Sam the Man - Part II

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The fact that there's no Batman or X-men 1 or 2 in his movie list is criminal. Really? X-men First Class is the best of the X-men series AND is better than Tim Burton's and Nolan's Batman movies? And Timecop "holds up" as a movie? For shame, Bob, for shame.


Rogue 09:
This article is the perfect example of how completely incompetent MovieBob is regarding film reviews. The original Spider-man trilogy was a terrible series. I mean he has the gall to have a different opinion on a subjective medium than me? The great Rogue 09? God amongst men? Lets burn him at the stake for this blasphemy. As we all know there is only one true objective opinion of films and it is mine. For i in my infinite wisdom have decided the true interpretation of a character with 50 years of stories behind him. why listen to a man who has shown a wealth of comicbook knowledge on his show nearly every week when you have the great rogue 09. Thank god for me

There I fixed that so you sound a little less over the top.
Sorry but you came off a bit silly

OT: Nice retrospective moviebob. It's always nice to see some positivity around in the land of cynicism that is the Internet

While I appreciate you recognizing my superiority to MovieBob (which isn't hard to do), I would prefer a more direct criticism of my arguments rather than what you perceived to be my attitude to be at the time.

The simple (and often ignored) fact is that opinions can be wrong. An opinion is based off of the facts that one has of the situation, and the ability to comprehend and process those facts. Terrorists are of the opinion that America is the home to the devil and we are evil monsters. The facts prove that this is incorrect. Their opinion is wrong.

MovieBob may know things about comic books (though how much is just a google search prior to his recording is in question), but he doesn't seem to understand the comics he is reading. I tried to point out the issues in my post above, and you invite you to take a look at it again rather than doing the same thing you accuse me of doing. It is my opinion that Moviebob is a know nothing hack who couldn't do a decent movie review if he actually paid attention to it (something I'm convinced he doesn't do). This opinion is supported by facts evidenced in every review he has ever done.

(How is that for taking it over the top?)

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