Movie Defense Force: Showgirls

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Elizabeth Berkley. Strippers. Paul Verhoven. Everybody Got AIDS n' shit! What's not to love?

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You did good Jim, you did good.

Well Jim you've done it again. You could pimp anything.

You know it's going to be a good show when there's an age restriction :)

EDIT: Oh. My. God. See two posts below this for my feelings. That was amazing. Jim, trying to keep it straight whilst obviously damn near spasming from the contained laughter in explaining the showgirlsverse was outstanding- and yes, I now want to go home, make some popcorn, pour a pint, and get ready to refresh my quote pool.

Also, how did I NOT know this was a Paul Verhoeven movie? Makes perfect sense now, everything he makes is both terrible and perfect at the same time, and very re-watchable.

Best part was that you could hear Jim trying not too piss himself laughing while he's explaining the Showgirlsverse. Great video.

Well Jim, even though I didn't believe a single fucking word you said I still have an inexplicable urge to rewatch Showgirls.

The Move Defence Force is strong in you.

Grumpy cat censorship at 3:53. I approve!

Really though, this was an interesting episode, never heard of the movie before but damn it sounds funny based on some of those clips

That was hilarious.

Dear God, I'm not going to watch Showgirls, but still- excellent MDF, Mr. Sterling.

Treat it as a cannon movie of Save by the bell. Genius. Jim, we need you as Escapist PR manager, good lord you could sell anything.

Liked it when I saw it.
But ehm, I was a teenager without Internet, I believe.
So I'm pretty sure it was the boobs that did it.

Alright, I'll give this a shot; there are strippers in it after all.

Can remember hearing so many people talking about this as if it was some hardcore porn movie back in the dark ages (aka the time period before the internet existed)

How times have changed.

Also that last quote...ahahahaha

If seeing Elizabeth Berkley naked isn't enough reason for a man to watch this movie, you're expecting too much! XD

Dang, it's been a while since I've seen that film. Now I really want to rewatch it.

I saw this movie for the first time about 6 months ago. I never knew about it before. I really liked it. IT WAS AWESOME! I am a bad person, I know.

Kinda weird seeing a movie I once fapped to on The Escapist....

"Everybody got AIDS n' shit!"

Why wasn't that on the movie poster?

I laughed so hard. I will not re-watch showgirls, once was enough. But it was incredibly funny.

Twin Peaks + Saved By the Bell = Showgirlsverse? BRILLIANT!!!

Dark gods, that clip from the TV show gave me terrible, terrible flashbacks to the 80's! D:

You had fun with this one, Jim. So did we. Keep it up!

Wow. Well played, sir. Well played. Also, best stinger I've seen in awhile.

Using Grumpy Cat as a censor bar, that's priceless!

I've seen this movie twice. The first time I watched, I wanted to see Berkly naked. Nothing more. The second time....well, it was because it was on basic cable and I wanted to see how hilarious the censoring would. It did not disappoint. While watching it a third time with the saved by the bell meets twins peeks idea is a tempting though, I can't help but feel my time would be better spent laying face down on the floor inspecting individual carpet fibers for abnormalities.

What the hell is saved by the bell. This is one of the few times I don't mind my age at all, having been one generation removed from the target audience. This is also why I don't know anything about Power Rangers.

Copper Zen:
Twin Peaks + Saved By the Bell = Showgirlsverse? BRILLIANT!!!

My thoughts exactly.
I love you Jim for making this episode.
Jim... It must be weird, not having anybody cum on you....Can i cum on you? I would cum on you.

I'm not at all convinced, but your attempts to defend this film were funny though.

Why would I watch Show Girls when I can just watch you, and everyone else on the internet, make fun of Show girls?

It's far more funny, and just as sexy. ;)
Well done!

This is the first movie from Movie Defense Force I've never seen.

Sexy clips of Jessy from Saved by the bell.....I kinda wana see this now :D

I expect there's gonna be a lot of dirty quotes from this movie on podtoid this week.

That does it. From now on, I'm always going to see Kyle as Agent Cooper. Now I just have to figure out how he got from Arrakis to the town of Twin Peaks.

Brilliant, as usual, Mr. Sterling.

I kinda suspected where you were gonna take this and it was glorious. You sound like you're barely stopping yourself from bursting out laughing.

EDIT: Just saw last few seconds XD

I like how, near the end, you can actually hear Jim chuckling at his own outrageous justifications as to making this movie work.

Also, I may see this movie just to get some context for what I just saw.

If there was a way to squeeze one or both of those shows into the Tommy Westphall universe, suddenly this explanation of Showgirls would be entirely plausible!

the antithesis:
This is also why I don't know anything about Power Rangers.

That's not as weird as the Power Ranger fans knowing nothing about Voltron. You guys owe your entire childhood to Voltron! Get down on your knees and thank Voltron for giving Saban the idea. But now, I've lost you by two degrees of old-ness.

Mildly annoyed, I don't understand why we have to enter our DOB before watching some videos. I'm logged into my account which already has by birthday saved.

Jim should do a crossover with the Nostalgia Chick (another fan of Showgirls for it's morbidly phenomenal nature)

Plus, her show is much longer, & I certainly wouldn't mind seeing what Jim could do with 20+ minutes

I was wondering why the famous "E'rybody got AIDS 'n' shit" line didn't make it into that montage, but of course, he was just saving it for the end.

Also, I have never watched the movie, but given that it's Paul Verhoeven, I assumed it was a satire that most people just didn't catch on to just like with Starship Troopers.

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