Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Combo Weapons

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Only way top top those weapons is to take the Lancer, and the Gunblade and make nunchucks out of them.
Combo Lancer/Gunblade-chucks, you got your sword, chain aw, guns and nunchucks in 1 weapon

Only way to make that more epic is make the Combo Lancer/Gunblade-chucks gigantic, weld by a gundam being piloted by a Jedi knight.

I said goddamn! Goddamn. The show has cats with sharks now?

I'm confused is the topic this week the top 5 most ridiculous and impractical video game weapons?

*before watching the video:

Combo weapons.

Dis should be gud >_>

I think... I most likely think.. I may need to try out the #1 game.. could use a "mindless" action/shooter type game. If thats what it is. Too many shooters, too many online 13 year old punks, too much nuance. BAH!

-note: why do people pick out one aspect of a review and harp on it, when it's a spelling, grammatical, usage, error.. if even that. Move on people..

yay she cameback

I said to myself before this video, if UTs Flak Cannon and Jaks Morph Gun aren't on here, I'm going to be dissapointed.

I was very, very dissapointed.

Her poor cat, she just tossed it around...
lol that was fun all the same. The quality is so much better and entertaining.

Love the Anamanaguchi outro. Hard to argue with taste like that. :)

Also, I feel that the whip sword should have gotten some mention. A sword for close-range encounters, an a whip for when they think they're safe taking a few steps back.

Kevin-Shark, the FBI needs to get on this, FAST!

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