Dear Everyone: It's All Going to be Okay

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I couldn't care less about AAA games industry crashing. It's been a long while since I genuinly cared about AAA release. It's hard to care about something you can beat in 6-7 hours (which sadly became a standard AAA game length). As long as I have stuff like Minecraft, Mount & Blade, Terraria, Starbound and so on, I think I will survive. Meanwhile, stagnant industries need to crash once in a while, in the long run it's whats best for everyone involved. I just hope that retarded practices like always online DRM and shitloads of DLCs don't survive.

Look, change is coming and there's no sense in fighting it. But we can help ease the transition if we stop fighting each other

Words of wisdom. Sometimes gamers can just be overgrown demanding children and those ones make everything harder for everyone else. When we all pull together, we can do so much good and we should be focusing on that in the media rather than the negatives.

I enjoy how this article wasn't patronising. You recognise shit will go wrong and things will change rather than a lot of things I see which is "Everything is going to be okay because all is good and we're all gonna hold hands and dance around the rainbow." It's that realism some people need, a slap in their faces to wake them up if you will.

Change can be good if you embrace it. :)

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