The Big Picture: The Boot, Part One

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The Boot, Part One

MovieBob gives us the first five out of ten movies, or series, that deserve a reboot.

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I thought MIB 2 & 3 were really good. Also if you focus on a organization were everyone is called by one letter rather than specific characters you loose a point of focus, as most of MIB is very uptight. J is the only one who is in anyway down to earth. Without him it would feel weird.

I'm not sure Dinosaurs is really reboot-ready as a live-action sitcom; there's an inherent sillyness to dinosaurs in turtlenecks that I'm not sure would fly on cable, and good luck getting another sitcom show with weird protagonists to stand out on the internet.

Plus, I don't think I could stand to see this again:

Oh geez I barely remember the Gummi Bears. Also would the Men in Black really need a reboot or just a decent TV series?

So I wasn't the only one that watched MIB and expected more depth into the organization than MIB1 being done over and over again? I mean, there is only so many times you can do the "rookie cop" plot in sequels. Aka, only do it during the first movie. -_-

In the Game of Bears, you bounce or you die :P
Can't wait to see what you come-up with next week.

Oh geez I barely remember the Gummi Bears. Also would the Men in Black really need a reboot or just a decent TV series?

I'm thinking an MIB live action Tv series would most likely workout something like Once Upon a Time. I 'd really like like to see repeat alien characters that aren't played by Tony Shalhoub.

Calling it right now:
Because MovieBob mentioned Friendship Is Magic ONCE, and only once, this thread will become the site of yet another debate between bronies and their haters. Call me a cynic.
(And my opinion is that both sides have valid points, but they express them with such blind overzealousness that the ability to take them seriously is lost. See above.)

If ReBoot turns out to be one of those next reboots, I'm going to fall off my chair laughing. Not because it would be a bad idea, but because it just sounds funny.
I really wish someone would go in the direction you specified with MIB. At times, the cartoon would sort of expand to other agents, but it was mostly just L and that other guy as the B team to J and K's A team, though L and whatever his initial was were a tad more competent put together.

How about ReBoot? It had some amazing ideas behind it, it was just a pity that it was made in the very beginning of a fully CGI cartoon. It would definitely be easy enough to update the concept.

I think that's the first time I have ever been ninja'd. It feels... kinda nice.

Howard the Duck: no
Terminator: maybe
Gummi Bears: yes
Dinosaurs: can't see that working
MiB: maybe

After you mentioned Darkwing Duck, I was surprised to see Gummi Bears on your list. While Gummi Bears could do with a touch up and DVD/Blu/Netflix release (along with other Disney Saturday morning stuff), I don't think it needs rebooting.

I do feel obligated to post this:

Anyways, I would love to see Dinosaurs make a return, the writing was excellent, both in the comedic and topical aspects. Great jokes and great social commentary.

Oh geez I barely remember the Gummi Bears.

I Do. Loved that series. That and Darkwing Duck, and Duck Tails, and Tailspin... God... children cartoons these days suck in comparison...

I do sort of agree with Howard the Duck. I most recently saw him in the Fearsome Four series of Fear Itself and he was still a pretty fun character, a biter grizzled hero who was...well...a duck. And I do really think something cool could be done with that.

I rewatched Dinosaurs on Netflix recently, and it wasn't nearly as funny as I remember. Not that it was bad, just I dunno how it would fly with a reboot. I feel there's a 50/50 chance on good vs. bad here.

Gummi Bears and Men in Black...I have no comment on either of those.

And as for Terminator...honestly, I think that series has been so run into the ground with T3, the show and the other movie that I don't even think Arnold could save it at this point.

Can't wait for the next 5, really excited.

...also, that was the first shot I'd ever actually seen for the S.H.I.E.L.D. show, and I'm REALLY excited for that one.

Let see-

10- Very unlikely especially when Marvel own Howard the Duck. I mean why would they bring it back while they got the rest of the Avengers superheroes film to produce? In saying so I can easily seeing it as a short series or an animated one.

9- I'm indifferent toward a Terminator reboot. Sure I love the first two films (I haven't seen salvation or the Sarah Conner chronical) but I know a reboot will be vastly different if they choose the setting as the present day (why look up her name on the phonebook when you can try online especially when you're a killing robot in human fleash).

8- YES!!! (I guesing I am mainly seeing this out of nostalgia.)

7- YES AGAIN!!! (Same as above reason.)

5- Indifferntly. Honestly I like the already establist setting/ theme, just rather focus on other agents or just not make the film trying to repeat the previous one like they did with 2 (I haven't seen the third one so I can't judge at how bad it is).

Number 1 will be Freakazoid, and yes, I will shed a tear.

Aww man, Darkwing Duck... Jim Cummings wants it back, too, seeing as he made a movie all by himself and started a Kickstarter to fun the medical bills for his torn-ass hand! XP

10.) I'd TOTALLY like to see Howard the Duck in a Marvel vs. Capcom game... Maybe. And since Disney now owns both Marvel AND LucasFilm, maybe they can do something with it? Or not, given how they shut down LucasArts recently, they're probably not interested in anything other than new Star Wars movies, TV shows, and merchandise.

