niche, that can help selling the product.

But you need contrasts for the zany to work - and SR the Third had problems with that already. You need to periodically taste something sour, so that you can later taste something sweet. It's a fact of how human brain works, it's not just philosophical BS. This trailer seems to indicate that such notion is lost on the development team.

I would LOVE to see a game, that can play the contrasts (!) well enough that it can reach "superhero-president dressed as a pimp fighting aliens in virtual reality with dubstep gun in one hand and dildo-bat in the other" - and not break the immersion in the process (!!).
But my hopes are not up...

BTW, the trailer for the Third was effing brilliant, and this trailer is just annoying.

"and Dubstep"

Interest = 0.

Though to be fair I've never had an interest in the series before this.

Did you miss the part about dubstep GUN? As in the thing that annoys you can now be used to kill your enemies. Brillant!

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