The Big Picture: The Boot, Part Two

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The Boot, Part Two

MovieBob returns to pick up where he left of last week and to bring you the top five reboots.

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You've got some balls of steel bob with some of your choices

I know a lot of people who would sit down for a full 8 movie Harry Potter marathon. I've been to a few myself and I'm not even a Potter Superfan or anything.

Gargoyles was made for teenagers? When i was a teenager cartoons weren't my main past time =/

Rebooting Harry Potter and the Simpsons would be a colossal waste of time. And Thundarr isn't on the list. For shame, Moviebob. SHAAAAAAAAAAAME!

Here I was hoping for Batman to be #1, just to hear the nerd rage.

Harry Potter is a good idea, but I don't think it will ever happen as you envision it. You'd need 2-3 actors for each child character to play them as they age if you plan to release the movies within a reasonable timeframe (I don't think special effects will give us someone who can play 11 and 17 convincingly). As well, there's money to be made; when we can stretch the Hobbit into three movies (regardless of how good those movies are) why turn 8 films into 3?

Now if WB wanted to make a lower-budget TV show focused on the last few books, fleshing out minor characters to be the lead in a story about how the rest of the Wizarding world handles the return of Voldemort... THAT would be something I could see happening.

Yeah, I'd love to see a rebooted Babylon 5.

Only trouble is... I really doubt it's ever going to happen because at some point...
for whatever reason... the networks decided that JMS was their enemy... even though he was
easily one of the better writers they were hiring at the time.... and even though his work
was usually fairly popular...

yeah... love to see it, but I don't think its going to happen.

And if it does... if recent trends are anything to go by...

JJ Abrams will be involved with it... somehow.

I'm a bit surprised you didn't mention mlp more considering friendship is magic is pretty much the most successful reboot of anything I can think of. It took something that was firmly entrenched in what was perceived as what young girls wanted to watch and turned it into something that goes way beyond its intended audience. It did the impossible, it made girl stuff cool.

I'm with you on Harry Potter, but it shouldn't be remade as a movie trilogy. It should be remade as a TV drama. That way they can cover some of the relevant details that actually are supposed to be covered. For example, when I saw that Cho Chang wasn't in the third movie (knowing how she plays an important role in Harry's development as a character in the following books), I gave up on the movies. I felt further validated by this when I saw that the advertising for Goblet of Fire seemed to be cashing in on resembling that of Revenge of the Sith.

After Bobs inclusion of the Gummie Bears in the first 1/2 of the list despite mentioning Darkwing Duck in the intro as something he left out, I wasn't sure what to expect of part 2. Sadly it was as bad as I feared. Part one was mainly a list of good ideas done badly. Part 2 was simply a list of things that are already great, but Bob consider it overlong (Harry Potter), you think more should have been done with it (Babylon 5) or its gone on too long (The Simpsons) is a bit stupid. Was surprised the Spiderman films weren't on the list (can you reboot a reboot?).

Oh, and watching all Star Wars films. Did you do all six or just the 1st trilogy? And with the Harry Potter films, its much more entertaining watching the films in reverse order.

I'd like to see Harry Potter redone as a TV show a la Game of Thrones: One season to a book. Granted they'll probably still have to split the last book again, but there was a lot of extra material in the books that would lend them better to this format. when I watched the movies I never really felt like the story flowed very well, just jumping from one plot point with a sweeping area shot to the next. Plus there are a few particular scenes that would have REALLY benefited from sticking closer to the books.

Also I'd really like to see Bart and Lisa grow up. The Simpsons has already done plenty of hypothetical future episodes.

the antithesis:
Rebooting Harry Potter and the Simpsons would be a colossal waste of time.

Ditto for Babylon 5. I cringed when Bob said it should get the "Star Trek reboot treatment." That's the absolute last thing I'd want to happen.

Let see-

5. No opinion since I had never watched the show.

4. I'm indifferent toward a reboot on Harry Potter. I would rather see the entire nine books being done as a TV series like Game of Throne. That way it could be somewhat more accurate to the books (I know that's not the case since I know the GOT tv series had made some changes compared to the books).

