Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Quoth the Gamer

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I inquire a memorial for Always John at the next Escapist Expo, where everyone takes a moment of silence...to check their high scores and message their friends about it.


Yahtzee killed it. FUCKING KILLED IT.

These must keep happening.

OH btw. Some merch of always on John needs to be made asap. Some dude with an Iphone/ Ipad completely covering his face or a picture of the grave with the server disconnected

Very nice job you guys! I hope you keep doing these.

Yeah, I didn't particularly like last week's one with its weird mitres and half-rhymes, but I think this one has me fairly sold. Good job, team!

Nice, very nice on both sides. This is what I'd expected - love what they are doing and excited to see where they go with it.

Perhaps their first go oozed by the liter
But its sequel got terse with the verse and the meter
Said the duo, "We choose
to woo our kind Muse
When last week, frankly, we beat her."

Well done! And I'm not the only on who thinks so.

Edgar Allan Poe Approves, too!
Though, he does hope you add in more little black creatures.

I'm not usually into poetry, but this... *finger snapping*

I think Yahtzee wins this round!
Step up Jimothy, you did much better last week!

Well, Always John is now tied with The Raven as my favorite poem, good job Yahtzee. Really liking this show, hope it stays!

I wasn't completely sold on this idea last time, but this one definitely won me over. I will join the chorus of praise for Yatzhee's poetry skills. His rhyming and his writing were a bit better than Jim's this time around, but I feel like Jim was actually more expressive and won the prize for theatricality, if there is such a thing.

Brilliant guys. I liked Jim's more last week. Yahtzee's this week. I guess I just don't like that rhyming scheme that ye both utilised.
At the moment you are both 1-1 in the Game of Awesome.
I thank you.

I'll never be friends with Always John. That guy's an asshole.

Yahtzee's poem was better today,
but what for me made it,
was what the man had to say,
because always-on is pure shit.

That said, Jim's poem was also pretty good, but it didn't seem as well written as the previous one (somewhere, the syllable count seems to be pretty misaligned). This might be in part due to experimentation, so I'll let it slide. The topic was also pretty interesting to me... even though I don't very much like survival horror.

This is pretty great.

Even better than last time. I hope you keep it up!

I loved both of these. Big props to Jim for using the opening tune from Silent Hill 2

That... was beautiful ^^

The title of this video is rather tangential (though not quite as irrelevant as "A Tale of Two Poets"). It shouldn't take too much space to put in both poems' titles as the video title, especially if the poems' titles can be abbreviated.
For example, "Always John" will probably be considered a classic and can certainly fit the title.

Also, Yatzee could definitely use a better microphone, however hard it might be for him to find one.

This is an improvement over last week, but I still think a much better idea would be to have Yahtzee and Jim review a game simultaneously, bouncing ideas and differing opinions off of each other. All you need to do is set up a live feed and the issue of them being on the other side of the globe from each other disappears.

Well, timezones are still something of an issue. Not an insurmountable one, but it's not trivial either. Nobody wants to have to work all day, then spend a couple hours in the middle of the night working as well.

:D yay!!!

it came back!!

*sits down and feels cultured while blowing bubbles from a toy pipe*

Torbjoern Bakke:
Yahtzee owned this one, Jim was a little lacking in the rhyming department!

Yeah but was it just the rhymes or was it also the rythm of the poem that was a little bit off? Just what I felt, I didn't write it down to examine it, but still not bad.

Very enjoyable! It took me a moment to get the rhyming rhythm of Jim's poem but it was very enjoyable once I could follow it.

Is Yahtzee supposed to look like a terrifying sociopath in the logo? I find it unnerving.

I love it :D

But how did it come to this?

Keep it coming guys, I now have another thing to look forward on Wednesdays. :-)

Preferred always john personally - enjoyed it more than I had thought though.

Jim is so fucking bad at this. XD Yahtzee's are great though.

I need to start watching this more often; this is beautiful.
Yahtzee's Always-On poem was brilliant, and while lyrically I find it superior to Jim's, the topic of Jim's is very near and dear to my heart. As a huge horror fan, I couldn't agree more.
Also, I love you for mentioning Clock Tower.

I inquire a memorial for Always John at the next Escapist Expo, where everyone takes a moment of silence...to check their high scores and message their friends about it.

I second this. Make it happen, Escapist! Also, Jim, I really like your notebooks. (But then again, I buy blank journals obsessively.) Great job, Jim & Yahtzee!

Loving these. Keep them up!

Please keep em coming!

Poetry is good and all, but is it too much to ask that they make the jump to Rap Battles? :D

Nice job Guys! Yahtzee, has shown me what it would be like if Shel Silverstein had been a gamer.

Okay, this is kind of growing on me.

Yahtzee wins this week in my book.

BRAVO, BRAVO! Good show, gentlemen! Yahtzee was on fire today, and Jim went straight for the throat! I can't wait for next week!

awesome stuff. could there be a 3rd challenger who is a different person each week?
another suggestion. For the comedy effect would it be possible to have the music be something "pretentious and artsy" like some baroque remix of games music? I think it would fit the mood of poetry readings well.

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