Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: A Tale of Two Poets

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A Tale of Two Poets

Put on your poetry hats and join two of the greatest wordsmiths of our generation as they fill your ears with verse.

Check out new episodes of Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular every Wednesday, right here.

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This was just glorious. Is this going to be a series or did you just want to be silly?

Just loved it.

There was not a single thing I did not love about this.

Well, i didn't see that coming, quite entertaining though. Would be interested to sere more.

At first I thought that Yahtzee was talking about preordering games in general.

To both these fine gentlemen:
We'd be not adverse
If every now and then
You'd treat us to more verse.

I get the feeling these two should write a Dr. Seuss book on games, as I think that would be awesome to have.

Edit: Either that or write down their Poems in a book. I'll take either.

My God that was epic, please tell me this is getting more installments.

Wow, this is actually a really nice little show. After the last Escapist Expo I've been kind of hoping that Jim and Yahtzee get together and do something.

Jim did a fine job, but Yahtzee takes the cake

As many more of this series as you can

Is most certainly something you should make

I'm sensing some hostility vibes. :)

An interesting change. The Yahtzee and Jim make a natural duo--though I dread the day they don skintight suits.

Jim, you've got it down as a poet.

I'm typically not one for poetry, but that was great!

That. Was. AWESOME!

Gentlemen, thank you for sharing your outpouring of wit, lyric verse, and frustration. Long may it continue!

Always wanted to see Jim and Yahtzee do something together, but really not enough of a poetry fan to get into this one...

But hey, props to them for trying something new!

That is the sexiest thing have ever seen.

Simply glorious.

I hope we get more episodes with even more of the contributors!

Copper Zen:
I'm sensing some hostility vibes. :)

An interesting change. The Yahtzee and Jim make a natural duo--though I dread the day they don skintight suits.

Jim, you've got it down as a poet.

When I read Susan's tweet about a new show last night this was the last thing I was expecting it would be.

The fact that they are both Brits makes it even funnier to a Yank like me.

Really good stuff. Its always good to hear Yahtzee bash social media :)

Quite fun, and a nice change of pace. I echo the others- I don't think we'd mind seeing more of this.

That was amazing! Jim, Yahtzee, you two make an epic duo and should do more stuff together. :D

Let me start the chant:


This is a lot like that Epic Rap Battles series on Youtube. You know. That horrible fucking series on Youtube I am constantly avoiding.

Damn DRM, I have no problem with the company wanting to make sure my copy of the game is authentic, but let's face it, not everyone has Japanese grade of internet... I mean, the other day I was playing Diablo 3 and thanks to the stupid DRM it went to this slow craw since the goddamn internet connection got sluggish, oh, I was playing SOLO. Fuck DRM, it's not the worst case scenario but it's like one of those pain in the ass itches you just can't reach...

Listening to the sing song voices of men like Yahtzee and Jim
Using video game articles as references for metaphors and prose
Really made me feel happy and giddy, and that's quite a dose
Oh what a joy, I can't wait for more!
Modern day bards, that's both Yahtzee and Jim

As an OCD person who always pays attention to the numbers of how long things go, repetitiveness, and making sure it always hits the same notes at the same points (One two three FOUR, five six sev EIGHT, because seven has two syllables and that can ruin the exactitude of the pattern) I have to say... Jim did it well and a nice job with the poetry. Yahtzee though... he started off strong, but it wasn't long before he seemed to lose track, the rhymes not showing up where they should have, and sometimes not even showing up at all. Or if they did I didn't notice them.

But then, I'm crazy. Gyahay.

Too...beautiful....they should have sent a poet....

Oh wait...

Both poems were great, but I'd like to see Yahtzee's written down. The rhyme scheme, if it was regular, was very difficult to follow. I thought it was a limerick at first, like his Wolfenstein review, but now I'm not so sure.

That was bloody brilliant, I hope there's some more of this to come :D

Holy crap that was awesome.
If at all possible more please.

More, by Jim give me more!

Ripping Shitty controllers and online passes?
This Sterling and Yahtzee double feature in rhyme...
*puts on sunglasses*
...gave you a taste of Lemon AND Lime

*snap snap snap snap*
Digging the hep open mic coffeehouse vibe here, Escapist. Looking forward to more.
(Comment is best read in a sleepy public radio voice.) :)

Pretty good. The description is off though. Poetry is not prose, prose is just normal written or spoken language.

Bravo, gentlemen!
Bringing up the internet's average one notch at a time
I liked Ben's italic stance and Jim's snazzy bowler

Gedichte schreiben, eine vollendete kunst
und zwei junge herren die dieses
performen in tiefster inbrunst,
welch vernĂ¼ngen, welch kindliche freude in mir
im gegensatz zu manch anderem
genannt von diesen beiden heut hier


i dont think i cant wirte poems in english, i cant do good in german either^^
but i try to translate this into english, but rhyme it will not^^

to write poems, a masterful art
and these two young men are performing with deepest ardour
which delight, which childlike glee inside me
-compared to some things
those two spoke about today

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