3 HELL YES!!! I love Gargoyles! If Disney were smart about it, they would reboot it but in saying it is a long shot compared to their recent actions they did with their shows (cancelling Avengers: Earth Mightest Superheroes while Ultimate Spiderman get another season).

2. Same as 5.

1. Indifferent since I've stop watching The Simspon several years ago. Wheather or not I would watched the reboot remain to be seem.

5. Monster Squad: I still haven't seen the original, but like Goonies and Adventures in Babysitting and that ilk, I think the largest obstacle to a remake is having a group of prepubescents running around city streets late at night, using bad language, and making crude sexual references. That's how 80s kids behaved (speaking as one), but how many Generation Y helicopter parents will let their children see it? They had to set Super 8 in the 70s to make it believable.

4. Harry Potter: Given the unprecedented amount of influence J. K. Rowling had over the production of those films, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a clause reverting the film rights back to her soon. But in any event: the films have proven people were willing to sit through 8 2+ hour adaptations of the books--why wouldn't they think they could make that kind of bank again?

3. Gargoyles: Sure, why not?

2. Babylon 5: FUCK YEAH, Babylon 5. My concerns are that much as diehard fans like us would like to think, it wasn't popular enough. And would its 1960s-era optimistic idealism really fly in the current culture? This would need a really lucky break like the BSG reboot to get off the ground.

1. Simpsons: Not seeing it, personally.

yeah, Harry Potter when you get down to it has TONS of fluff and quite frankly the later books REALLY start to get sloppy in their explanation of things and an abundance of bad deus ex machina. And that's BEFORE you get into the jarring tonal shifts.

Gargoyles is due for a revival though; the first two seasons did a GREAT job of establishing a rich set of characters and did some cool stuff with Arthurian lore and even stodgy, dull Shakespeare works (Weissman was a former English teacher). Some other stuff he wanted to do was have a spinoff dealing with King Arthur making a New Camelot and have Brooklyn go time-travelling for DECADES in which he'd finally get a wife (a badass Japanese Gargoyle named Katana)

You know what science fiction TV series really needs a reboot? Blake's 7. You know, the one that was actually well-written but had every episode filmed in a gravel pit because the BBC doesn't have money? The one that did the whole "nuanced characters portrayed in shades of grey" a full decade before any of the American shows that get credited with the same decisions were even greenlit? The one that Firefly basically ripped off?

Oh wait, you've probably never seen it. What a pity.

I'll agree on all five getting a reboot, but I think the Potter series would need to wait about a generation. Not a reboot that would be good until memories start to fade. I'd also worry about a Simpsons reboot at some point because well we've seen how things went with the Flintstones.

But yes with Hollywood out of ideas there are some great fictional universes out there with plenty of great stories to tell and interesting characters who would do well with a modern take.

Fun fact, I happen to be watching Babylon 5 right now.
No, I don't want to see it rebooted. I'm satisfied with what it is and really don't think it could be improved upon. Not to say that it's perfect, but you'd inevitably lose some of the best stuff in it while trying to fix up what didn't work.

Nice run down. I may not agree with them all but I can see your reasons for each of them.

Also I'm obligated to post this.

I thought fox said they werent renewing the simpsons past the next few seasons because the voice actors wanted more (which was justified since they werent asking the moon and fox has money to bleed fromt he simpsons merch they get) and it became a big dispute.

but then again I thought south park was supposed to be done and now I hear they're going through 2016 for god knows what reason.


more OT: I would love to see gargoyles rebooted but i dontknow if it would carry well. it was ahead of its time but put it where it should be (I guess now) and would it stand out to a new market enough to justify it? id ont know, maybe, i know id watch every episode I could.

as for the HP movies, I can watch them all in a row if we're doing small breaks to get food and check emails (and if you let them run). I can do that with star wars (have actually though I take a short fifteen minute break between triolgies so I can get my mind in order of expectations. the one series I cant do that with is actually LotR, but that may just be because i dont particularly like the series so to me it just feels like it drags.

