Jimquisition: Bullshit in Sheep's Clothing

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Bullshit in Sheep's Clothing

Join Jim as he celebrates the 100th episode of Jimquisition ... and complains about EA. Again.

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We only disliked you because your videos were, granted, quite bad when you first started out. I was one of those haters. I'm glad you improved, you actually turned into one of my favorite internet-people. So congrats to you for your 100th episode. And congrats to us that we started out with a shit show, and ended up with a good one.

Yeah, those first few episodes were freaking terrible. Your more recent efforts have become very watchable.

Speaking out of character, I know full well the first few episodes were dreadful.

I thank everyone, sincerely, for giving it the extra chances it needed. :-)

I can't even get mad at EA anymore, they pull so much stupid shit I can't help but laugh at them.

Congrats on the 100 episodes Jim and way to rock that bowler hat :D

Em, I liked Jimquisition back on Destructoid. So I was ok with it moving here. Destructoid, escapist, no difference for me.

I'm quite on board with your summation of this issue. I just don't think there's anything to say, other than to agree, in that regard.

I am, however, quite thankful you're here on the Escapist at all, that you've made so many videos tackling subjects of interest, and that God hasn't struck you with a bolt of lightning . . . just yet.

Thanks for existing Jim. Keep it up, bring us many more savory delights.

I refused to watch your videos when you first started out here, but that was due to issues unrelated to the quality of them. I'm glad I eventually caved though, you often point out stuff that I agree with and I can only hope will eventually get drilled into the thick skulls of those in the industry. Not holding my breath though.

100 Episodes of Catharsis...some better, some worse.
Well Jim, you moved past your rocky start, adapted from criticism and now your show routinely generates miles of comments.

If nothing else, it's entertaining to watch such topics burn.

As for the subject of the video itself. Old news to me. Always-Online DRM is nothing but retrograde design; the systematic subtraction of features for the entrapment and exploitation of consumer trust.

It's all wrapped up under the guise of "fighting piracy" or "pushing for the evolution of games", or whatever euphemism sounds good at the moment.

EA: we're fools all year round :P

Jimothy Sterling:
Speaking out of character, I know full well the first few episodes were dreadful.

I thank everyone, sincerely, for giving it the extra chances it needed. :-)

Thank you for staying. TBH I avoided your videos initially because your pose on the title card reminded me a little too much of a different Jim who talked about god a lot.

Congrat's Jim. It's been a fun time, and I look forward to future videos.

Congrats on the 100 episodes, Jim. I'll keep watching as long as they keep coming.

Yeah, after the first few episodes, I didn't think the Jimquisition would last very long.

However, watching it each week now, I'm extremely glad it did. Turned into one of the pieces of content I watch as soon as the video goes up on The Escapist. Although thanks to the content The Escapist has, this isn't a very exclusive group.

Anyway, congrats on the 100 Jim and Willem! (And to many more and all that good stuff)

I don't blame publishers/devs for the BS drm or other terrible "features" I blame consumers, if consumers actually cared publishers would stop. Look at SimCity, if everyone had demanded refunds and refused to rebuy it until EA added in offline play, fixed glaring issues, apologized, etc EA would have done it. But they were still able to sell 1.1 million copies so why should they care? Why should they care when they're going to make a lot more from DLC? Why should any publisher care what the consumer thinks if they're still making huge amounts of cash? The answer is they shouldn't and they won't, if consumers really do hate their practices then the consumers need to change which will force publishers to change.

"He's like MovieBob, but shit."

Uh-huh... I'd rather watch your earlier episodes than anything Bob puts out, especially when Bob tries to talk about video games. I'm sorry, but I really don't like Bob's stuff. Period.

Anyways, I like the new style Jim. You'd look better in a fedora though.
Not a trilby which YZ wears. A fedora.

Now, I wasn't aware EA was dressing up Online Passes like that so it's nice to know that now. Now I have another little bit to put into the "Never buy from EA" bin.

I'm probably one of the few people who liked the first few episodes too...

I appreciate how much better the quality of the arguments has become over time, but I felt that it was a lot "funnier" at the start. The opening, ending, and occasional stingers still make me bust out laughing, but there was a lot more humorous satire and ribbing during the actual discussion of the content in question -- er, after the first four weeks or so, I should clarify --, as opposed to now where it's seemed to become more angry ranting again. I dunno if that's more an observation of the gaming industry and community in general or the actual show in question, though...

OT: It's a bit of a slippery slope, but I'll admit that it is one that publishers like EA could easily fall down. Always-online DRM isn't necessarily a deal-breaker for whether I'd play a game or not, but I'll put it this way: The only reason I actually played Diablo III was because Blizzard gave it to me for free because of my WoW subscription. Granted I hadn't played either of the previous games so had no vested interested in the franchise anyway, but that's beside the point.

I don't think calling it a 'service' would really fool the customers though. It hasn't so far, at least, and the intertubez have gotten clogged up with rage and bile every time while the games still sell because it seems to be a vocal minority who voice their displeasure for this sort of thing on forums such as The Escapist.

I do hope that isn't the direction things take, though. I don't buy games for multi-player or online components.