9.) Terminator reboot? Sure, I'd be down for something like that.

8.) Fuck yeah, I loved the Gummi Bears! I liked it because it was one of the few truly original cartoons during Disney Afternoon. I'd totally watch a reboot of that! I also like how you brought up Adventure Time and Friendship is Magic! ;)

7.) I remember Dinosaurs vaguely... I thought it was pretty creepy as a kid. Still kind of do now.

6.) Dude, anyone remember the MIB TV Series? I would watch that show all the time as a kid! The first movie's pretty damn awesome, as well! Too bad the following movies didn't properly... erm, follow up on it.

You just know Star Wars is going to be in the top 5.

Bit of a predictable list the only one that surprised me was Howard the duck i hope that next week's list will be more surprising

Considering Bob's review of MIB 3, I'm not the least bit surprised that MIB is on this list. And I completely agree with Bob - the MIB series had a whole lot of potential which it never lived up to. I'd very much like to see what a fresh set of hands could do.

If I'm honest, Jace and the Wheeled Warriors would probably feature on my personal top 10 list of IP I'd like to see rebooted. Ulysses 31 too. Oh, and the mid-90's TV show Dark Skies... loved that.

I was pretty indifferent to Men In Black, but the rest I can certainly see as pretty good candidates. Looking forward to the top 5... please don't disappoint me by putting Firefly on the list.


Oh geez I barely remember the Gummi Bears.

I Do. Loved that series. That and Darkwing Duck, and Duck Tails, and Tailspin... God... children cartoons these days suck in comparison...

Oh I do remember Duck Tails, Darkwing Duck, and Tailspin. Those are classics. Yeah, I don't get current cartoons, not that I see many of them.

Howard the Duck? Sure, why not? Unlike most 80s properties he actually has interesting things going on. But I think he'd work better as a recurring guest star on the SHIELD series.

Terminator? This franchise has been taken in every which direction, it'd probably take a reboot to get me interested in it again.

Gummi Bears reboot: DO WANT. Almost any of those early Disney animated series like Tailspin, DuckTales, really. I liked Rescue Rangers at the time but it was extremely episodic and didn't really hint at an interesting setting like the others did. ("There's this cult, see, only they're mice who worship soft drinks.") But Gummi Bears would top my list.

I was kind of ambivalent about Dinosaurs. For every thing that made me laugh, there were two that made me groan or cringe. But it was an order of magnitude better than Fraggle Rock.

I never got the appeal of MIB in the first place, so I'm indifferent to the whole franchise.

And since some other posters have mentioned it, I'd love to see them reboot ReBoot.

10) Howard the Duck: Eh... do you really think Disney is going to sign off on a parody of their own material? Plus how would they do it?

9) Terminator: The question is "could someone else play the Terminator?"

8) Gummy Bears: Not to rain on your parade, but the ADHD-fueled cartoons of late probably wouldn't let this last very long.

7) Dinosaurs: This is one that I can't see working. One of the draws of the series was that it was live action animatronics. I don't think you can replicate it with CGI or cheeper materials.

6) Men in Black: You might want to look into R.I.P.D., which is like Men in Black except with souls (although it appears they might be a bit broken seeing as they cannot die... again...)

Howard the Duck on page could be Pulitzer and Hugo -winning material, and it still wouldn't redeem that movie. It wasn't just bad; it was a punchline for several years. This was a movie that was glad when Ishtar came out simply so there'd be another answer for the blank about bloat-budgeted abysmal box-office failures. It's also the only movie that my family ever brought home from the video store and removed from the VCR before it was finished. (And believe me, I've seen some dreck.)

Is there material in there that could be a good show? Not impossible. But I would bet heavily against it happening in my lifetime.

I actually thought MiB 3 wasn't bad, especially in comparison to the weirdly tone-deaf MiB 2. But I could certainly see a show focusing on the agency being a superior offering.

after the ending Dinosaurs left off on, I think it would be a little hard to reboot, since it could never live up to the nostalgia held for the original. Besides, I dont know if it really needs one since there's nothing exceptionally remarkable about it as a sitcom that hasnt been/isnt being done now. Its not necessarily a kids show and i dont think the adult market is really there for anything longer than a few seasons. I mean hell, they're cancelling futurama and that had more potential than dinosars does.

How about ReBoot? It had some amazing ideas behind it, it was just a pity that it was made in the very beginning of a fully CGI cartoon. It would definitely be easy enough to update the concept.

I think that's the first time I have ever been ninja'd. It feels... kinda nice.

I'm more inclined to just see them actually finish of the story arc they had going first.

Honestly, it was at the point where both sides decided "eff civility, it's time to end this" and gearing up to do exactly that. Both sides are ready and the resulting battleground was likely to make Michael Bay wet his pants and then...

Nothing. No more development.