Love Babylon 5, the stories, the characters and how things in series 1 end up being issues in series 3 or 4. The worse part was he never knew he was getting another series commissioned until towards the end of filming the current series. So he had to condense parts so fans got the finished story. Especially for the Shadow War, war for earth and the Telepath war plot. But regardless, i love this show. An it would be a bad idea for them to reboot it. Mostly because of the actors. Who can play G'kar as great as Andreas Katsulas who died in 2006. Or Londo Mollari better than Peter Jurasik? Those actors owned those characters.

Personally instead of a reboot, i would rather a new set of characters in the same universe. Same as what Next Generation was to the original Star Trek.

Gargoyles. EFF. YES.

Babylon 5: if there's one thing in that series that needs a reboot, it's the college-student-art-project CGI for all the exterior space shots and ships/stations. It looked painful against the juggernaut that was Star Trek, which just happened to have its own remote-outpost-at-the-nexus-of-galactic-conflict series on at the same time.

The Simpsons was already rebooted. It was called Futurama. It surpassed the various qualities of its predecessor in every way. It got canned. And now it's canned again.

Can I just say that I'm very surprised that both The Critic and Freakazoid were absent from this list?

The Critic would be a HUGE success in this day and age. More movie spoofs going into the new territory like the marvel universe, twilight, hunger games (c'mon, Jay Sherman was MADE to make jokes about something called the Hunger Games)

Admittedly it would be hard since two of the main cast members have sadly passed away, but Tress McNeille could fill in for Doris (she has in The Simpsons) and for Duke...hmm...I'm not sure who could replace Charles Napier.

And in regards to The Simpsons, I'm not sure if I would want to see a REBOOT, but I do know that Matt Groening wanted there to be a spin-off called Tales of Springfield that allowed for grander exploration of the town and characters without necessarily having to connect them to the titular characters.

I guess basically like the episode 22 Short Films about Springfield, but a bit less all over the map.

I wouldn't mind seeing something like that.

Hm, I disagree about Harry Potter, each book or movie is designed to stand alone to a point, especially the first four. Yes, many subplots aren't relevant to the ultimate goal of defeating Voldemort but honestly, was it ever even about that? I think the series is more about following Harry as he grows up and learns about the Wizarding world, allowing the reader to explore the world Rowling created at the same time. I would think some sort of sequel or spinoff series would be more likely and in the spirit of the original rather than a cut-down reboot.

Ok yeah I'll enact my right to disagree.

Monster squad sure, man I hadn't seen that one in forever. I got it mixed up with Lost boys and forgot all about it.

Harry Potter, no not really. I actually feel like The first two were the strongest because they focused more on the books singularly and were so worried with the overall plot. Just wizard fun. 3 was boring 4 was meh and the rest were just telling the story that was full of holes I just didn't care about though I feel similarly about the books. I enjoyed reading the half-blood prince but the rest were a real slog to get through after 1&2. Edit: 4 was a pretty solid book too.

Gargoyles. Yep agreed totally would watch it if done properly.

Babylon 5. God that show was just all over the place and had way too many seemingly filler episodes. It felt liek it was full of really interesting ideas that never went anywhere. I would enjoy a reboot but I'd want a solid ending built in and that just doesn't happen on basic cable.

Simpsons naw, when it's done its done. I really don't care anymore. I consider Family Guy to be the simpsons reboot and its just fine.

"The Wolfman's got nards!!" But yeah I would love to see a Gargoyles reboot and I always knew there was something different about Lexington but I just thought he was a kid not gay.

5.) Monster Squad! I heard about that thought Cinemassacre's Monster Madness! Seems like a quaint movie. And yeah, James Rolfe did explain how the movie tries to be kid-friendly, but at the same time, not really (shows a vampire girl getting impaled and Dracula calling a little girl a bitch). Yeah...

