Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Quoth the Gamer

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Hm. It was closer than last time, but Yahtzee is still the clear winner here.

Yahtzee 2, Jim nil. Step it up, Jim :p

Once again, beautiful words.

Bug MuIdoon:
Jim, if you ever read this, from one poet to another, learn your poem off by heart.

I'm not sure how fair that is. From the way Mr. Croshaw's eyes kept cutting to stage left during his first video, I feel pretty confident he had some sort of prompter; and the camera shot cuts at least once, so he probably edits multiple takes together as opposed to Mr. Sterling's single, continuous shot.

I don't disagree that the performance would be better with a bit more memorization and/or rehearsal, though.

Yahtzee's rhymes weren't as tight this week as last, certainly not as tight as Jim's. But Always John was just so awesome that I can't hold anything against it.

Also, the back of Yahtzee's head scares me.

Yahtzee this is my new favorite thing. Thank you.

Another entertaining video.
I'm just hoping that on some episode down the line the have a poetry battle or something, which will work just like a rap battle only with poetry.
They could debate a topic or something in that way and it could be magical.

Never going to say no to more Yahtzee, but this was completely unexpected, i loved the not so subtle reference to Google Glass and its possible impact on social interaction. Thanks to Jim for pointing this out in your vid, I'm really looking forward to next week.

Yahtzee's voice is like someone making love to my ears with a silken penis covered in honey.

Hot damn how is Yahtzee so god damn handsome, seriously look at the man. Great episode, Jim was awesome silent hill wins all.

Lol! Very cool. I look forward to more of these.

Like Capcom will ever make a good game again...
The thing is, the market will always be behind what the leading edge group wants and will saturate with what the general mass wants. Platformers were all the rage in the 80's and 90's. They soon were not the big thing for the leading edge and weren't phased out until they over-saturated. Then the companies noticed that shooting games were big. Same effect will happen. The thing to look for are the smaller companies who look to the smaller fan bases. They will change gears rapidly to stay in business.

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