(yes, I'm aware about the web comic and such. I've read it. It doesn't answer anything)

I would expect Howard will make a cameo appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. Additionally don't be surprised if he shows up in the currently running TMNT comicbook.

I can't think of anything likely to be on the list next week that hasn't already had a reboot/remake in recent years. He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers, G.I. Joe. All been done, for good or ill. Some of the stuff I might put on my own list is obscure crap from the 70's you kids never even heard of. Like Superstretch and Microwoman, Jason of Star Command, Misfits of Science, Super Hero Globetrotters...

Woo! Just thought of one that should be on Bob's list next week and he'll likely feel shame at having forgotten it if it's not: Thundarr the Barbarian.

Bringing Tommy Lee Jones back in MiB was such an incredible stall. I still find it astounding just how much they decided to tread water on the sequel, almost literally resetting everything so they could rehash the same story again. It can't have been written by anyone who believed that MiB could go somewhere

Interesting thing involving Howard the Duck. Originally in the comics he resembled Donald Duck a bit closely. Close enough that Disney took legal action and the look of the character was modified slightly. Now that Disney owns Marvel, they can go back to the original look of the character. I'm not sure if that's irony, but it sure seems like it. Kind of like how DC sued Fawcett over Captain Marvel and then later DC now owns Captain Marvel and can't get that guy to be as popular as he was before they sued. It's like if you and a friend are fighting over the last cookie so you spit on it so they don't want it any more but now you don't want it anymore either. But that's not at all related to Howard the Duck now being owned by Disney.

On another side topic, know what I'd like to see come back? Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. The 50's stories in that thing are hil-hi-ho-larious. In one issue, Jimmy matched wits with a group who's nefarious scheme was to bring beards into fashion. No really. That was their evil plan. About a third of the stories involved Superman giving Jimmy a gift of some kind of space food, because Superman acts like he's playing a dating sim with Jimmy, and despite any and all warnings explicit or implied, Jimmy will eat it with comical side effects. Ho ho, will that red headed ninny ever learn? An animated web series done in the 50's style with these weird stories would be great fun. What's not fun about a robot girl with a "speak Viking" button on her remote control?

I am not interested in a reboot of The Terminator, mostly because of my previous experience with the reboot of Total Recall. I don't think Arnold is some sort of legendary actor that can't be replaced, but lets consider for a moment who we use to replace him... If your answer is close to Colin Farrell, you are doing it wrong.

I would expect Howard will make a cameo appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. Additionally don't be surprised if he shows up in the currently running TMNT comicbook.

Since the Ninja Turtles are now owned by Nickelodeon, I can't imagine that we are going to see any cross over between them and any Disney owned properties.

There aren't many shows that I think would do well with a reboot, but M.A.S.K. might be a candidate. The original cartoon had some decent stories for its time. A new version with more elaborate vehicles designs/transformations could be interesting. I not sure if people would like the idea of the central villain being a terrorist organization though.

What I love most about reboot these days is how it's become the worst possible word you could use around certain fans. If you say something about rebooting the live action Transformers movies around certain fans they will go on an epic crying fit like it was the end of the world. Somehow these sorts of fans have missed that reboots have produced some really cool stuff over the years even if every reboot doesn't hit it out of the park.

Out of Bob's list so far I'd say Gummi Bears please. I'm enough of a fan of the series that when Once Upon a Time had ogres I was bummed out that there was no Duke Igthorn to go with them.

I'll be honest in saying that I'd rather see new IPs, or the continuation of existing ones (set in the future or whatever) than I would reboots. In my opinion reboots pretty much shouldn't exist at all, if you want to use an existing IP, build on it, don't re-start it. If you fear not enough people are familiar with it for it to stand without a re-introduction, then it's probably a bad idea to use it to begin with.

I'll also say that they should probably leave "Terminator" alone. The reason is simply that it succeeded by being low-IQ fodder. Basically it was a very easy concept to get one's head around, an indestructable robot, with the time travel aspects being present mostly to hint at something deeper without becoming the focus. I think "Sarah Connor" failed largely because it decided to expand on the time travel aspects, much as you would expect, and it wound up going over the head of the everyman that doesn't want to worry about who might be doing what and when. That's nerd-fodder, and not something you typically expect the mainstream to embrace, especially when you focus on it to the extent of a TV series. Time Travel has to be kept very simple for the lowest human demographic. I'd personally love to see another attempt, but right now I don't think humanity is up to the task, as horrible as that sounds.

As far as "Howard The Duck" goes, I suppose it's possible, given that one of his big schticks is to parody existing super heroes within their own universe, and incidently is arguably one of the most powerful heroes ever because of it, I could see him showing up, but only when things have gotten more established. Right now I think the Marvel movie continuity is a bit too fragile to really have an audience getting into Howard showing up with his "Iron Duck Armor"
or using "Quack Fu" to fight as well as Captain America. That is kind of the point of the character, and it's also why a stand alone movie with him by definition was going to fail from the outset, because he by definition needs other, long established heroes, to exist alongside and satirize and parody to really work.

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