4.) Reboot Harry Potter? I dunno, something about that doesn't feel right... and I'm not coming at this like I thought the story was perfect and doesn't need revision, I just don't think it needs to be rebooted this soon, it just doesn't seem like a good time... Although really, I dunno if I can honestly sit through ALL the Lord of the Rings movies, but if it's just talking about the movies here, yeah, there's a TON of stuff you can cut out... Like that dumbass "burning of The Burrow" scene from The Half-Blood Prince.

3.) Fuck yeah, Gargoyles! I REALLY want Disney to reboot it, bring it back, now's the time!

2.) Babylon 5 is something I've heard about, but never knew about... So yeah, a re-introduction would be nice.

1.) The immediate clip of Smithers waving his arms while Mr. Burns slowly puts his feather pen back in the ink was PERFECT after the reveal! A Simpsons reboot... Not sure how that would go down, honestly... But given that the show runs on negative continuity anyway, a reboot could actually work!

Gargoyles was made for teenagers? When i was a teenager cartoons weren't my main past time =/

Speak for yourself!

OT: My only childhood gripe is my longing for a Samurai Jack ending, although I would let out a happy woot if the Gummi Bears or Gargolyes got another shot.

Theres an idea for an ep Bob, i'd love to see what shows you think deserve an ending.

*Hears choice for Gargoyles*

Hell yeah!

*Learns Lexington was supposed to be gay on a show that dealt with major themes like gun violence, racism, and cultural roots with both maturity and drama while balancing with solid acting and action, thinks about original writers and show-runners doing any kind of show at all today with that rare mix of skill and ballsiness*


Babylon 5 could benefit from just having an upgrade of their CGI. The other show aspects, the writing, costuming, and acting, still hold up in my opinion. But the CGI? The starship battles, the establishing shots, the scenery? They unfortunately didn't age that well. A few years ago, when someone I knew was watching it for the first time, said they thought the show was intercut with scenes from an early PS2 game.

Well, I suppose you could reboot the entire series from scratch, and give it the ol' BSG treatment. The fifth season did seem to suffer from the whole "Wait, we actually weren't cancelled?" thing.

I was half-expecting Sonic satam to make the list but everyone and there dog has said they wanted a satam reboot since 95. A simpsons I'm split on that one. While it would get people to watch it again it would also mean throwing out over 20 years of backstory but that could be a good thing for some characters.

I agree with most of your choices, MB, but I don't think a reboot of Harry Potter would do well, simply because everyone would constantly compare the reboot to the original. And there hasn't been enough time since the last film for audiences to develop a desire to go through it all again.

That being said, I do believe it is quite ripe for a prequel film series or a sequel television series, the first detailing Snape's teenage relationship with Harry's parents and Tom Riddle's coming of age, and the second being a "day in the life" type tv show detailing the daily experiences and hijinks of the new generation of Weasleys, Potters, Malfoys, etc. in a Hogwarts not overshadowed by He Who Should Not Be Named.

God I bloody loved Gargoyles. Love to see a reboot of that.

I get where you're coming from with the Harry Potter one. However, if they're going to do it they should leave it a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnngggg time yet. Like, at least long enough that there's been an entire generation of people who have entered adulthood without ever being touched by Harry Potter as a cultural icon.

When you say you can do a Star Wars/LotR marathon but not a Harry Potter marathon though, you're talking about 3 movies vs 8. Definitely not a fair comparison, even if you're talking about the LotR Director's Cut.

I wonder how Harry Potter would as a TV series... hell, even a cartoon? They'd be able to fully flesh them out the way they were meant to, throwing in ALL the details from the books (and possible some more if they got J.K. Rowling in on it), and it could probably get a decent run. I, for one, would actually be quite interested in something like that.

EDIT: I want to expand on this a little bit. If they did get Rowling in, they could add all sorts of things not in the movies or the books. What were the Weasleys doing in the summer when not in the book? What other things happened at school? Hagrid? Etc.?

I could see each book being maybe 10-12 episodes if they managed to work it right with enough content, otherwise less. Maybe 6-8. If MLP is any example of how huge a cartoon can be (and how good), then I think something with an established setting and fanbase would have a chance to do the same.

Plus, if I'm not getting my Magical World Encyclopedia, I want something else than that website she came up with.

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