Feed Dump: The Spirit of Creaster

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Steven Fry has gotten into the Creaster Spirit, why haven't you?

Oh, Vie, you really are a beginner -- you're not even wearing a pair of comedy breasts!

The house down the road once did a Santa sitting at their outside table, so my parents decided to make him a "friend" slumped at the table with empty wine bottles all around him. The people in the house called the cops, not because of people sneaking around outside late at night, but because "some of the wine bottles still had actual alcohol in them".

It does snow in Australia and some patches even manage to make it through summer, although they turn pink due to bacteria living in it.

Hi, cpt. Nitpick here.
It wasn't as much "Kathleen's political fact of the week", as "Kathleen's GEOGRAPHICAL fact of the week"
I know Russia and all, but even in Russia geography is geography.

Hey! the video is missing!

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