You know, I'd probably have gotten tired of you bashing EA if it wasn't so fun to watch and well deserved. Also I have to say that I've actually had the pleasant experience in not buying many games with an online pass, and the only DRM I use is steam, which does suck money out of my wallet but the damn thing makes me want to throw money at it. God damn it Valve! Stop putting things on sale! I need to pay for college!

I think the only reason I didn't watch the show at the start was because it was "Another Englishmen ranting about stuff". Being English it's a somewhat daily occurrence, so it's nice to get away from it.

Then I gave it a try, and have been watching it every Monday since. I'd say it's my favourite video series on here, even if I do disagree with the occasional one (although never the EA ones, you couldn't be more right about them).

I was one of those who loathed your videos when you started out. Now you and Yahtzee are the only reason why I visit the Escapist these days. If you were to leave I'd have one less reason to visit =)

"The Titanic is an innovative new submarine." I'm going to find some way to work that into casual conversation.

EA: we're fools all year round :P

EA: (continued) and we take you all for fools, too!

It's nice to have Jim around. Someone whose opinions conveniently dovetail mine, with enough name value to be taken seriously.

Or more so than me.

So, EA is calling their DRM ridden games MMO's now. I'm gonna give it 6 months before, on top of the 60$ price tag and microtransactions they're also gonna charge a subscription fee.

Also, congratulaions on the 100 episodes, Jim. I honestly had never thought I'd actually like your show, but ever since the 4th episode I've been really drawn to it. Here's to another 100!

I really hated the early episodes, the persona was just too off putting, to the point where I'd stopped watching for a while. I can't exactly explain what changed, but there's been a vast improvement. Congratulations on #100.

Jimothy Sterling:
Bullshit in Sheep's Clothing

Join Jim as he celebrates the 100th episode of Jimquisition ... and complains about EA. Again.

Watch Video

OMG OMG was that Naruto ultimate ninja storm 3 :D
Wait.........why do you have it in an Army of two case O_e
Anyway doesn't matter jim's an anime fan yay ^_^ {at least I hope you are}
P.S.While I disagree with you on some of the video's/topics you have covered I also agree with you on many of them as well,so while our relationship is not perfect {none-of them are} I still love you [glomps Jim].

I'm another one of those that couldn't stand the first few episodes. I tend to give web shows a fair amount of episodes to find their footing...usually around 10. With this show, it didn't take that long and I look forward to seeing it every Monday.

Well Jim, if people didn't like you back then, then you're a good example that things get better. I can't imagine a world without you now. Thank "religion of your choice" for you!

Edit: I'm curious of your opinion on Naruto Ultimate Ninja storm 3 now...

Congratulations and thank you for all the awesome content.

Also whats this about out of character? I thought you were really a depraved egotistical Jack A.. I dont know if I want to watch the show anymore if you are not truly a lunatic.

Yeah Jim, I wasn't so fond of you at the beginning, but then something changed and you earned a special little place in a corner of my heart. I think initially what got me was that I couldn't tell if what you were doing was a put-on persona or if you were actually just that mean. That, and the little pictures you drew with surprisingly well-rendered penises were a rather unwelcome sight since I often watch these videos in school computer labs.

But after a while you got rid of the little dicks and your persona as a dick became clearly a persona, and you've become one of the reasons I drag myself out of bed on Mondays :-)

Jim why did you change the music? Old one was just fine and memorable. It is like changing ZP background from yellow to blue. I was one of the people who enjoyed your earlier episode too. I am disapoint

Yes, the outro is back the way I like it :D

'Da da da da da UGH!'

'Grats Jim, here's to another 100.

Grats on 100!

I thought the first few episodes were train wrecky in that I couldn't stop watching in horror. But Jim has grown into a legitimate demagogue (the good, roman definition not the modern one) making the peoples' case.

As for the "EA problem" all I can say is don't buy games from "evil" corporate publishers. Discipline yourself so you are blind to marketing and you no longer want all of the shiny things that are advertised.

Don't sign petitions, don't rage on the internet, just don't buy it. Or if you absolutely can't resist then don't buy it the first month, which is the crucial month for "big" game sales.

But better yet show your financial support for dedicated, sincere, independent developers who are trying to support themselves by bringing the world joy. And don't support corporate games whose owners only see you as dollar signs, and only care about their games as numbers on a spreadsheet.

Jim why did you changr the music? Old one was just frine and memorable. It is like changing ZP background from blue to yellow. I was one of the people who enjoyed your earlier episode too. I am disapoint

A) It made sense to use something not copyrighted.
B) I love Danny B.
C) Danny B!

Well Jim, as a matter of fact I'm one of the people who watched you (once, I think) in the beginning--the very first episode--and only came back a couple of months ago. I've enjoyed watching you regularly since. Maybe I've matured since your first episode? Sure, it's your 100th so we'll say put it all on me. :P

Congrats on your 100th episode!

OT: I was wondering why no one called SimCity a MMO from the start. I don't play MMO's, though, so I figured it was ignorance on my part. Glad to know it wasn't.


To answer the Naruto question:

Army of Two was in the other room and I was too lazy to get it. I realized the case would look lame empty. A review copy of Naruto was right next to my desk. I made the executive call.

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